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A case for saying Christianity is rational

A Catechism for Roman Catholic Traditionalists

A Catholic attempt to show Jesus started papacy fails!

A Catholic expert refutes Medjugorje fairy-tales

A Christian thinker shows transubstantiation is sheer nonsense

A creator God has to be to blame for what we choose

A Critical Look at Situation Ethics

A critical look at the story of the demise of Goliath

A criticism of the three persons in one God theology

A Damning Testimony about Fatima Miracle of the Sun

A defence of abortion by Judith Jarvis Thomson

A fatal flaw in religious attempts to argue x is probably a miracle

A favorite argument for Jesus and his resurrection

A good overview of Bible history in the book St Saul

A good refutation of Catholicism's development of doctrine theory

A law of nature is not a real law but something you know will happen

A liberal Catholic is just a liberal not a Catholic

A line removed from Mark to hide Jesus' homosexuality?

A look at excommunication in the Catholic Church

A look at religion from website

A look at the Fatima apparition book, When the Sun Danced

A mental health authority says faith is good for mental problems!

A miracle is anti-science and unscientific if it violates nature or looks as if it does

A Mustard seed of faith ... and potential harms

A placebo always involves a lie and is bad for that reason

A religion corrupting the good person is enough to ban it

A religion is a social construct so leave it if you choose

A religion is not a menu for you belong to it not it to you

A secularist manifesto

A suggestion re: porn

A theory will tell you how to disprove it as in Popper and falsification

A tiny bit of free will is not free will at all

A truce is often painted as forgiveness

Abandon the Lord's Supper

Abortion and how the concern that baby has no choice is misplaced

Abortion and the slippery slope argument

Abortion arguments from the baby having a soul

Abortion in Catholic doctrine

Abortion is the pregnant person's choice alone

Abortion Questions and defending prochoice

About fear and how it drives religion

About Humanism and the benefit of secularism

Accepting suffering if there is a God

Act of God by Graham Phillips

Acts of God doctrine is used to lull us about nature getting brutal

Acts over and above the call of duty

Adam and Eve and the alleged sin they put on us

Additions made to New Testament by fraudsters

Adele Brisse alleged visionary of Our Lady of Good Help

Adoption in the light of Catholic doctrine

Adulterous woman in John 8, doesn't show love matters not law

Adversity theory in the light of faith in God

Affirming atheism in a positive way the gospel of atheism

Against Baptism and why your baby deserves better

Against Catholic Holy Communion for it's a magical superstition

Against gay revisionism of Bible condemnation of gay sex

Against professionals and clergy invoking God during therapy

Against the legitimacy of the pope and his claims

Alarming hatred for Medjugorje believers against critics

Alexandrina da Costa a dangerous masochistic role model

Aliens in the light of reason

All faith is ultimately faith in yourself alone!

All the Bible Prophets Were Fakes

Altruism and its hypocrisy in the face of animal rights

Always wrong to ask for forgiveness

Am I a virtual me made by my own brain?

Am I good because I say so or because some standard says it?

An argument concerning how women could testify if Jesus rose

An examination of Christian teaching on love

An excellent book on magic theory examined

An excuse for forgiving refuted

An expert falsely claims religion is healthy for the mind

An expert looks at the sky miracles of Medjugorje

An expert refutes Jesus as being God

An expert speaks on the Bible faith and psychology

An expert tries to show Catholics are not idol worshippers

An ex-priest speaks of the rat taking Catholic communion!

An eye for an eye the Bible God's rule for revenge

An open letter to Bible preachers to be

Andrew Sims should know better than to write Is Faith Delusion?

Angels of Mons story is a famous hoax

Anger and religion and the danger of religious rage

Anglican orders are called null by the papacy

Angry at the sinner not the sin is not possible!

Animal magnetism the notion that you can send bad energy

Animal rights are valid rights and religion ignores them

Animal suffering is insulted by saying there is a God

Animal suffering proves there is no loving God

Ann Lovett, victim of the Catholic system

Annulment of Roman Catholic baptism

Another look at the God loves all verses in the Bible

Answering those who say that Jesus was no misogynist

Answering those who stay in bad religion for there is worse out there

Antipopes are characters who claim to be the real pope

Apocrypha is controversial so should any of it be in the Bible?

Apostle Peter is not a reliable source of information on Jesus

Apostles were credulous and thus unreliable

Apparitions of angels at Fatima

Apparitions of Mary at Garabandal are peppered in doubts

Apply falsification theory to what is said about God and he disintegrates

Archbishop Pio Bello Ricardo approves visions of Betania

Are all sins equally bad before God?

Are angels and saints invoked in the Bible?

Are men given the Christian right to procreate by rape?

Are miracles signs that there are no supernatural signs?

Are moral values "real" or abstract?

Are religionists ignorant or lying?

Are religious moderates moderates or hypocrites?

Are the saints other mediators with God?

Are the Torah's Moral Mores valid today for Christians?

Are thoughts material things?

Argument that its pessimistic to say the Church will never affirm gay sex

Arguments from authority are dangerous

Arguments that God only uses the Bible to teach us religion

Arrogance to claim to be a member of the one right religion

Artificial birth control is a sin that deserves Hell in Catholicism

Ashers Bakery and the "gay cake"

Ask the pope these questions and see how he is disingenuous

Asmodeus the demon in Catholic Scripture, Book of Tobit

Asserting Atheist Rights

Assertiveness is fencing and protecting your rights

Assess, don't judge

Assessing sinners or criminals

Assessing: Bayes theorem may allow for the return of Jesus to life?

Assisted suicide is an ethical controversy

Assumption of Mary body and soul into Heaven

Astrology is harmful and a travesty of science

At best we should suspend judgement on Jesus' alleged burial

Atheism does not wage and start wars

Atheism is said to make a sensible knave not a moral person

Atheism is the only real gospel and is the truth anyway!

Atheism, Self-realisation rather than conversion

Atheist Ireland and building an ethical superstition free nation

Atheist Overreach a review of Christian Smith's book

Atheist Overreach? Is it true that atheism exaggerates its moral potency?

Atheists answer religious criticisms

Atheists can rise above the horrors of life too

Atheists here are the rules if you want them!

Atheists on sexuality and marriage

Attempts to fuse morality and God give only an amoral god

Augustine turned Christianity disordered even psychotic about evil

Avalos has found Medjugorje challenges the resurrection evidence

Avoid the Catholic Confessional

Babies are not born in any sin, no original sin, no any sin

Bad arguments for bread and wine changing at Mass

Bad evidence for Jesus tale

Bad refutations of bread and wine turning into Jesus physically

Ban exorcism and make it illegal

Ban religion based and religion saturated therapy

Ban the clergy and pastors from counselling

Banning violence does not absolve religion of the blame

Baptise baby to be on the safe side?

Baptising babies is pompous

Baptism and the tension it has with doctrine of inherent ungodliness

Baptism as a precaution against the baby going to limbo

Baptism by Immersion may mean nobody is really baptised otherwise

Baptism does NOTHING for the soul

Baptism doesn't save you from losing God forever

Baptism in the name of Jesus

Baptism invites evil into the baby

Baptism is a big deal not an excuse for a party

Baptism is a promise to brainwash your baby

Baptism is a useless spiritual vaccine

Baptism is an attempt to give pretend Church membership to a baby

Baptism is conscription to Christian ideological constructs

Baptism is not a private family matter

Baptism is not said in Bible to be needed to get into Heaven

Baptism is not welcoming a baby

Baptism is the source of nominal religion and sectarian labelling

Baptism is trying to force God to act on the baby

Baptism is useless spiritually and is feigned devotion

Baptism killed babies and endangered them

Baptism of blood and baptism of desire

Baptism promises are just perjury

Baptismal vows are lies to God and everybody else

Baptismal words, I wash you in name of Father, Son, etc are insulting

Barabbas and Jesus were probably both miscreants

Bartimaeus miracle, what it shows about Jesus

Basic refutations of miracles

Be easy to please and life will be better

Be reluctant to believe in miracles

Be true to yourself and don't involve man-made religion

Be your own person

Begone Satan! An account of a Catholic demon possession

Being a proper ally for Transgender People

Being an atheist or humanist in a religious world

Being banned from receiving communion

Being sensible with miracle claims

Belgian Miracle at the so called Belgian Lourdes

Belief and enrollment make you a religion's member

Belief disproves God for no God would rig it up so badly!

Belief formation and how you become a religionist

Belief in exorcism is irrational

Belief in fate is not really that bad

Belief in God forces you to hate sinners

Belief in God thrives on attacking your self-regard

Belief in Hell does harm actually and potentially

Belief in Miracles downgrades human dignity

Belief in miracles is not belief but opinion

Believe what you want is absurd advice!

Believers would kill to protect their religious identity

Ben Stada and Jesus seem to be the same dubious person

Bernadette of Lourdes, Therese Taylor

Bernadette's story was stolen from other apparition stories

Best Anti-Miracle Belief Arguments

Best argument against miracle credibility is distorted by Christians

Best Arguments that Jesus' Resurrection is plausible

Best evidences the Church can give for faith are debunked

Bias towards sin contradicts doctrine of divine plan

Bible and Christian tradition somehow feed paedophilia even now

Bible denies any Church is really infallible

Bible denies priests really can forgive sins

Bible does not say any Christian organisation can remain true

Bible ethos and its God are anti-divorce

Bible evidence of Mary, Jesus' mother, being an evil spirit

Bible fanatically forbids all lies

Bible God and Jesus command hatred of sin

Bible God blesses anti-gay hate

Bible God commands murder but is the murder honour killing?

Bible God decrees that nobody is holy or righteous

Bible God endorses not only slavery but attacks on slaves

Bible God forbids divorce and robs child brides of justice

Bible God forbids use of images in worship

Bible God says, "Behold I make evil"

Bible God warns against religious labels

Bible is endorsed by Medjugorje Mary who then contradicts it

Bible Never Says Jesus Was God

Bible only is Christianity so Protestantism has that right

Bible Prophecies in Evidence that Demands a Verdict

Bible salvation is by faith alone

Bible says charisms or special gifts of holy spirit are abolished

Bible says the Catholic Church, Whore of Babylon, will be destroyed!

Bible sees miracles round every corner

Bible teaches that sincerity isn't enough

Bible verses that command hate and specifically religious hate

Biblelight article on Peter's tomb in Jerusalem

Bible's God of Hate

Bigger and badder the doctrines the more proof you need for miracles

Bigger deal when religion does harm

Bill of assertive rights and rulling out God

Birth Control is called a sin when it is often a duty

Bishop Huonder used violent texts to condemn gay lovemaking

Bishop Papias makes us wonder if he knew our current gospels?

Bishop Zanic knew Medjugorje claims are inauthentic

Bishops warn of disobedience of following visions of Medjugorje

Bizarre advice on prayer from Jesus' mother at Medjugorje!

Blanschard on the religious cynical use of veiled revelation

Blasphemous Sacrifice of the Mass

Blessing from Jesus is really something dark and harmful

Blocks to the total love of God

Bloodline of the Holy Grail reveals holes in the Jesus story

Books saying the Torah's moral law is still relevant for Christians

Bread and wine do not become body and blood of Jesus

Bread cannot be the body of Christ

Britain a Christian Country??

Buddhism versus Catholicism

Buddhism, God and Christianity

Burden of having to love God mostly or totally

By faith alone book shows how Protestantism is right that faith alone saves

Calvinist doctrine of predestination is the Bible position as horrific as it is

Can a Christian according to the Bible be possessed?

Can a Muslim attend Christian baptism and Mass?

Can a priest who is pope ordain bishops?

Can a pro-life ever vote for an abortion law?

Can a Protestant consider Catholic baptism to be real?

Can an egoist be a martyr for others?

Can being LGBT and Catholic NOT be mutually exclusive?

Can Catholics Be Saved if Catholicism is failed Christianity?

Can Christians believe all will be eventually saved?

Can evil be defined simply as a lack of truth?

Can have strong evidence that a non-miracle is a miracle

Can LGBT be actively LGBT and also a good Catholic?

Can miracles verify miracles?

Can Priests ordain priests and bishops?

Can psychology say we have free will for we feel free?

Can religious faith be evidence-based?

Can science show us that religion is a psychological impairment?

Can the Catholic Church count sacraments?

Can the transience of life erase the wish for an afterlife?

Can we have free will if God knows what we will do with it?

Can we learn anything from miracles?

Can we make a god out of evolution?

Can you be gay and Catholic?

Can you let a bad person define a religion?

Can you love a complete sinner?

