Marriage is wrong though it may be permissible when it is easily got out of but only then because it doesn’t really mean much. The problem with marriage is that it manipulative. It is trying to tie a person to you for life even if you make life with you impossible because marriage is taken for life.

Marriage is not for making sure a man and woman stay together because marriage is still encouraged in cultures that make it easy to get out of via divorce.
Marriage implies that divorce and even a legal separation is wrong for it says that even a wife who leaves a brute of a husband to avoid being beaten to death still has no right to have sex with anyone except her husband. To say otherwise would be saying the marriage was no more. When the husband has the right to her body which is the most important thing she has, she cannot have the right to divorce him because her right to be happy with another man is less important than the right of the husband over her body. To ban divorce and separation would be the utmost assault on her dignity and assuring her subjection to patriarchy. Marriage then is disgusting and is not about two equals sharing their lives together but is meant to be about the one half, usually the male half, deceiving and exploiting the other half.
Marriage implies that sex outside marriage is wrong. Otherwise what would it be needed for it if were not for the Church and state giving permission to have sex? So loveless sex in marriage must be better than two loving people who are not married going to bed to express their total love. How absurd!
Marital union is not even necessary to our welfare so it is unjustifiable. There is nothing that marriage can do that some other arrangement can’t do just as well.
Marriage vows don’t bind until the couple have sex. So they are tied together because of one sex act. That clearly proves what a humiliating superstition marriage is. The wife is sold to the husband by sex. She is his because she gave him her body once. That is prostitution and to use women that way is appalling. The wife owns half of what the husband owns when they have sex. If they don’t, they can get the marriage annulled with the result that neither is any financially better off than before. Worse the sex makes the husband own her body.
If you really wanted your partner to be happy you would not mind them leaving you and then meeting somebody else that makes them happier than you can. People’s needs change. Jealousy is about trying to stop your partner being happier. Marriage is about power not love.
Civil partnerships should replace marriage.
There is nothing wrong with a woman having a baby and having no intention of having a man around as long as she has plenty of male relations and friends to befriend her baby.
Erotica is written or auricular or visual celebration of human sexual enjoyment. Anything that involves force is pornographic and should be prohibited. Erotica should arouse sexually but in a way that wants to bring happiness to yourself and others. It needs to involve some kind of love or goodness. Erotica will not corrupt a person unless that person is already corrupt in which case erotica is a good thing that is abused.
Some object that erotica treats a person as an object. It doesn’t have to as long as it is about the beauty of the body and sexuality.
It is not true that contraception makes the man see the woman as a sex object for all agree that sex when conception is eliminated or very unlikely is loving and moral. Women must have the same freedom as men to explore their sexuality. It is not true that the contracepting person sees the baby as a burden for anti-contracepting people see the baby as something to be avoided when they try to reduce the chances of conception for nobody thinks sex is more about babies than anything else.
Homosexuality is not wrong in itself. As long as it involves some kind of love it is not wrong. Love is the most important thing. Nature is often evil so its ways need not be respected. Homosexuality is natural however because sexuality is different for every person. To condemn homosexuality means that you consider the feelings bad too for the feelings invite you to sexual activity. That is the same as saying that the homosexual person is bad for the person does not have the same feelings as a person who is not gay. This is denied by the Church but it is undoubtedly true.


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