Some say like Peck that if you go to the presence of somebody evil it will infect you so you have to be careful.  But as human discernment is limited, it may be hard to detect what is happening to you and so it will succeed at getting in.

The Bible says Adam and Eve ate the fruit of a forbidden tree, the tree of knowledge of good and evil.  God forbade them on pain of sin. Some say that Adam and Eve wanted the knowledge of good and evil thinking that like God they could know what evil is and know it deeply but not be contaminated by it. So they got their knowledge of evil and corruption set in.  Corruption definitely set in for the first thing they did was deny responsibility and try to blame everybody else.  The message is sin when it happens denies any blame.  Every sin involves a lie.  Evil is a lie so that is how it can get into you unawares just because you dally with somebody evil.

Jesus however told us he sought out sinners and wanted us to do the same.  If he cannot protect us then he is to blame for the consequences.

My point is also that if Jesus was a false prophet and a fraud then you are in the presence of evil by being Christian. Same if you are something else that revolves around the presence of a dodgy saviour or deity. If there is no God there could still be some way the likes of Jesus gets the hold they have over people. It is frightening how some religions when they get to a certain size by default become virtually immune to any assault from the truth. (Parents are to blame for letting the religion get to that stage!) Islam is unharmed by Muhammad's abuse of Aisha a child. Christianity's bloodthirsty scriptures are respected and made sacred and God is insulted by being told the Bible is his word. So where does the sinister "hold" come from? It can be seen as some kind of natural force that cannot be detected or is not detected or that hides itself. Or it can be seen as a deceiving or perhaps malign spiritual or paranormal force. Maybe that is what baptism of babies, a rite that intended to put spiritual energy into a baby, is REALLY for!  Why somebody so vulnerable?


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