Canonisation or the declaring of somebody a saint who is with God

Canonised Masochists, vulnerable Catholics exposed to dangerous lifestyles

Can't be sure any person experienced a miracle

Cardinal Newman rationalised how Catholicism reinvented Christianity

Caring, in caring prayer, looks good even when nobody is helped

Case for John's Gospel alone being inspired of God

Case studies of popes who show infallibility is a lie

Cases of people with suspect "miraculous" stigmata

Casual sex and ethical considerations

Catechism of Catholic Church downplays hate for sinners

Catholic Bible interpretation, how it sees it as inviolable

Catholic blessings and holy objects give peace to the evil mafia

Catholic Church cannot make real bishops

Catholic Church does not really believe in Venial Sin

Catholic Church endorsed persecution

Catholic Church has double-standard when assessing miracles

Catholic Church has power to restore evil Jewish laws

Catholic Church served itself in Nazi Germany

Catholic Church uses miracles to set stage for evil

Catholic demonisation of sexual rights

Catholic describes your commitments not you unless you obey

Catholic divorce ban is not about protecting children

Catholic doctrine about non-obligatory good works

Catholic doctrine makes sex outside of marriage to be sacrilege

Catholic doctrine on charity or love of God and neighbour

Catholic doctrine on loving only God ultimately

Catholic doctrine on the ordination of deacons

Catholic ethics are dangerous

Catholic faith makes a demi-god of Mary or a god

Catholic faith makes a laughing stock of ethics

Catholic fake sorrow for sin corrupts gradually and by osmosis

Catholic ideology overthrows and manipulates reason

Catholic Image Worship is idolatry

Catholic lying takes place in form of mental reservation

Catholic marriage law refutes Church membership by baptism

Catholic Mass and Pope are docetic in a sense

Catholic mass is a novelty, early Christians didn't believe in it

Catholic Mass is Heavy Occult, it has necromancy overtones

Catholic mass is Islamaphobic and not inclusive

Catholic One True Church delusion

Catholic pharmacists and morning after pill

Catholic Prophets are fortune-tellers

Catholic religion is not for you but itself

Catholic sabbath-breaking and hypocrisy

Catholic sacrament of extreme unction

Catholic sacraments are occult rites

Catholic sacraments may be empty rites

Catholic saints are new pagan gods

Catholic teaching fails to see the true place of the Bible

Catholic Tradition ADDS to the Bible

Catholic tradition gloats over damned in Hell

Catholic underhand hatred for sinners

Catholic understanding of justification or being righteous in God's sight

Catholicism and Bible being inspired by God

Catholicism and judging and how judgementalism drives it

Catholicism and torturing heretics

Catholicism endorses and protects Fraudulent Prophecies

Catholicism foolishly says saints are advocates with God

Catholicism has added books illicitly to the Bible

Catholicism is divisive and violates inclusive standards

Catholicism is Riddled with Fraudulent Miracles

Catholicism makes a travesty of ethics and morality

Catholicism makes morality a travesty

Catholicism makes saints of bad people

Catholicism may not deep down believe in religious freedom

Catholicism on preparation for death

Catholicism practices idolatry the false worship of deity

Catholicism prostitutes its Christ

Catholicism protected paedophile priests

Catholicism tries to make out that sex is dirty

Catholicism won't ordain homosexuals to the priesthood

Catholicism's EVIL Doctrine about Hell

Catholicism's fake unity, its cosmetic oneness

Catholics and demons and how its teaching harms

Catholics and the gays on the homophobic bedrock

Catholics base their faith not on the Bible miracles but the unbiblical ones

Catholics cannot fund and attend LGBT pride?

Catholics do not recognise register office weddings

Catholics say Jesus had no blood brothers, they lie

Catholics secretly deny core teaching that papacy is valid

Catholics try to fuel and justify Islamic anger when Islam is mocked

Cease Catholic Marriage which is only a religious patriarchal tool

Celsus and his critique of Jesus

Census forms and Religion don't tick religion if you are not religious

Centrally organised cover up by the Catholic Church

Chains of Priestly Celibacy in Christianity

Challenge wrong belief for it harms down the line

Challenges to falsification theory? Are they valid?

Chanting is good for secularist and atheist people

Chaplains from the Church should be in hospitals?

Charity, the pure love for God

Charlie Hebdo related prayer criticised

Chastisement from God is a horrible teaching

Chaterjee exposes crafty Mother Teresa

Cheerful despair is how an atheist copes with life

Children and prayer raises concerns

Children and visions in the light of supernaturalist belief

Children are psychological egoists!

Children don't need indoctrination from religion

Children must not be religiously labelled by census

Chilling story of the Rich Man and Lazarus

Christ never promised his Church wouldn't fail

Christian church fails Jesus' good fruits from thorns test

Christian critique of morality and ethics

Christian faith is stubborn fearful arrogance

Christian God loves without having free will so we are told!

Christian humility is prideful and faux

Christian hypocrisy about criminals

Christian hypocrisy on organ transplants

Christian Hypocrisy on Smoking & Alcohol

Christian Hypocrisy regarding employment

Christian intellectual gymnastics are used against critics

Christian is just a label in Catholicism

Christian love is patronising and a violation

Christian pat answers on natural evil being allowed by God

Christian sin of sexual pleasure

Christian teaching on Hell is in the Bible

Christian teaching on sin is vicious

Christian use of the Old Testament is dancing in blood

Christianity accuses everybody of sin, of never being sin-free

Christianity advocates essentially fanatical piety

Christianity against the right to sex education

Christianity and abhorrent acts of animal sacrifice

Christianity and evolution cannot cohere

Christianity denies that sincerity matters more than faith

Christianity has left the faith and is not really about Jesus

Christianity is Chauvinistic and regards women as second-class

Christianity is parasitic on moral relativism

Christianity is the biggest catalyst of cognitive dissonance

Christianity pretends to believe we need even very damaging free will

Christians and Love the Sinner and hate the sin

Christians are hypocrites as proven by the media

Christians claim the Biblical right to ignore the Saturday Sabbath

Christians lie about what free will means when it comes to their God being free

Christians say eternal Hell is right for it is ultimate justice

Christians treat evil as an intelligent higher power, a slaveowner

Christians use Eucharist as a tool and thus show it no real respect

Christians want God loved not people

Christians when on a mission to burn churches and temples

Christians who won't bake pro-gay marriage cakes

Christians will confront atheists and sceptics for Bible says so

Christians, callous in the face of loved ones going to Hell?

Christina Gallagher, her fake visions and fake miracles

Church and intolerance for heresy

Church Blessings and Christian Hypocrisy

Church has no right to baptise

Church lies about prayer and its goodness

Church lies that it believes in loving sinners hating sins

Church lies that the Catholic is bound to its canon law

Church should preach what people want to hear when it takes their money

Church speaks to an AIDS victim

Church teaching on Jesus' arrest is full of errors

Claims that Cardinal Siri was elected Pope and forced to abdicate

Clerical apologies for clerical child sex abuse

Coming out as atheist or better still, secularist

Commandments in the Bible are from man not God

Commands and morality are not the same thing, they don't fit

Communion in the hand mocks the Eucharist

Communion is mere bread and mere wine

Communion table excludes some people from receiving Jesus

Communion under both kinds is when bread and wine are consumed

Compatibilists think free will is just freedom from compulsion

Comprehensive refutation of believability of miracles

Concerns about religious fanaticism

Concilarism which puts the Church above a pope had its false popes

Condoning evil in the guise of the love sinner hate sin rule

Confession and Child Protection

Confession of sins is an evil practice

Confession to priests needs to be stopped

Conflicts about love make love sinner hate sin a mess

Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith on visions 1978

Cons have you praying for vague things that will happen anyway

Conscience is ruined by emotional reasoning

Conscience is the supposed voice of right and wrong

Conscientious objection is an excuse for refusing treatment

Consciousness and free will

Conscription raises religious and ethical questions

Conspiracies and the Cross does not validate Christian faith

Conspiracies and the Cross, the book examines the New Testament

Contesting Jesus' demand that we love only God with our being

Continuous Creation or Conservation

Contradictions in the Book of Genesis

Convenient Ascension: evidence for risen Jesus goes up to heaven

Core Christian "Image of God" doctrine opposes core of Islam

Core religious outlook about love makes religion feeling not faith

Could it be there was always something? No creation?

Could women witness to the empty tomb and risen Jesus?

Counselling from Clerics should be outlawed!

Crimen Sollicitationis as a sign that the papacy protects abusers

Critical Study of Medical tests on Medjugorje visionaries

Criticising the pope and his alleged integrity

Criticism and being constructive and open with assessing

Criticism of prayer is legitimate and the concerns are real

Critique: My religion belongs to me"

Crowd didn't act like they thought Fatima solar miracle was real

Cruel of Catholic Church to ban divorce

CS Lewis the Christian needs this criticism of his book Miracles

Cults in the Roman Catholic Church

Dancing is a sin!

Danger of belief that it is a sin to omit doing what needs doing

Danger of thinking God knows best

Dangers of belief in Divine Grace

Data Protection and Secularism

David Currie on the Mass turning bread into Jesus

David Hume and the Superstition of Miracles

David Hume warns against accepting miracle stories easily

Dead babies of Tuam are victims of the Christian faith

Debaptism, why you need to formally break free from canon law

Deceptions around the visions of Guadalupe

Decrees against Medjugorje visions

Deep question, "Why anything at all?" is hidden in the "proof" from dependence

Defection from Roman Catholicism is a Human Right!

Defending a Protestant against a Catholic priest critic

Defending ethical egoism

Deliverance ministry is another Christian form of abuse

Delizia Cirollie, an example of Lourdes non-miracle cures

Delusion that God calls one to priesthood or whatever

Democratic principles and policies are weakened by religion

Demonic possession in the Catholic Religion

Demonic possession is believed in only by extremists

Denial of free will and guilt

Denial of free will and reason

Determinists are victims of Christian bigotry

Deuteronomy 30 has God promising earthly rewards for obedience

Diana Basile, her fake cure at Medjugorje

Did a cosmic "computer" make all things?

Did Augustine recognise the Catholic Mass?

Did God hide from Satan and thereby cause him to go wrong?

Did God put evil in nature? Is he evil for doing so?

Did Jesus call Peter petros or Petra and why it matters?

Did Jesus die merely as good example?

Did Jesus or an impersonator die on the cross?

Did Jesus predict that he would NOT rise?

Did paranormal events happen at Garabandal?

Did Paul say Jesus was rich?

Did some kind of psychiatric disorder cause Lourdes visions?

Did the Catholic Church give us the Bible?

Did the Law of Moses know of infection head of its time?

Did the miracle of the sun really happen?

Different factions in a bad religion

Different religions cannot pray together

Different religions on John 3 which says you need rebirth

Diognetus shows that gospels were unknown

Discussing religious truth claims

Dissonance Theory drives religion and fools it to think it is sensible

Distracted selfishness is your salvation

Disturbing elements in the faith of the Catholics

Divine command doctrine summary

Divine mercy chaplet and its dubious origin

Divine providence says God looks after his creation, or does he?

Divine punishment and how it is a toxic doctrine

Divorce in the New Catholic Encyclopaedia

DIY "Pope" Pius XIII Lucian Pulvermacher

Do atheists really have faith?

Do damned in Hell deserve infinite torment for offending infinite love?

Do miracles comfort or is that a myth?

Do miracles/faith complement reason?

Do Miraculous Claims need Miraculous Evidence?

Do not fear death

Do not pray for sinners a close crony of Jesus says

Do we have to work on our characters forever? Eternal imperfection?

Do we really want God's unconditional love?

Do you choose to be born and where/when?

Do you have an immaterial and possibly immortal soul?

Do you think you really want a Catholic wedding?

Do you wonder if religion is bad for people?

Docetism where Jesus was declared a ghost in early Church

Doctrine of everlasting torment leads to persecuting

Doctrine of sin demeans us!

Does "Charity begin at home"?

Does a child have right to be baptised?

Does a creed appearing soon after Jesus make his story plausible?

Does accepting nothing 100% justify religious allegiance? No!

Does Bible allow us to assess an evil as showing there is no God?

Does Bible indicate real absence of Jesus at Eucharist?

Does Bible teach once saved always saved?

Does Catholicism think substance of communion vanishes and is replaced by Jesus?

Does evil, crime or sin punish itself?

Does feeling free mean we are free?

Does God give rewards?

Does God make as little input as possible?

Does God make exceptions? Do miracles fit God?

Does it matter if evil is just an absence or a real power?

Does James 2 contradict Paul on how to get right with God?

Does John 1 say the Word, Jesus, was God or is it mistranslated?

Does John 6 talk about a Heavenly Eucharist only?

Does love of of enemies apply to loving Satan?

Does love your neighbour as yourself define altruism?

Does teaching that the Devil possesses lead to victim-blaming?

Does the Bible lead to the pope being seen as antichrist?

Does the Bible really say Jesus had no sin at all?

Does the idea that if we do bad we self-punish hold weight?

Does this book show us that non-material souls exist?

Dogmatic upbringing versus non-dogmatic

Domino Effect apparently refutes consequentalist ethics

Donal Anthony Foley fraud buster and his Understanding Medjugorje

Don't be disrespected by being called a sinner!

