Sex Education is a Christian "Sin"


Sexual crimes, unwanted pregnancies, teenage pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases are common today. To remedy this, many governments have proposed that sex education be provided to even very young children at school.


The purpose is to protect children from sexual predators and sexually transmitted diseases.


Christianity has to oppose sex education because it fears that the powers of original sin, the sin we were born with that makes us prefer to ignore God, will kick in and so the child will corrupt herself or himself through the education. Sex education puts unholy ideas and unholy desires in the child. The Church feels the child may not be able to handle the unruly passions when they start because the seed of corruption has been sown. Sex education tends to assume that human beings can overcome weakness without the sacramental powers of the Church and without the power of prayer. The Church holds that ignorance of sex is not the reason for sexual immorality so much as the weakness of the will. So it thinks sex education will not do much good for it seeks to have children protect themselves through information.


The other problem is that sex education is really sex and relationship education which means children are going to learn about lifestyles that the Church forbids. They are going to learn about how LGBT people live and will be offered advice and support should they identify as LGBT.


The Church worries how sex education shows children and young adults how to use condoms. If using condoms is a sin as the Church says, it must be unnecessary to know how to use them. Wanting to know would suggest that you have a reason for wanting to know and it's not curiosity.


The Church believes that sex education in schools treats sex as a means in itself. For example, you have sex for the fun of it. You don't have it with a view to procreation. This is against Catholicism which requires that sex be open to life. The Church feels sex education is actually encouraging sex by emphasising the fun and not the making of babies and by not making it clear that sex is for procreation.


The Church recommends that when necessary the parents should take a child aside and explain sex. The Church feels that teaching children sex education as a group can lead to sexual arousal.


The hostility of the Church to sex education shows more concern for being consistent with Church teaching than the welfare of the children. They want to treat the children as if the doctrine of original sin were true. They tar all children with the same brush. They want to believe that Satan is waiting to use the sex education to tempt the children. Many children might not be corrupted as a result of the sex education. And any that are corrupted corrupted themselves because of the sex education. It was not the sex education that corrupted them. It was themselves. It does not bother the church that children need sex education so that they can protect themselves from paedophiles. Protecting the child from these monsters is far more important than stopping unwanted pregnancies and teen mums and preventing sexually transmitted diseases. The damage done by paedophiles is so extreme.


The ban on sex education enabled paedophile priests and bishops to prey on children and make them feel so dirty that they could never tell. A molested child that has no understanding of what happened and any feelings they had during the experience will feel he or she is evil and dirty and damaged goods for life.

The Church would surreptitiously encourage one to think, "If I was sexually abused I cannot judge my abuser for he might have been under compulsion. But I can judge the sexual abuse of myself through masturbation and having sexual thoughts deliberately. I am worse than the abuser for I know I abused myself. I put myself in danger of Hell and he didn't put me in danger of Hell. I should feel greater anger and disgust at my self-abuse than the abuse he inflicted. My Saviour told me that I must hate sin so much I would do anything to avoid it and should wish I could lose an eye rather than use it to commit lust with." This advice proceeds logically from Christian teaching. The Church cannot however explicitly teach it for it would be torn to pieces.

Another reason the Church cannot approve of sex education stems from the Church's belief how Mary the mother of Jesus would have been 12 or 13 and no sex education would have been provided to her and yet God asked her to have a baby for him. Also the Bible uses euphemisms all the time when talking to adults and recording conversations between adults on adult matters as if sex should not be spoken about explicitly. The Song of Solomon speaks of sexual and romantic pleasure but it avoids doing so in a stimulating way.

Christianity believes that it is wholesome to threaten children with nasty doctrines such as the everlasting torment of Hell and sow mistrust by making out that a supernatural force called original sin makes you prefer disobedience to God than obedience. And sex education is unwholesome and the Church pretends it is banned for the love of the child. Rubbish!

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