God supposedly decides what is best for us and as our creator and judge decrees that we must do these things and it is a sin if we do not.  However there is strictly speaking no such thing as "a" sin.  Take the sin of stealing.  It implies mistrust in God who says you must not steal.  It implies you think you can get away with it - arrogance.  So each sin is really a collection of sins.  Every sin has direct and indirect sins as ingredients.

A sin of omission means you are letting evil or suffering or harm take place when you could try to do something to stop them. You help the bad thing to happen by doing nothing and you say yes to it happening. This seems reasonable on the face of it.

If you are not using prayers or magic or whatever to ask for help from a higher source that is how you can say you can always try something. This amounts to a lot of sins of omission. In fact you do little else. Soon your spirit will break or you will start to reason that the evil others do has nothing to do with you.  You will see trying to help as pointless. This is an example of why praying and magic involve evil risks and are dangerous.

It is the reason why people tell themselves that doing something bad is worse than letting bad happen.  They cannot bear the thought that the evil you let happen makes you very bad indeed for you do not know what you have enabled.  At least when you are doing the evil you do know what is going on better.  It is actually worse to know that somebody you may influence to do better but you do not bother with is going to do evil or harm for you don’t exactly how bad they intend to be. Or if you do you don’t know how badly it will go wrong. Lies lead to lies and every lie depends on other lies to prop it up and harms lead to unexpected harms and each harm needs other harms to prop it up.

 It is likely that spirituality as in prayer and magic and religion is the reason why people don’t see how terrible it is to be a bystander and that doing harm yourself is preferable for at least then you know better what evil is attempted.


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