Don't mock the afflicted

Don't pick on the individual religionist to excuse the religion

Don't take religious liberals seriously

Double application is an attempt to twist the Bible to favour Jesus

Double standard of saying LGBT sexual love is unnatural

Dr Festa gives grounds for suspecting Padre Pio of deception

Drop the books the Roman Church added to the Bible

Dunnes Stores when it stopped stocking Rosary Style Necklaces

Early Christians did not think Mary was assumed into Heaven

Early Church Ashamed of Gospels

Early Church had no pope

Early Roman bishops were not popes for they didn't choose other bishops

Ecstasy Trance during apparitions is just a show when public

Ecumenism is a charade

Egoism and the notion, "Nobody hurts me unless I let them"

Egoism is the way to go!

Electing the pope if you think the Vatican is no longer authorised

Email to Net Ministries Ballybofey

Emmerich her hallucinations about Jesus and Mary

End hereditary religion and let people make their own choices

Epiphe-nomenalism says your body causes your mind not vice versa

Epistle of Barnabas denies gospels as reliable

Erotica is harmless and to be enjoyed says the gospel of atheism

Error about law of averages behind all magical thinking

Error is bad so in what way should we tolerate it?

Error peppers the Catholic faith

Essay on Peter's preaching

Essay on practical Christian apologetics

Essay on Science and Christianity

Essay on science and miracles

Essay on Science and the Bible

Established facts cannot really make way for Jesus having risen?

Estelle Faguette and Pellevoisin apparition

Eternal hypocrisy about eternal punishment from God

Eternal punishment and mourning

Eternal punishment is just a cover for justifying hate

Ethical satisfaction theory of the atonement of Jesus

Ethical scepticism asks if maybe morality is pure fantasy?

Ethics and morality in the light of faith

Eucharistic Miracle of Lanciano can't be the rotting remains of Jesus?

Euthanasia and the afterlife

Euthanasia is it right or wrong or sometimes neither?

Euthypro Dilemma proves God worship is self-worship

Evaluate, "Pleasure, not suffering, being meaningless is the problem"

Evangelising a child is indoctrinating even if you don't mean to


Everlasting Punishment in Hell is not a hint of our dignity

Everlasting Punishment seems to say free will removed by God

Everybody is Wrong about God by Lindsay on the evidence for God

Evidence or Logic in the face of miracles

Evidence that a miracle violates nature?

Evidence that Jesus could have fueled his reputation with trickery

Evidence that Jesus was Mentally Ill

Evidentialism, the importance of evidence establishing religion

Evil allows for God rather than indicates God?

Evil and excessive evil could be just split hairs?

Evil and its marriage to black and white morality

Evil and mendacity of pick and mix religion

Evil as evidence against God but is there good without God?

Evil be thou God's good

Evil doctrine of everlasting punishment in Hell

Evil in the Catholic Bible condoned by its God

Evil is not an act but a sum of acts

Evil is not bad but just a subtraction is a Christian doctrine!

Evil may as well be pure evil for you experience it like a reality

Evil not a thing is a Christian excuse for God allowing suffering

Evil to just assume somebody should suffer if there is a God

Evolution is a definite refutation of God's love

Examples of religion forcing people to convert

Excommunication and religion, when a religion safeguards its doctrine

Excuse-makers for violent religion

Excuses for errors in the infallible Bible

Excuses for violent scriptures answered

Exegesis regarding Paul's letter referring to the resurrection

Existential angst and how it can lead to religious terrorism

Existentialism lets you determine what value you are and have

Exorcising Medjugorje which is suspected by some of demonic activity

Exorcism is unsupervised by the state!

Exorcism is when the illness is better than the cure

Exorcism rites read like black magic grimoires!

Exorcism, sign from God or an excuse for abuse?

Exorcists should not be diagnosing the possessed, it's abuse

Experience, consciousness, give truths about atheism and freedom

Expert Bible interpretation says Bible God breathed out the Bible

Expert opinion on if it is sick to be religious

Experts on the solar miracle of Fatima

Expressing faith in a higher power is harmful

Extraordinary claims need exceptional support

Extraordinary return of Jesus from dead needs bigger evidence

Extremist can be 1% of you and why it is as bad as 100%

Eye-openers from the first Medjugorje accounts

Facebook comments givenomoneytocatholicchurch

Facts on atheism and atheists

Failed solutions to Bible contradictions by the famous Haley

Faith and hope and why miracles raise concerns for them

Faith and Spirituality reside on personality disorders & cause them

Faith as a cover for condoning divine evil

Faith doesn't need to be turned religious

Faith in evil spirits and how people can like it

Faith in Faith is happening more than faith in God

Faith in God is man's way of condoning divine evil by worsening it

Faith in miracles does us no real good, isn't needed

Faith in miracles is just faith in men

Faith in religion is not a virtue, though it says it is

Faith is "magical" knowledge and meant to function as knowledge

Faith is not feeling and should be more mature than that!

FAITHEISM is reclaiming my right to answer only to me

Fake "Baptism" of blood and desire

Fake Humility of love sinner hate sin

Fake miracles used to justify making fake saints in Catholicism

Fake repentance for sin in the Catholic Church

Fanatical extremism of loving God alone

Fanaticism in first Christians wrecks Christian credibility

Fantasist Faustina is a fake saint with her Divine Mercy devotion

Fast inner transformation for the atheist

Fatalism and God go together inevitably

Father Gino Burresi is another Padre Pio but got caught!

Fathers are no help in showing Jesus existed

Fatima 1917 visions predicted at seance?

Fatima for Agnostics and its excellent study of the claimed visions

Fatima Solar Miracle fails tests for genuine goodness and holiness

Fatima, Lucia and the Consecration of Russia

Fear is the father of evil

Fear leads to violence so it is not hate that is the problem

Feel love for God only

Feel that life is meaningful

Feeling free is not an argument for free will if God exists

Feeling that life is meaningful

Female Genital Mutilation

Feuerbach's The Essence of Christianity

Fields of Blood by Karen Armstrong

Final choice is claimed to be the reason why Hell is eternal

First Corinthians 15 does not fit the gospel account of Jesus

Flying saints and levitation

Forgiveness in the popular sense is a snare!

Forgiveness is the God theory's Achille's Heel?

Formal defection from Catholicism abolished 2009?

Formal Defection from Religion and the Law

Four gospels about Jesus are not reliable

Fr Eugene Greene Raphoe Donegal abuser

Fr Gobbi and his dubious Marian Movement of Priests

Fr Laurentin was catalyst of the Medjugorje fraud

Fr Laurentin who promoted Medjugorje was a liar

Fr. Hauke responds to criticism from Medjugorje supporters

Franco let himself be the tool of Catholic cultism and intolerance

Frank Morison and "Who moved the stone?"

Fraud Alert: Catholic doctrine is that the Bible has no errors

Free will and the doctrine of an evil nature

Free will concept fails to show we are not biological machines

Free will is another pretended miracle claim

Freedom from Catholic influence is a necessity

French mystic Marthe Robin was a trickster looking for attention

From Irish Times on being pro-choice

From Skeptical Inquirer checking if superstition can ever help

Fulton J Sheen advocates intolerance of sin

Fundamental contradictions between Catholics & Buddhists

Fundamentals about the burden of proof

G E Moore on ethics and how ethics is overly based on opinion

Galatians 3:27-28 does not really teach equality

Galileo showed how the Church tried to wreck science

Gassner was a notorious Catholic exorcist who is worth exploring

Gays and religionists who hates the most?

GDPR and leaving Catholic Church

Gehenna, Jesus vindictively meant that the wicked are rubbish

Gender dysphoria is the experience of being mismatched

Generosity and grace refute God

Genesis advocates heternormativity and excludes homosexuality

Genesis and the theory of evolution

Genetic fallacy, when a Christian becomes atheist

Gerry Adams, Sinn Fein, Late Late Show

Get out of false religion and do it now

Getting a supposed miracle healing is turned into a religious advert

Getting out of Catholic Church membership

Ghost Rider makes us ask if Jesus doesn't heal our evil but absorbs it

Girl Guides Promise

Give gays and straight people proper equality

Give Religion No Money

Give the person your questions not your opinions

Givenomoney2catholicchurch posts on religion on facebook

Giving all your love to God makes him your God

Glories of Mary an example of Catholic excessive Marian Devotion

Gnostic Evidence against veracity of Jesus story

God and Horrendous Suffering book shows they don't fit

God and Religion imply our wellbeing is unimportant

God and the claim that society needs him to have meaning

God and why believers inherently exploit human vulnerability

God as moral bully and his friends as collaborators

God as primary and secondary cause of all things

God asking you to generalise, "Suffering is part of a plan" is abhorrent

God based forgiveness is too cheap to be forgiveness

God being an excuse for doing nothing for others

God belief excuses and glorifies moral weakness

God belief failed to halt IRA terrorism and it helped it

God belief forces you to be a potential and actual hypocrite

God belief makes desire a sin!

God bless you! Why that saying is bad

God can just give the message so he will not use a miracle to deliver it

God can save all from Hell especially children so why doesn't he?

God cannot be morality if morality is unclear

God cannot risk damning us even if we damn ourselves

God cannot suffer with us so he is not compassionate

God can't abolish his hateful laws

God commanding the murder of the Canaanite people

God concept authorises interference in lives of others

God does my good deeds, not me

God does not know best!

God goes with the degrading notion of altruism

God has no right to be worshipped

God has no say over you or anybody else

God has no struggles so God cannot relate to you as a hero

God has not set up the Catholic faith or organisation

God hates people who are not fit for Heaven

God hides and then does miracles which is too odd!

God idea advocates asceticism

God implies lying always inadvisable and always wrong!

God implies temptations are sins

God is a control belief and it's about biased thinking not God

God is a crutch to help fake loving others

God is a way of attaching yourself to something non-risky

God is an autocratic idea

God is an excuse for hypocrisy?

God is happy when you are in Hell?

God is no argument against murder

God is not a reality but a man-made falsehood

God is not Omnipotent

God is one not three

God is the biggest abortionist of all!

God is the ingredient that makes a religion dangerous

God is too risky to comfort the bereaved with

God makes the unconditional love of man a sin

God makes you guess about evil when it is too serious to be guessed about

God makes you heartless when it comes to him & suffering

God of sadism and masochism

God of the Science Gap makes the Gap a God

God sends babies that die to Hell to be punished forever?

God the God of executioners

God the most unpleasant character in all fiction

God theory is equivalent to saying gnome in the garden is a god

God versus ownership and why rights are taken not given

God wants gays to burn with lust and frustration

Godel's Theorem and Religion

Godparents have no business choosing the church for the baby

God's fictitious right to be loved

God's free will is crucial to creation doctrine

God's love to me is only my perception, I cannot taste the reality

God's property rights over me and nature

Going to Church is a huge mistake

Going to church versus magic

Gospa of Medjugorje, is she either drunk or insane?

Gospel of atheism how to love yourself

Gospel of Atheism on what self-esteem is

Gospel of Atheism on why self-esteem is so important

Gospel of atheism to love yourself means loving yourself alone ultimately

Gospel of atheism you can be happy

Gospel of atheism you want to be happy

Gospel of atheism, Only God you need is you!

Gospel of Atheism, you are your own saviour/salvation by default

Gospel of Philip calls Jesus a myth

Gospel of Thomas and Jesus myth

Gothic art and how it overthrows the Turin Shroud

Grateful People, unpacking the dark side

Greta Christina says atheist anger is understandable

Grievances, writing to the Church

Grounding and validating morality without using a God

Guadalupe the Marian apparition hoax

Hammer of witches a Catholic manual for hating women

Happiness and the Problem of God letting Evil happen

Happiness as side-effect of doing good

Happiness is not happiness if it needs sacrifice

Harm and corruption caused by religion exists on a spectrum

Harmfulness of belief in God

Has God helped converted alcoholics?

Hate Sin means Hate Sinner but do not admit it

Hate Sin means Hate Sinner for it's personal

Hateful God of the Book of Exodus

Hating good intentions and love the sinner hate the sin

Hating relatively harmless sins is deranged

Hatred in disguise the gospel of atheism overcomes it

Have to make excuses to believe in miracles

Having a belief that contradicts other beliefs you have

Hawking gives light on the universe being fine-tuned

Hawking said the law of gravity made the universe

Healing your thinking and mind and body means leaving Catholicism

Healthcare for trans and nonbinary is good as in gender confirmation

Heathen faiths do harm and always will

Heaven creates moral problems that show it is nonsense

Heaven is a den of asceticism and a Hell

Hebrews 11 treats faith as more important than facts

Hebrews denies Jesus can be verified

Hebrews in Bible refutes priests and masses as unChristian

Hebrews letter refutes the sacrifice of the mass as a sin

Hegesippus and the evidence for Jesus

Hell - Place of Eternal Torment

Hell as in eternal punishment and Divine Mercy

Hell as in everlasting punishing is a vindictive doctrine

Hell as place where you burn to death?

Hell gives Christians meaning in life!

Hell is a doctrine that enforces hate

Hell is a useless doctrine except for religious bullies

Hell makes hating sin far worse for it says it needs eternal punishment

Here is why you need to rethink being a priest

Heresies and lies in the revelations of Fatima

Heresy features in the visions of Medjugorje

Heresy is parasitic on the religion's truth claim

Heresy is sin of putting your "truth" before God's revealed truth

Heretical revolution in the New Mass, Novus Ordo

Hick on the absurdity of Jesus being both God and Man

Hinduism is another human religion

History of Bible literalism

History shows the papacy is just a political/religious invention

Hitchens v Blair ask Is religion a force for good?

Hitler and how Jesus and Christianity made him executioner

Holy Innocents the alleged baby victims of a massacre by Herod

Holy Inquisition when thousands died for religious thought crimes

Holy Lies about Lourdes where Mary supposedly appeared

Holy See just got statehood it didn't deserve, then it played along

Holy Spirit is not God

Honor thy father and thy mother is allegedly the commandment of God

Honour is for me or about what I do. Is it mercenary?

Honour is love in Christianity and is the essential weapon for oppression,

Honouring bad scriptures is using words as violence

Hope and discernment for atheists

Hope Endures exposes Mother Teresa

Hope is dross compared to optimism

Hoping "evil" people drop dead so that others will be spared

Hostile Request to be released from RC Church

How a loving God would not let animals suffer

How Belief in God opposes morality

How can Christians advertise what their religion calls "evil" as they do?

How can law deal with religion looking for exemptions from discrimination laws?

How Catholics use the printing press to fight Protestant bible only tenet

How Christianity is supposed to judge

How Church teaching undermines love and blocks it

How did Mary conceive by the Holy Spirit?

How do you show that what God thinks of morality matters?

How faith in God amplifies the projection of evil unto others

How faith in God can fuel depression

How faith kills LGBT people in today's world

How God belief is moral bullying in belief form

How going to saints bypasses and insults God

How good is the good God draws from evil, or that just comes from it?

How Hell Belief makes you Uncaring

How impressive are Jesus' miracles in the Gospel of John?

How Jesus used prayer as a means of abusing the vulnerable

How love for God can imply you need hugely good evidence for miracles

How loving the sinner can blind you to your sins

How must a religion approach other religions?

How our perception shows that we hate the damned person

How religion handwaves with evil and offers fake solutions

How religion tries to discredit science that opposes God

How religious faith invites you to violence

How to be happy!

How to have a happy love life according to the gospel of atheism

How to help others and still be selfish, see them as another you

How useful are slippery slope arguments?

How useful to historians are the gospels?

How we must spread the good news of atheistic humanism

Human nature will invent threats if it sees none

Humanae Vitae, the teaching that killed millions of women

Humanism is not a religion or a faith position

I always do something self-interested under the circumstances

I am the image of God means I have dignity or does it?

I don't need God to be good

I value myself indirectly when I value anything

Idea that priests HEAL your sins that you confess examined

If anything is appearing at Medjugorje, it's an occult being

If evil has a power or uses power it will get its own back on you

If evil is not "real" it can still dominate

If evil is not real then it is not the opposite of anything

If free will is a gift from God it's no longer his concern how I use it

If God breathes faith in you why do you still err with it?

If God exists he will not hide himself

If God is evil then why does good exist?

If God makes us as sinners does he agree with our sins? Yes.

If I've no natural explanation for a miracle then must I leave it alone?

If Jesus forgave you with his blood you don't need absolution

If Jesus was God then he cannot save sinners

If judging is bad then religion makes it worse

If Lourdes cures are real it does not help the Catholic faith

If loving sinner hating sin is possible it's too difficult

If there is a creator can we call it a unicorn or God?

If we are God's children then we are equal to God!

If you are Catholic is the label yours permanently?

If you are Christian and renting your flat to gay couple

If you believe in God then be angry!!

If you don't believe in God could you believe just anything?

If you must, baptise the baby yourself

Ignorance of the law of the land and the moral law

Image worship in the Catholic Church

Immaculate Deception of Lourdes Vision

Immoral moralities a warning about some moral constructs

Impact of miracles & hallucinations on evidence

Implications of Catholic homophobia

Implicit atheism may be the strongest atheism!

Implicit conversion therapy is abuse and is cloaked in prayer

Impossible demand to love your neighbour and God

In Defence of Evidence in refutation of Super-sceptics

In defence of situation ethics

In depth examination of how plagues refute the love of God

In favour of the 7 deadly sins

In God we Trust, get it off the coins!

In theology, God is judgement and not just a judge

Incorrupt bodies happen in natural world too, not just a Catholic one

Incorruptible bodies are reported in non-religious contexts too

Incorruptible Bodies comprise more manufactured Catholic Miracles

Incredibly, miracles and belief in them supports atheism!

India has no reason to thank St Teresa of Calcutta

Indulge yourself with self-esteem treats!

Inexplicable, why does Christianity so easily make anti-semitists?

Infallibility is useless though Church says it leads to truth

Infallible Canonisations why saints embody Catholic doctrine

Infant baptism has consequences so it should be abolished

Influence and free will and too much influence removes freedom

Ingredient of sin is stupidity, exposes love sinner hate sin as lie

Inherently discriminatory, the Church does harm

Inherently evil is a term and it calls evil a brute fact

INRI is the sign on the cross saying Jesus was King of the Jews

Insisting on believing what you want about yourself

Instrumental egoism is the notion that self-interest pays even if amoral or non-moral

Intention is desire and desire involves self-interest always

Intrinsic and instrumental value

Intrinsic good and intrinsic evil often welded together

Inventing sins to persecute sinners

Investigating Catholic claims will turn up negatives

Investigating monism: notion that separateness is false and all is one

Invincible ignorance and salvation outside of Jesus

Iris Murdoch on love

Irish Catholicism and why it is unhealthy

Is a miracle a violation of nature?

Is a miracle an event above nature not against it?

Is a moral God the default?

Is all religion bad religion? Or is enough religion bad?

Is atheism merely the absence of belief in God?

Is becoming Catholic the best bet for a good afterlife?

Is being Catholic permanent? Indelible?

Is belief an accident of birth?

Is Catholic baptism really baptism? Is it effective?

Is Catholicism too Christian to be the whore of Babylon?

Is challenging religious faith cruel?

Is choice just automatically right? Is it morally relevant?

Is Christian faith a work by which you attain eternal life with God?

Is Christianity a cult? Or does it have some cult traits?

Is Christianity smarter than New Age teaching?

Is divine revelation credible? No.

Is egoism true? Is it all about me deep down no matter what I do?

Is everybody a fundamentalist?

Is everything a miracle? Makes definition too thin

Is evil just a good that falls short or is that trivialising it?

Is formal defection only about marriage law?

Is getting caught the only bad thing about law-breaking?

Is God a basic belief or one that we don't need evidence for?

Is God's love comforting?

Is good more valuable if you battle yourself to do it?

Is hating the sin the strongest or loving the sinner?

Is Hell unlocked meaning the damned won't leave?

Is infallibility inspiration? Catholic Church says it can avoid error

Is it ad hominem to condemn religion as religion for it does harm?

Is it consequences of sin you are to hate not the sinner?

Is it easy to believe in Hell of eternal punishment?

Is it enough if an explanatory worldview is coherent?

Is it feeling or intuition or both that tell us if we have free will?

Is it good or bad or neutral that God has made us?

Is it right to call somebody an evil person?

Is it the same to say God is a unicorn or teapot as he is our Father?

Is it true that biological sex is rooted in what gametes you should produce?

Is it true that people only believe what they want?

Is it true that your feelings always tell you lies?

Is Jesus God the Judge or Not?

Is Jesus proof of God's existence and devotion to us?

Is leaving the Church polarising? No it is affirming self identity

Is love the reason the three persons make up one God?

Is loving sinner hating sin just describing forgiveness of sinners?

Is Mary at Medjugorje like the Jesus vision story?

Is nature all there is?

Is one faith as good as another?

Is religion a mental condition if not disorder?

Is religion a necessary evil?

Is religion an excuse for violence?

Is Religion Irrational? by Keith Ward

Is religion just nothing but a form of role play?

Is religion often a thought disorder needing professional help?

Is religious faith a private affair?

Is renouncing pleasure for asceticism churlish towards God?

Is sacrifice real? Do we really do it?

Is saying self-creation is less absurd than God creating wise?

Is science concerned with ex nihilo creation?

Is secular fundamentalism real?

Is suffering at the mercy of chance really that bad?

Is suffering ever good for our virtue and our skills?

Is taking a leap of faith in God rational?

Is the Bible right therefore inspired?

Is the Catholic Church holy? It says it is!

Is the fear of death a hint that there is a Hell?

Is the last supper story history?

Is the Law of Moses abrogated in the apostles' times?

Is the Medjugorje vision the Devil pretending to be Mary?

Is the mind separate from the body? Transcendent?

Is the universe fine-tuned by God?

Is there no such thing as innocent suffering?

Is trans an identity? Not exactly!

Is unhappiness a negative and not a thing?

Is unworthy communion homicide?

Is your spiritual DNA Catholic if you are baptised?

Isaiah did not predict Virgin Birth of Jesus

Islam like many Christians bans the supposed sin of gambling

It is evil to condone violent and harmful holy books from God

It is nasty to say evil is merely good of the wrong kind

It is nonsense that evolution fits the Catholic faith

Ivan the false prophet of Medjugorje

IVF and discussing the ethics of In Vitro Fertilisation

James letter does not deny Protestant notion that faith alone takes you to Heaven

James, blood brother of Jesus?

Jerry Coyne, Faith versus Fact

Jesus alone is mediator so do not pray to saints!

Jesus and his nasty tongue

Jesus and his racist patronising of the Samaritan woman

Jesus and pleasure, the startling truth

Jesus and property and did he ban it?

Jesus and the cripple and forgiving sins

Jesus and the sin that will never ever be forgiven by God

Jesus as the victim who is offered in the Mass? Macabre idea

Jesus at the Council of Trent approves of capital punishment murder

Jesus' authorised spokesmen, "Sincerity not enough for Heaven"

Jesus being mediator with God makes God nasty

Jesus Christ was a slave beater

Jesus condemns the city of Pergamos

Jesus did not command holy communion

Jesus failed his own good fruits from thorns argument

Jesus formulated faith in a bigoted way, he made thought-crimes

Jesus gave three great commandments not two

Jesus in the light of the notion that sin works like a viral infection

Jesus is the only way to God doctrine

Jesus lied that his coming was predicted

Jesus made lower than the angels? Was he God?

Jesus' miracles cannot be proved, they are mere hearsay

Jesus refused to validate his sexually abused mother's victimhood

Jesus' Resurrection is unconvincing if based on parable visions.

Jesus Resurrection story came from black magic book?

Jesus said divorce is adultery and meant it

Jesus saved us with his blood

Jesus says God is daddy or Abba

Jesus says that few will be saved and go to eternal bliss

Jesus says, “You are Peter” – Matthew 16 Examined

Jesus should be worshipped just as the Father is worshipped? NO!

Jesus showed his hypocrisy in his approach to prayer

Jesus story was stolen from the Elisha Elijah tales by Mark

Jesus teaches salvation by faith alone

Jesus' teaching and why it is not rational and not healthy

Jesus tells a parable to try and derange people who fear Hell

Jesus tempts to sin and must create temptation if he is god

Jesus the conjurer! Was he staging "miracles"?

Jesus the Second Adam?

Jesus told us to take up our crosses to please him

Jesus uses the fig tree as a lesson for us

Jesus was a bogus messiah

Jesus was a Jew and never envisioned founding Catholicism

Jesus was a threatening moral bully saying "repent or else"

Jesus was a zealot or at least a zealot sympathiser

Jesus was anti-person, anti-humanitarian

Jesus was not a pacifist

Jesus was not almighty or God

Jesus would not have drank wine at last supper

Jesus, "Whoever thinks I'm helped by Satan has an eternal sin"

Jesus's bloodline fails to show he must be the Messiah King

Jesus's dungeon of horrors in Hell!

Jesus's resurrection was not the only alleged resurrection

Jewish Purity Laws to be kept by Christians

Jewish tradition about Balaam and it seems he is Jesus

Jewish tradition does not mince words about Jesus

Jews of Jesus' time seem very sure he was leading a violent revolt

John 20:31 refutes transubstantiation and the mass

John 3 speaks of water and wind not water baptism

John 6 has nothing to do with last supper

John 6 that supposedly says bread is Jesus is jumbled up?

John 6 Verse 52 does not support Catholic Mass

John 8 shows Jesus' appalling attitude to abused women

John Cornwell casts negative light on Medjugorje claims

John Gospel denies bread & wine turn into Jesus

John Gospel does not literally make Jesus out to be God

John Paul II proves that love sinner hate sin is just words

John shocks us with revelations about his mate Jesus

John the Baptist fits the Messiah prophecies better than Jesus

John the Baptist was originally the Messiah

John the Baptist witness against Jesus

John's gospel does not really start off calling Jesus God

Joseph Vitolo and the alleged Bronx "Miracle"

Judgemental verses from the Bible God and his Jesus

Judges 19 and its homophobic similarity to the Sodom tale

Judith Jarvis Thomson argues In Defence of Abortion

Karl Barth and the Bible's Inspiration

Keep out of Catholic influence

Kenny asks Why is there something rather than nothing?

Kids who suffer from wrong sex or gender identity being imposed

Killing a baby in Vietnam gives rise to a thought experiment

King Herod has Jesus risen before Jesus rose!

Know the truth about Catholics, mediums and fraud

La Salette vision claims show a case for fraud

Labelling the child religiously is vile for the child deserves better

Lanciano Legend and why there is no history behind alleged miracle

Lapide a Jew gives light on Jesus' alleged resurrection

Last Supper didn't turn bread and wine into Jesus for first time

Lead us not into temptation

Learning from past shows a religion's evil potential

Leaving judgement to God can be passive aggressive

Leaving the Church is necessary to protect others from it

Legends about Jesus' mother cast her in a bad light

Lessing, tolerance and the parable of the magic ring

Let children make their own faith decisions!

Let happiness come just pave the way and trust yourself

Let it be, why letting happiness come is better than seeking it

Letter of Clement of Alexandria on Secret Gospel of Mark

Letter of James and good works

Letter on Prayer published 2003

Letter to Cardinal George regarding harm done to LGBT rights

Letter to parents who think they must raise their child in their faith

LGBT couples banned from Presbyterian Communion

LGBT people are just not safe in a Bible influenced context

Liars say Leviticus allows loving modern LGBT relationships

Liberation and guilt the gospel of atheism

Lie of Group Simultaneity relating to Medjugorje visionaries

Lies of the Roman Catholic Church

Lies that Jesus reached out to those on the margins

Life is called a Divine Gift when it is more like a Loan!

Life Offering Revelations from a Hungarian nun

Limbo as a Catholic doctrine

Lindsay's Everybody is Wrong about God has findings on morality

Links recommended for exCatholics

List of "infallible" Catholic teachings

List of Bible books is not finalised

Lock yourself out of Church!

Looking at John 6 Catholicism's eucharistic playground

Lourdes and why the entity was not real Virgin Mary

Lourdes and why the miracles of healing are dubious

Lourdes fails tests for really being the work of God

Lourdes is an example of the dangerous power of faith placebo

Love and happiness for the humanist

Love damned and hate their damning sin

Love for others is a dubious religious value

Love has a bad side and it is overhyped

Love is not the opposite of hate but a form of hate itself

Love neighbour as thyself means self-love forbidden

Love of neighbour as oneself harms the family

Love sinner and hate sin is for psychopaths

Love sinner does it mean loving feelings are irrelevant?

Love sinner hate sin = deceit

Love sinner hate sin and slippery slope

Love sinner hate sin therefore love yourself least

Love sinner hate sin will attack your rights at the polling station

Love Sinner Hate Sin would seem to be advice not a rule

Love Sinner Hate Sin: What Christians REALLY Believe

Love sinner, hate sin and feelings

Love sinner, hate sin conceals haters

Love sinner, hate sin idea in light of free will

Love sinner, hate sin idea in light of mortal hell-deserving sin

Love sinner, hate sin is not for man but God

Love the sinner and hate sins is against scholarship

Love the sinner and hate the sin

Love the sinner and hate the sin attacks secular people

Love the sinner and hate the sin is arsenic

Love the sinner but do not love

Love the sinner hate the sin is clearly only against physical violence

Love thy Neighbour as thyself is a smokescreen

Love thy Neighbour as thyself is useless and vague

Love thy Neighbour more than Thyself!

Loving God alone is evil and it is evil to try

Loving the free will of others

Lucia made up tales about her alleged visions

Lucia of Fatima and her lie about the miracle Aurora Borealis

Lucia of Fatima was a liar about her religious visions

Lunn a Catholic's thoughts on miracles answered

Machiavellianism today is called assertiveness?

Magic and the domino effect and why magic is nonsense

Magical faith, especially Christian, is a Pandora's box for violence

Make religion pay taxes

Making a bad confession in the Catholic Church

Making friends for humanist atheism

Making Sense of God and Happiness by Keller

Many feel that religion is inherently violent. Is it?

Many hate LGBT rights on religious grounds, admit it

Many religious leaders are moral relativists who manipulate you

Marco the painter painted the fake miracle picture of Guadalupe

Mark 15 lies about odd coincidences when Jesus died

Marriage Annulment and the Bible

Marriage cannot turn a non-commitment into a commitment

Marriage vows cannot really be meant

Martindale's data on Fatima refutes the authenticity of the visions

Mary and Joseph's fake marriage

Mary at Medjugorje by Hector Avalos

Mary invalidates Catholic baptism

Mary is not appearing at Medjugorje

Mary is the Catholic idol and false role model

Mary Jesus' mother did evil things so she wasn't sinless!

Mary of Agreda by Sandra Miesel

Mary the Mother of Jesus was not a forever virgin

Mary was a sinner

Mary's Fraudulent Appearance at La Salette

Mary's role in the massacre of the innocents

Mass gets crazier when you take it to its logical conclusions

Mass is a Catholic invention

Mass is against Christianity

Mass is anti-semitist and racist against Jews

Mass is not the Sacrifice of Calvary

Masses for notorious killers such as Alan Hawe

Massless and how nature shows "spirit" is physical

Matter is all there is so spirit is a figment of the imagination

Maybe Heaven is the real eternal punishment!!

Maybe sin does not oppose God's ways so much as reinterpret them?

Media refutes the magical claims made about Padre Pio

Medjugorje apparition and abortion

Medjugorje apparition and the Heresy Book

Medjugorje apparitions provide a money-spinner

Medjugorje bishop ignored when he asked that messages not be published

Medjugorje is neither truly Catholic or supernatural

Medjugorje opposes the rights of Church leaders

Medjugorje Spirituality has a bad side so keep away!

Medjugorje visions and how science proves nothing

Meessen and the miracle of the sun Fatima 1917

Melchizidek and Jesus and their contrived priesthood

Membership in the Church is canonically invalid

Memes for slides advocating atheism

Men saved without baptism in the Bible

Merit and Catholic doctrine

Messianic Prophecy

Methodological naturalism

Minucius Felix attacks the crucifixion of Jesus

Miracle and Hallucination the possible link

Miracle beliefs are bad beliefs

Miracle believers are potential bigots and bigots

Miracle claim can be refuted by damning minor details

Miracle claims are not acceptable to the true historian

Miracle Dirt of Chimayó or another dirty religious trick?

Miracle of hating sin not sinner

Miracle of priests absolving sins

Miracle of transforming bread & wine into Christ

Miracle preservation of Pope John XXIII? No! Wax!

Miracle, is it what nature cannot do? Is that a good enough understanding?

Miracles and do you have to beg the question to believe?

Miracles and evil is non-thing idea

Miracles and repeatability only the repeatable is credible

Miracles and the burden of evidence

Miracles and the Clear Moral Purpose

Miracles and the notion that evil is misplaced good

Miracles and the problem of true believers

Miracles and the slippery slope the path to further foolishness

Miracles are a set of toxic beliefs

Miracles are anti-dignity for human nature needs defaults respected

Miracles are intrinsically improbable

Miracles are weaponised by the Church as an excuse for division

Miracles as signs? Why are so many of them so weak then?

Miracles can paint over scripture contradictions

Miracles cannot be falsified and why that matters

Miracles do not happen in the way a cat does not have pups

Miracles endorse suffering as if there is not enough

Miracles evidence too hard to assess and it is not for the layperson

Miracles guilty of fraud or error until proven innocent

Miracles have a link with pantheism which says nature is God

Miracles have been shot to death by the silver bullet?

Miracles have to be uncommon

Miracles if they call us sinners that is hate speech

Miracles imply God corrects himself!

Miracles in the light of human psychology

Miracles make us sin more not less

Miracles make you make the miracle the centrepoint

Miracles Put You Off God

Miracles surprisingly challenge Catholic "truth"

Miracles teach lies especially to the most vulnerable

Miracles versus the God who judges

Miraculous drying of clothes at Fatima 1917?

Miraculous Medal visions reported by nun Catherine Laboure

Modern antipopes who claim to be the true pope

Money can buy happiness if you go about it correctly

Monica Besra and how the Vatican used her to fake a miracle

Monotheism or having only one God is bad news

Moral Absolutism lacks practicality and credibility and has slain millions

Moral Absolutism Refuted

Moral agency and the notion that evil is unreal as in a lack

Moral argument for an explicit and clear God?

Moral Argument for Faith is Nonsense

Moral argument for God suffers from the "if" question

Moral Argument for God: nonsense

Moral argument for the existence of God is a crock

Moral argument only points to God but does not prove?

Moral arguments for God forget that morality is not main thing

Moral Case for Abortion Ann Furedi

Moral Conundrums to think about

Moral Neutrality and the evil falls short of good theodicy

Moral standard ad infinitum or has to stop somewhere?

Morality and Socrates and Aquinas

Morality Gap by Lutzer a review

Morality is communication, "You ought not to do this" or is it?

Morality that is just talk is empty morality

Morally, can you get an ought from an is?

More hateful Bible verses from the Christian God

More people need to investigate their Catholic Church

More to loving God than just obeying him

More Tricks, Religion treats provisional testimony as last word

Mortal and venial sin and charity in Catholic doctrine

Moses' Law is made for all nations and peoples

Most Church members are pretenders!

Most of our acts are omissions and are selfish

Mother of Abominations in the Bible, which church is it?

Mother Teresa forced religion on the dying

MP Carol Monaghan goes to the House of Commons with ashes on her head

Mutation could cause of paranormal belief except belief in a good God

My critical facebook comments on the pope

My Freethinking Letters criticising religion

My posts on LGBT teachers in Catholic Schools

Nancy Fowler apparitions of Mary

Narcissism of gay inclusive theology

Natural family planning is a Catholic "duty"

Natural Law and morality and the assumption nature makes morality work

Naturalism and miracles and religion

Naturalism questions and answers

Nature doing bad things shows blaming us for evil not God is nonsense

Nature is evidence and evidence is nature so miracles out!

Nature of belief in the light of faith and religion

Near Death Experiences explored by a Christian book

Need proof to love sinner and accuse them of sin

Negative thoughts are not all bad

Netflix horror movie the Incantation has a religious lesson

Never just assume anybody's intention, especially God's, is good

New Testament does not say Jewish Law abrogated

New Testament is built on and upholds sexism

New Testament is not clear that the Holy Spirit fathered Jesus

New Testament text has marks of being finalised in the second century

Nicholas Humphrey makes some good points about religion

No command from Jesus to love yourself

No country should welcome pope

No depth in "love one another"

No faith unity exists so a Church is just a social construct

No justification for loving God alone

No Proof for God can work!

No reason to think apostle Peter is buried in Rome

No salvation out of the Church is a red flag for that religion

No Unbiased Evidence for Jesus Existence

Nobody ever experiences free will

Nobody makes you unhappy but you

NOMA attempts to keep religion from being examined by science

None of God's business what we believe especially about miracles

Not all Catholics are really Catholic

Not your place to tell sufferers God is lovingly working in them

Noted philosopher on death and why atheism has answers

Notion of faith being a grace has bad implications

Notion of food and drink becoming God is anti-biblical

Notion of secret miracles is deadly

Notion that evil is not real puts thin line between good & bad

Notovitch and the Unknown Life of Jesus

Numbering the errors and untruths of Catholicism is impossible

Objectively evil not to baptise and cleanse a baby or person's soul?

Obnoxious side of Jesus

Obstacles to happiness and why religion is one of them

Old Testament God says Moses's laws are irrevocable

On optimism and exploring the atheist and mature optimism

On testimonies to miracles, how useful are they?

On the book, The Case Against Miracles

On this rock I will build my Church doesn't support pope

Once a Catholic, not always a Catholic

One violation of nature overthrows all natural law

Onkerzele Belgium is a site of supposed apparitions

Only God can make an excuse for creating thought crimes

Only read a few good critics and free yourself from Catholicism

Open Letter calling Seminarians to rethink

Open Letter to Bishop Boyce Raphoe Diocese

Ordaining priests and bishops is a Catholic sacrament

Ordinatio Sacerdotalis says women cannot be ordained

Original sin and how does a new human being get it?

Original Sin is Anti-Social Propaganda

Original sin is dogma of the faith

Other's belief in miracles is not evidence for miracles

Our atheist hope and why we can dream without a god

Our Lady of Beauraing, Golden Heart, Belgium

Our Lady of San Damiano witnessed by disturbed Mama Rosa

Out of body experiences and visions

Out of respect for suffering forsake God and forsake religion

Outside the Roman Catholic Church there is no Salvation

Overall's three arguments against God's existence from miracles

Overview of the violent commands of the Jewish Law

Padre Pio and why was he messing with Carbolic Acid?

Padre Pio exhibits some startling facts

Padre Pio is declared a saint when he was far from a saint

Padre Pio stole St Gemma's writings to pass them off as his own

Padre Pio stretched all credibility

Padre Pio Under Investigation justifies disbelief

Padre Pio was hitting himself and blaming demons

Padre Pio's dubious stigmata in pictures

Padre Pio's fake attempts to hide stigmata

Padre Pio's tricks for luring people into thinking the stigmata was a miracle

Paedophile Priests as a plague within the Catholic Church

Paedophilia is condoned in Roman Catholic Canon Law

Pagan historian Suetonius didn't mention Christ or did he?

Pagan Origin of Christ and were his inventors stealing pagan stories?

Pagan Origin of Roman Catholicism

Pagans prayed to saints too

Pain and how it shows morality is a mask

Palm Sunday a critic of the resurrection speaks

Pantheism asks is everything God?

Papacy is best friend AIDS ever had

Papal infallibility in the Catholic Church

Papal Serpents and do-gooders

Parable of the blind men and the elephant

Pardoning venial sin in confession

Parents don't consent to their baby's baptism properly either!

Pascal was right, religious faith does evil best

Pathetic stupidity of saying religion is just good and about good

Patron Saint of Catholic schools was a patron of paedo clerics

Paul hints Jesus lived in ancient times

Paul Pearsall, The Last Self-Help Book You Will Ever Need

Paul says we no longer know Jesus as a man?

Paul's Letters teach salvation without good works

Pay it back for we should affirm restorative justice

Paying money for masses in the Catholic Church

People can and do die for their religious lies

People cherry pick what sinners to love or hate

People only assume that an event is a miracle

People serve God-belief not God

Perfect Answers a book by the Hare Krishnas

Perhaps we have too much free will?

Perjury the Church's favourite sin

Permission and what it is, does and says

Permission from God to sin is not approval it seems but that is a fiction

Perpetual sin doctrine that as a sinner your good is never properly good

Perseverance of the saints the Calvinist notion that once saved always saved

Personal experience in Christian faith

Personal identity and the trouble that relates to it

Personal responsibility examined

Peter and the lies that he was bishop of Rome

Peter Atkins & the universe from nothing that is nothing

Peter Boghossian on religious faith as a deadly virus

Peter is not buried in the Vaticanus cemetery

Peter never died in Rome and was not buried there

Peter shows that in the 60s AD no gospels were coming

Peter was devoted to a vision claiming to be Jesus not a man Jesus

Peter was never in Rome and so was never pope

Peter was not the bishop of Rome or first pope

Peter's Second Letter and the Papacy

Peter's vision of all food and animals being clean

Petrine privilege and Pauline privilege and Catholic marriage

Philippians 2, does it say Jesus was God?

Philosophers of high calibre Plato and Spinoza on Evil

Philosophy and Christianity and how the latter twists it

Photos of allegedly incorrupt bodies

Pick and Mix Catholicism is offensive to those who hate being lied to

Pick and mix religion is dishonest

Pilate is blamed for nailing Jesus but is this just?

Pilgrimages and what Jesus' attack on the Temple says about it

Pillars of atheism the core outlook

Placebo is a lie and yet the Christian faith is a placebo

Plausibility is not a mark of the Catholic faith

Please don't follow Jesus

Poem of the Man-God by Maria Valtora

Poetry excuse for getting around Bible errors

Pointless suffering argument shows God's love is not real

Polish bishops and those who wish to leave Church

Politicising the Eucharist by banning pro-choice politicians?

Politics and the religious label

Politics of the Mass are underhanded so do not attend

Polygamy where Bible God permits a man to have more than one wife

Pompeii and the worship of Christ

Pope Benedict's Rules on Miracles

Pope demands that clerical abuse be protected and covered up

Pope Francis and Islam and his faux respect

Pope Francis is hero of those who do not hate bigotry enough

Pope Francis, homophobic pope and trans hater

Pope has stolen his office as monarch of the Catholic Church

Pope Honorius is an arch-heretic proving the pope is not infallible

Pope is a Bare-faced Liar

Pope is not a head of state but lies that he is!

Pope John Paul II was a manipulative authoritarian

Pope Leo XIII on how heresy makes you a non-Catholic

Pope Vigilius: Jesus lied if he said popes wouldn't preach heresy

Popes are always ready to lie to you

Pope's claims lack credibility

Popes Formosus and Stephen VII were archenemies!

Popular "morality" exposed

Porniea and is divorce permitted by Jesus for this sin?

Positive thinking is good but surely cautiously optimistic realism is better?

Possibilities don't count and yet religion acts as if they do

Posts and comments refuting religion

Posts on Catholic religious beliefs being bad

Posts on fake visions of Medjugorje

Posts on miracles and the dangers of adhering to them

Potential personhood of foetus arguments and abortion

Prayer and trying it to see if there is a God

Prayer is feeling good about doing nothing

Prayer is the affirmation of hypocrisy

Prayer of petition is pure hypocrisy

Predestination to eternal damnation is clearly conducive to hate

Predominant Egoism says at least 51% of motivation is self-centred

Pregnancy as condition implies a right to abortion

Prejudice against mentally ill

Pre-nuptial agreements show the folly of marriage

Presuppositionalism needs these critical thoughts

Priest as judge who absolves

Priests absolving sins is a dogma of the Catholic Church

Priests and their sacraments block Jesus out

Priests do harm, their rank is not justifiable

Priests forgiving sins is immoral superstition

Priests pretend to have inherited spiritual powers from Jesus

Priests saying, "We are not all child molesters"

Priests supporting IRA murders

Priests use confession, religion and God to interfere in my business

Prince versus Massachusetts Case re Jehovah's Witnesses

Principles and their importance

Private Interpretation of the Bible, mainstay of Lutheranism

Problems with "Extraordinary claims need equally extraordinary evidence"

Problems with a causing b and how it reflects on free will

Professor Lennox's lies in the service of Christianity

Prolife is just Catholic self-righteous hypocrisy

Pro-life people don't worry much about the unborn suffering

Pro-life Teaching supports murder

Proof for existential egoism

Proof from suffering that speaking of God's love is nonsense

Proof that miracle doctrine is callously ideological

Proof that there is no free will and we don't really want it

Prophecy by "God" says the Old Testament law is eternal

Prophecy is the only Sign that God is communicating?

Prophecy refutes the Resurrection of Christ

Proselytism is when a mission is bullying

Protecting people from themselves and the dilemmas

Protestant idea that the Church is spiritual rather than an organisation

Protestants are dishonest about Catholic miracles

Proudly defy God even if he exists

Psychiatry and possession and exorcism

Psychology exposes "love sinner and hate sin" fraud

Purgatory denies that you are saved if you are there

Purgatory doctrine is a Catholic means of trafficking with the dead

Purgatory if true would mean the saints are bad

Purgatory is a Catholic myth

Purgatory is another Catholic doctrine in opposition to its Bible

Put your religion to the test for you owe it to yourself

Putting the lost out of existence instead of sending them to Hell

Pyrrhonism the extreme belief that there is no belief

Quality optimism in a society which wants stupid optimism

Quantity of Catholic homophobia is not enough according to some

Quasi-gods? Does believer and atheist self-deify?

Queer theology is condemned by Christian tradition

Query? A prince of peace trying to stop people liking each other?

Querying Catholic teaching on reconciliation with God - Webster

Querying if Christianity is really a placebo

Querying miracles on basis that they are necessary evils?

Querying the alleged healing power of the sacraments

Querying the Catholic notion of demons needing casting out

Question about a miracle is did it happen not can it happen?

Question about what matters, miracle factuality or significance?

Question All Things for your own protection and growth

Question by Grudem about what Jesus meant by unpardonable sin

Question of divine simplicity is God simple in himself?

question of why something not nothing, why or how?

Question your Catholic faith and do research

Questionable apparition of LaSalette

Questionable sources are used to support 1917 sun "miracle"

Questioners of religion and paranormal should be the billboard

Questioning alarming claims made by Angels woman Lorna Byrne

Questioning Arnold Lunn on Lourdes miracles

Questioning Catholic denial of Bible only with William Webster

Questioning Catholic doctrine will be a learning curve

Questioning CS Lewis on miracles

Questioning if concelebration of Mass is an abuse?

Questioning if the good atheists do is really good

Questioning miracle images leads to seeing they are tricks

Questioning Self-Sacrifice and its alleged high frequency

Questioning that miracles are an exception to nature

Questioning that the father has no right to a say in an abortion

Questioning the Aquarian Gospel

Questioning the canonisation of John XXIII

Questioning the cures of Lourdes

Questioning the debunking of Fatima sun miracle Mark Mallett

Questioning the miracles used to declare John Paul 2 a saint

Questioning the outrageous claims at apparitions of Garabandal

Questioning the shroud and other relics

Questioning the Shroud of Turin

Questioning the shroud rather than debunking

Questioning the truth of religion in general

Questioning the view that Jesus risen was not a hallucination

Questions about the Bible and the afterlife answered

Questions and Answers on absurdity of Creation

Questions on how the Shroud Image was made

Quick facts on the dangers of Garabandal visionaries

Quislings in Christianity get a terrible curse

Quit giving children to religious collective ego systems

Quote showing extremism of Catholic esteem for celibacy

Quotes showing the pope is supposedly the head of the Church

Quoting a special Catholic source on love and hate for sinners

Quoting William Webster's refutations of Catholicism

Rape and abortion and don't force a child to give birth

Raphoe Diocese exhibits problems with clerical sex abuse covered up

Rational Feminism and granting true equality to women

Rationalisation is hypocritical fake reasoning

Ratisbonne mirrors Paul's conversion thus showing Paul is dubious

RC Church manipulates by not telling the whole truth

Reading signs and wonders into coincidences

Reason and the sense that you ought to do moral things

Reason is a tool, a method, not a belief

Reclaiming my only true power: owning myself

Recognition of abortion rights should be forced on religion

Refuting the Roman Catholic faith

Rejecting Catholic claim that universe fine-tuned for us

Relationship between indifference and love sinner and hate sin

Relationship between Jesus' miracles and sinlessness

Relationships after marital breakdown and Christianity

Religion against the doctrine of creation from nothing

Religion and dogma and how they lead to thought "crimes"

Religion and Eternal Damnation

Religion and forced conversion and what it really thinks!

Religion and idolatry are two sides of the one coin

Religion and is it natural to be religious?

Religion and its potential for grave damage to the vulnerable

Religion and its skill of internalising evil

Religion and its subtle warmongering

Religion and killing those who refuse to convert to it

Religion and the "They Are Not All Bad" Excuse

Religion and the banality of evil

Religion and the delight its ego gets from you affirming its nonsense

Religion and treason and its potential and often real treason

Religion as organisation has no justified existence

Religion as placebo? A study

Religion as solidarity, that is how it does evil

Religion distorts morality just as it does history and reason

Religion does not admit how pro-persecution it is

Religion equals rudeness and needs to be told what it is!

Religion gives opinion while science offers facts

Religion harms children and makes irresponsible parents

Religion has a lack of empathy for suffering

Religion has no right to its charitable status

Religion has to lie and gaslight to act like a moderate faith

Religion has to make the biggest problem of evil of all

Religion Hurts by John Bowker attempts to define religion

Religion Hurts by John Bowker on Islamic violence

Religion Hurts, Why religions do harm as well as good by John Bowker

Religion ignores any miracle that contradicts its theology

Religion is a hijacker that tries to steal the best in other systems

Religion is a placebo for human evil

Religion is a plausibility structure and thus gets people to accept nonsense

Religion is a treadmill so it must accept blame for failure in individual members

Religion is about gaining a sense of being in control

Religion is always fundamentalist

Religion is an unsafe space for trans children

Religion is anti-democracy and implicitly pro-censorship

Religion is basically hidden moral relativism

Religion is fanatical superstitious and therefore harmful

Religion is ineffectual against abortion

Religion is not excused by saying, "We all sin"

Religion is obscurantist and deliberately hides many things from us

Religion is politics and rides on the back of political corruption

Religion is victim-shaming nonsense

Religion is violent in spirit if not in action

Religion lies about being a hospital for sinners?

Religion like human nature is conditioned to be soft on much evil

Religion manipulates your weakness for going into denial

Religion opposes freedom of thought!

Religion says atheism has a problem of evil itself

Religion should be sued for falsifying its scriptures

Religion soothes your nasty harmful side

Religion starts wars and will do it again

Religion stops pharmacists doing their job?

Religion subtly schemes to make people violent

Religion takes away your reality check and that is violence

Religion turns some people into terrorists

Religion unifies faith & love to bias towards miracle belief

Religion uses God to excuse the invention of morality

Religion versus Science by Ecklund Sceitle

Religion won't let you look at suffering as it is but cloaks its true nature

Religion's allies should be ashamed for propping up a violent construct

Religious criticism is necessary to expose insincere religious leaders

Religious doctrine undermines the not all bad excuse for bad religion

Religious education is not suited for children

Religious education should not be indoctrination

Religious faith is an unnecessary evil

Religious faith is the enemy of tolerance

Religious faith unlike other faith demands bias

Religious gratitude means affirming evil

Religious groups have infighting unlike secular groups

Religious homophobia kills, Bible neglect of LGBT kills

Religious indoctrination of children is evil

Religious liberalism is so-called faith for the sceptic

Religious morality is not very useful or beneficial

Religious Mystery is Dangerous

Religious opinion is what religion harms people for

Religious opinions always seek to ruin freedom of speech

Religious person risks bringing trauma to others

Religious privilege is often subtle special treatment

Religious privilege, examples of the inequalities it causes

Religious science? An oxymoron?

Religious spin and how to hide the toxic side of faith

Religious structures are violent even if it does not seem so

Religious trauma syndrome

Religious tyrants play on your "need" for God

Religious wars listed and how religion remains a protector of warmongers

Religiously lax religious terrorists remain religious terrorists

Renounce the authority and services of your Catholic priest!

Replies to the notion that the Christian view of God is secretly pantheistic

Reserved sins are sins the priest cannot forgive so you need the bishop

Respect for life sounds good but is peppered with hypocrisy

Respect thy neighbour is not same as love they neighbour

Respecting belief and especially religious or spiritual belief

Respecting beliefs is compatible with challenging them

Respecting religious belief and Catholicism

Resurrection v reincarnation

Retribution is backdoor revenge

Revelation 6 and Christian apostasy

Revelation and the sacraments of the great whore

Revelation says the Super Whore wields occult power

Review of Berg's Six Ways of Atheism

Review of Trent Horn The Case for Catholicism

Reza Aslan wrote Zealot, Jesus was a zealot

Richard Abanes on Tolle book A New Earth and Old Deception

Right to sue those who inflict indoctrination on you?

Risks of the placebo and why its pushers need confronting

Roman but Not Catholic: What Remains at Stake

Roman Catholic annulments are backdoor divorce

Roman Catholic exorcism ritual

Roman Catholic Jesus is the beast of Revelation

Roman Catholic religion does not line up to history or anything

Roman Catholicism and abortion

Roman Catholicism and blaming the baby for Adam's sin

Roman Catholicism and contraception

Roman Catholicism and indoctrination

Roman Catholicism and the illegitimate child

Roman Catholicism and the Sacrament of Matrimony

Roman Catholicism is a deception

Roman Catholicism is from man not God

Roman Church is called whore of Babylon by its Bible!

Roman not Catholic refutes the pope

Romans 1 is a major Bible chapter and summarises the worldview

Rome Rule in Ireland led to a sectarian bloodbath

Rosa Mystica apparitions of Jesus' mother or illusions?

Rubbish advice about sickness!

Ruini Commission Medjugorje

Rule that marriage must be sealed by sex makes marriage silly

Sacrament of baptism is an occult ceremony pretending to be holy

Sacrament of Masturbation!

Sacrament of the Sick is fanatical nonsense

Sacramentals are Catholic forms of white magic

Sacraments are surplus nonsense

Sacraments are what Jesus called "vain worship"

Sacred Heart of Jesus

Saint worship is necromancy which is occult dealing with the dead

Saints are pagan gods if they can see all the secrets in the universe

Saints are the strange gods of the Pope

Saints are weaponised to control God but nobody admits it

Saints can depend on God's power and still be Gods themselves

Saints don't care about people damned in Hell

Saints enjoy their vindictive heaven while sinners burn in Hell

Saints party in Heaven while knowing the damned languish

Saints prayers for us are not rewarded! Demeaning!

Saints should not be prayed to if prayer is a sacrificial offering

Salvation and blessings are a false promise

Salvation by grace alone

Santa Claus and how the Church permits this lie

Saying a religion is generally bad as opposed to calling it just bad

Saying you should stay in religion and change it from within

Scandal of priests and clergy stealing from Sunday collections

Schools are being used to exploit vulnerable minds

Science and miracles, why science rejects the possibility

Scientists in a poll have little confidence in Christian God idea

Scribes and Pharisees as term of abuse

Scriptures Teach All Suffer to the extreme in Hell


Second probation doctrine is excluded by the Bible God

Secrecy around annulments of marriage is a problem

Secularism helps restrain religious extremism

Secularism is inherently implied criticism of religion

Sedevacantism is denying that the Catholic pope is real pope

See that you are not a sinner

Self-confidence is what you need not faith-confidence

Self-deception is the nourishment of religion

Self-esteem and religious faith particularly Catholic faith

Self-improvement through erotica

Selflessness as a principle turns choosing happiness into sin

Self-motivation is an atheist work in progress

September 11th 2001 and religion

Sequence theory of how prayer works

Serenity asking "to accept the things I cannot change"

Serious sin leads to you hating those who tempt you

Setting the Sermon on the Mount against Jewish law is wrong

Seven Deadly Sins are natural traits not sins

Sex outside Marriage is not a Sin

Sex Priests Sexual Abuse Catholicism

Sharing the experience! Don't hide liberating power of atheism

Should Catholics and Christians bar gays from their b & bs?

Should gay men opt for a Catholic funeral?

Should I get baby baptised? No!

Should LGBT+ call for religion to be tolerant of it or reject religion?

Should we just assume God is the neatest explanation and thus real?

Should we talk about extremists or absolutists? It's in the word!

Show the oppressive God belief the door!

Silly Messages of Medjugorje

Sims useless approach to religious mania

Sin and the meaning of life

Sin as crime before God and often man as well

Sin is a vindictive concept

Sin is the greatest evil? The RC Church says yes!

Sin of Sexual Fantasy

Sin to love somebody entirely

Sin to make sinners happy?

Sin to see through love sinner and hate sin

Sinners can't give sacraments

Sinners forbidden to be good!

Sinners should receive communion

Situation ethics abuses the Bible to make its case

Situation ethics says we should break moral rules for love

Six harms of Christianity

Six Ways of Atheism that show it to be the wisest option

Size does not make a religion probably true

Skeptical theism is claiming an evil happening shows it fits God's love

Skepticism of Magic Paranormal in Photos

Skilled interpreters of the Bible know its teaching is anti-gay

Slavery in God's word the Bible!

Slow burner evil, religions are about non-war not peace,

So-called gospel affirms the brutality of its God's Old Testament

Society lies you are more responsible for harm than you are

Sodom Gomorrah and a look at the sin of gay sex

Solar miracle at Fatima and the photos

Solar miracle at Fatima or solar phenomenon?

Somatoparaphrenia is behind the notion that you are a spiritual soul

Some Catholic arguments for incorrupt bodies being miracles

Some lies told by the Catholic faith

Some of Jesus Mythicist Earl Doherty's thoughts

Some religions oppose the not all bad line of thinking

Some thoughts from Lindsay's book, Everybody is wrong about God

Something being good is not enough for religion

St Augustine of Hippo condoned god evil

St Bernadette of Lourdes and her visions

St Gemma Galgani "Stigmatist"

St Januarius and the magic blood that turns to liquid

St John Bosco is a fake saint and bigot

St Saul book, did Paul think he had a vision establishing the eucharist?

St Seraphim matches Catholic saints for miracles and they dismiss him

Stigmata replicated? Dr Lechler

Studies showing religion is a potential and actual mental problem

Stupidity makes barriers so the word must go...

Subliminal or subconscious magical belief

Suffering is random and thus comfort from God is no comfort

Suffering when understood correctly cannot be training from God

Suicide and religion and why suicide and self-destruction are different

Summary of the Case for Humanism

Summary of why baby baptism is mere exploitation

Sunday the Lord's Day and Bible teaching

Superiority/Inferiority Complex

Supernatural faith of Catholics? Is faith implanted by God?

Superstition degrades people and truth and reason

Support pro-choice legislation

Supreme value of human life

Switching from love to hate isn't loving sinner, hating sin

Systematic theology critically reviewed

Take accreditation away from religious indoctrination

Taking a look at the divorce law in the Book of Deuteronomy

Taking away fear drives religious terrorist activity

Target baptism to bring the Church down

Telling somebody you're praying for them

Telling the difference between right and wrong

Ten Commandments explained

Testimony to miracles is insufficient

Testing the fruits of visions and today's "prophets"

Tests claim there is somebody appearing at Medjugorje

Tests done on Medjugorje "visionaries" are unconvincing

Tests done on Medjugorje visions are cosmetic

Thanks to Lucia, Fatima became a legend

The "prophecy" that Jesus' bones would not be broken

The "sin" of masturbation

The abomination of desolation could mean Jesus or the Mass or both?

The ally of the fanatic is worse or as bad

The Antidote book warns against toxic positive thinking

The apparition of Mary at Pontmain France

The appearances of the Virgin Mary Medjugorje are nonsense

The atheist and the sacred

The atheist has the most mature approach to suffering

The author of the John Gospel in tradition

The baffling support religion gets even from critics

The baptismal character or the notion that it marks you for God

The bare essentials of atheism

The Be not Afraid message of Jesus erases real concerns

The Bible claims to be verbally inspired by God, godbreathed

The Bible God requires lighter judgment when a Christian does evil

The Bible is a palliative for the conscience of the paedophile

The Bible is often snuff porn

The Bible is too disinterested in whether Jesus rose bodily

The Bible, and by extension faith, was & is a murder weapon

The Birds being Silent at Medjugorje

The bizarre doctrine that God is beauty

The blasphemy of "solving" problem of evil

The blasphemy of the Catholic Mass

The blood and gore of animal sacrifice in the Bible is still in force

The Blood of Jesus does not forgive sin

The book Everybody is Wrong about God

The Book of Baruch is another dubious book that God supposedly wrote

The Book of Genesis says that religious murder is a law for all

The book of Leviticus on homosexuality

The bungled commission that authenticated Fatima

The Burden of Proof and the claim your faith is supernatural

The case against full apostasy in Christianity

The case for allegory in the Bible and the risks of allegory

The Case for Easter, does it show us Jesus probably rose?

The Catholic case for venial sin being biblical fails

The Catholic catechism on faith, how dangerous faith is

The Catholic mass is based on an error called reification

The Catholic priests ruined Ireland

The Christian doctrine of original sin is the original slur

The Christian lie that God loves the damned exposed

The Church and the visions of Garabandal

The Church is called the flesh of Jesus not bread

The Church on euthanasia and the gross hypocrisy

The Church pretends not to judge those who cohabitate

The Church shames itself in 2001

The comfort religion gives has a bad side

The cynical act of baptising babies

The danger of religion arising from how it thrives on misinterpretation

The dangerous marriage between placebo and faith healing

The Deeper Questions and how to think about them

The defending of blame in a culture that hates being blamed

The difference between absolutists and legalists

The disobedience of the vision of Medjugorje

The doctrine of a mystery God leads to dogmatic legalism

The doctrine of the damned stirs religious hate

The doctrine that a woman's uterus is not for her but her baby

The doctrine that even God venerates the saints!

The doctrine that God always deals with sin is a lie

The doctrine that nature is permitted by God to go its own way

The early Christians in their duplicity got their stories straight

The ecstasies of Medjugorje during "visions"

The end goal of atheistic humanism

The Enigma of Medjugorje 1999

The Error that Jesus is God

The essential deadly sin, Pride

The eunuch in Acts 8 was not treated as an equal

The Euthrypho Dilemma asks is morality from God or not?

The evil of marriage and how nobody can really own you

The experience of evil is real even if evil is not

The experts on God as projection

The feeling of being loved by God is your real God not God

The flimsy case against Hitler being Christian

The foundations for praying to Jesus in tradition are not solid

The Gerasenes Demoniac and Legion, Mark 5

The God of the Christians has no free will!

The God role is played by your subconscious mind!

The Godless Delusion A Catholic Challenge to Modern Atheism

The gospel of atheism and animal rights

The gospel of atheism on being fair

The gospel of atheism on how gossip is a plague

The gospel of atheism on lying and stealing

The gospel of atheism on proper relationship of church and state

The gospel of atheism on the need for social regulation

The gospel of atheism on the value of education

The gospel of atheism on value on human life

The gospel of atheism on ways of being complicit in society's evil

The gospel of atheism on why you must not expect too much

The gospels turn the women at the tomb into hearsay not witnesses

The hate doctrine of exclusive salvation

The hated papal heretic, Pope Honorius

The hell doctrine forces people to hate

The Heresy of Infant Baptism

The heresy of Proportionalism

The Holy Mass is to blame for access to children by paedo priests

The homosexual who is active in the Catholic Church

The honouring the saint is honouring God argument refuted

The horrors of sacramental marriage

The horrors of stamping a religious label on a baby

The idea of a personal God is nonsense

The idea of an all-powerful God can be about you wanting to believe he has this power

The idea that you only reject what you think the Church is

The idol of Mary Mother of God

The Immaculate Conception of Mary is Anti-scriptural

The Immaculate Conception of Mary Jesus' mother

The Implications of Psychological Egoism

The importance of evidence and why probability not possibility is what counts

The Infallible Church is fallible!

The infinite weakness objection to Hell

The insincerity of the pope

The irony when Christians condemn blasphemy!

The Key to Transcendence for an Atheist

The law and religious incitement to hate

The law of Moses is splattered with fanaticism and blood

The leap of faith so should we jump before we look?

The legend of Jesus being incubated in a Virgin

The letter of Jude advocates hate

The lie that Mary consented to get pregnant

The lies about the 1917 visions of Mary at Fatima

The lies surrounding Medjugorje claims

The link between science and religious faith is non-existent

The love sinner hate sin delusion

The lying genealogies of Jesus Christ

The magic bleach is claimed by some to be the cure-all

The Mass and reason and why its claims are foolish

The Mass has to be spiritually ineffective

The Medjugorje Deception by E Michael Jones

The Medjugorje story by Hector Avalos

The morals of what you think about others and they you

The Myth of Persecution by Candida Moss

The myth of Peter and Paul's martyrdoms

The New Testament Documents by FF Bruce

The New Testament word arsenokoitai is anti-gay

The notion of God speaking through prophets is mistaken

The notion of just war means holy war if you believe in God

The notion that we are always tainted by sin is evil

The other apparitions of Lourdes Marian shrine

The Papal Antichrist

The papal schism over Urban VI proves Catholicism a false religion

The papal system is invalid and is a social construct

The paradox of blind faith, your faith in yourself is not blind!

The Perils of Prayer showing how it is not harmless

The placebo effect and why it needs extreme caution

The pope changes catechism to ban capital punishment

The pope is not a true friend of the family

The Pope is not the Vicar of Christ and neither was Peter!!

The popes have been wilful liars??

The possibility of demons having supported Jesus' display of magical power

The pressure put on the Christian martyrs by faith

The problem of knowledge

The rationale for banning public sinners from communion

The real foundation of Catholicism is a fanciful interpretation of John 3:5

The relationship between law and morality

The religious label and the trouble it brings

The religious scepticism of Hume is valid and commonsense

The religious text has a unique power to cause violence

The resurrection visions seem to be of somebody pretending to be Jesus

The Rich Man & Lazarus Story looked at by a scholar

The Rosary is a late Catholic gimmick

The rudeness of suggesting there is a God

The sacraments in the Case for Catholicism by Trent Horn

The Saint-Medard miracles that nobody wants to believe in

The Samson tale refutes Bible reliability

The Santo miracle & Fatima's saints-to-be

The Secret of Our Lady of LaSalette

The secret of religion is the fallacy of misreading causation

The Secrets of Our Lady of La Salette

The secular state cannot protect religious ideas with blasphemy laws

The secular state will struggle with religious conscience clauses

The selfishness of sex in Catholic marriage

The seven hills that the Great Whore is enthroned on

The sin doctrine hardwires people to hate others

The sin of sodomy or homosexuality and the Bible hate for gays

The sobriety argument for Gospel reliability

The sophistry of saying evil is good in the wrong place

The stigmata is evidence against miracles as signs from God

The stigmata of Louise Lateau

The straitjacket of consistency for a Catholic

The subconscious is the only god you ever need

The superstition that holy souls in Purgatory are helpless

The ten commandments examined

The terrible argument that natural evil is irrelevant to the God question

The Third Secret of Fatima supposedly given by Jesus' mother

The True Christian sees sin in everything!

The two ways God "permits" evil are appalling

The uneducated and spiritually immature witnesses

The universe as an accident? God theory doesn't rule that out

The universe is becoming un-"designed"!!!

The Vatileaks scandal

The vision of Medjugorje cannot teach credible religion

The woman of the Book of Revelation

The words of Jesus at Last Supper refute the Mass

The Zeitoun "Apparitions" when thousands saw Mary

Theo Hobson, his unfair view of atheist values in his God Created Humanism

Theologian argues for God and the soul

Theology of the body versus birth control

Theology of the Inquisition, it had to happen

There are religious conspiracies surrounding miracles

There is no God so be your own God

There is no natural evil if there is a God!

There is no need for sex to be limited to marriage

Thief and liar and god of the Christians!

Things that are nice to believe

Thinking about homophobia and its religious aspects

Thinking about those who try to make evil real, like a force

Thomas fails to witness to Jesus being risen

Those in Heaven enjoy the suffering of those in Hell

Those who say Vatican II popes are not popes

Thoughts on abortion and its validity as a human right

Thoughts on blasphemy laws

Thoughts on Darwinism in politics

Thoughts on egoism

Thoughts on evil being absence of good

Thoughts on existentialism

Thoughts on God's pronouns and gender

Thoughts on miracles being spiritually useless

Thoughts on religion forcing conversion on people

Thoughts on slander

Thoughts on the ontological argument

Threats to self-esteem and its healthiness

Three gods in one God

Three Gods? Is that a viable theory?

Three persons in one God the Trinity is a contradiction

Three Popes at once during the Great Western Schism

Ticking a religion on the census gives assent to its policies being law

Ticking Catholic in the census

Tilma, the miracle picture of Mary is of human origin

Timothy Keller, Christian warns about the dangers of identity

Tips for Mental Health: an atheist view!

To a Catholic convert

To accuse a doubter of sin or possible sin is slander

To be religious is to be prejudiced

To like the sinner you must like the sin!

To love everybody results in loving nobody

To understand all is to forgive all

To women contemplating a termination

Today Christian supporters of religious murder

Tolerance has a bad passive-aggressive side

Tolerance is not the heartwarming friendly thing it says it is

Top Christians applaud Hell torments

Top thinkers and theologians on the subject of miracles

Top thinkers deny "The exception proves the rule"

Torment of loving sinner and hating sin

Total inability to turn to God? A classic Protestant idea

Toxic beliefs in religion

Tradition as the interpreter of the Bible

Tradition does not support baptising babies

Tradition does not support the sacrament of penance

Tradition v. notion of Catholic mass as sacrifice

Traditional Catholics say John Paul II's canonisations are defective

Trans should be affirmed, affirming is part of their healthcare

Transcendent and is it as important to us as religion says?

Transgenderism and autism

Transgenderism and narcissism

Transubstantiation and other Catholic errors and untruths

Transubstantiation is it possible even if it does not happen?

Trefontane predictably managed a "miracle" of the sun too like Fatima

Tripe book "God created humanism" does not know what Christianity is

True believer syndrome and how it makes your focus too narrow

True Church claim is Arrogant!

True for me is a polite way of saying, "I'm lazy and selfish"

Trust is betrayed when the Church paints you with original sin

Truth about modern bibles and fraudulent translations

Truths about Fatima 1917 visions are half-truths

Trying to prove a negative is still worth trying

Twenty Arguments for Atheism by Peter Kreeft

Two Lourdes Miracles examined and shown to be explainable

Ultimate truth or theorems of atheistic humanism

Unceasing punishment in Hell is in the Bible

Unceasing torment in Hell is a Cruel Lie!

Unconditional love, like God is another universal lie

Underneath the denials, does Church think sexual sin is worst?

Understanding the human creation of Catholicism

United Nations needs to cut all links with the Vatican

Unity in Christianity will never come to pass

Universally preferable behaviour may be a rational basis for morality?

Univocal language about God shows you adore fantasy versions

Unlikely legends happen and the resurrection of Jesus is one of them

Unmasking religion's doctrine of ultimate good

Unpacking the "not all bad" statement on religion

Unrighteousness or sin is a condition

Untestable beliefs lead to oppression

Use satire to change the minds of the religious

Using a religious crutch is bad

Using love for sinners as a placebo for letting evil take root

Using reason correctly means protecting yourself correctly

Using the falsification principle to undermine religious claims

Using the good fruits test of Jesus

Ustashi was a latter day Catholic killing machine

Vain doctrines and vain rites and a vain Church

Validating anybody's baptism and its implications is wrong

Validity of ordination to the priesthood

Values around the end of life, abortion, euthanasia

Vassula Ryden, Jesus' spirit medium

Vatican 2 and heresy

Vatican 2, On Religious Liberty

Vatican Embassies need to be shut down!

Vatican guilty of unholy compassion for clerical child abusers

Veneration of the saints is unbiblical

Venial sin is a core Catholic doctrine that is versus the Bible

Venial sin is an inconsistent Catholic concept

Verbal scriptural inspiration was part of Jesus' culture

Verbally Inspired Bible which says God choose even the words

Veridical hallucinations might explain risen Jesus visions

Verification Principle works against unverified paradox

Veto the notion of damned children in Hell

Vicarious reparation for sinners in Catholicism

Vice of ignoring science to listen to religious nonsense

Vicious notion that intention is all that counts or mostly counts

Vicka at Medjugorje nearly poked in the eye!

Victimless crimes and sins do they really happen?

Victor Stenger refutes marriage of science and religion

Vindication, the origin of evil verifies atheism

Vindictive Side of the Catholic Mass

Violent Religion and Inherently Violent Religion

Violent scriptures must not be excused with, "It is a matter of interpretation"

Violinist argument for abortion

Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus, a critical look

Virgin of Revelation allegedly appears at Trefontane

Virgin of the Poor "appears" at Banneux

Virgin-Birth of Jesus is a Fairy-Tale

Virtue of pride and how there is a good way to be self-important

Visions and their alleged physical impact

Visions from Heaven are modern day myth making and lies

Visions of Mary of LaSalette another pious delusion/hoax

Visions on Demand Video exposes Medjugorje fraud

Visit of Pope Francis to Ireland 2018

Vitandus declares the Catholic invisible and an exile

Vitandus excommunication from the Catholic Church

Vlasic Medjugorje's unreliable priest and his invisible friend

Voluntarism is when God is given the right to invent morality

Voluntarism, a better idea than free will?

Voluntary? Confirmation is when you take full Church membership

Vulnerable people being baptised is terrible

Wake up about the good fruits argument for Medjugorje

Wanting a daddy God is immature and toxic

Was "miracle of the sun" at Fatima the "illusion of the sun" rather?

Was "this rock" the rock Jesus and Peter were standing on?

Was a Roman soldier Jesus' real father?

Was Constance Lamerliere the La Salette Virgin?

Was early Christianity a socially-deviant movement and thus plausible?

Was it a ghost story about Jesus that started the resurrection tale?

Was Jesus a Homosexual? Yes!

Was Jesus' burial a hoax?

Was Jesus left on cross to be eaten by dogs?

Was Jesus possessed by the Devil?

Was Jesus sentenced to death by God for our sins?

Was Padre Pio suspected of sexual abuse?

Was the Resurrection a Legend?

Was there an impostor at La Salette pretending to be Mary?

Water baptism is a cynical membership scam

Water baptism is not taught in John 3

Water is not the sole meaning of baptism in the Bible

Waxwork, St Bernadette of Lourdes is not a incorrupt corpse

We are all givers and we all give something

We are egoists therefore miracles are false

We are natural evil just as much as plagues are

We cannot defend Catholic truth claims

We would know all if there is a God

Wealth of the visionaries of Medjugorje

Webster shows the sacrifice of the Mass is a new invention

Wedlock, is it holy? It is patriarchial foolery

Weil versus the hateful God of power

Welcome to The Chance to Transform YOUR Life without God belief!

Were Jesus' miracles myths?

Were Peter and Paul enemies?

Western Schism shows papacy is not from God or approved by him

What about baptising children into both Protestant and Catholic Church?

What about the ethics/desirability of God forcing repentance on sinners?

What about the idea of God being untrustworthy in things?

What baptism of the dead says about baby baptism

What city is meant by Babylon in the Bible? Jerusalem? Rome?

What did science learn about the Medjugorje "visions"?

What does Jesus mean by Gehenna in the Mark gospel?

What does love sinner hate sin mean?

What does the New Testament mean by baptised?

What if evil has no purpose but just has to give way to good?

What if Evil is versus God not God versus evil?

What if God is hallucinating that he is God or can give us orders?

What if violent or formerly violent religion is most convincing?

What is a sacrament? Is it an excuse for forming a social political entity?

What is asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence

What is done is done and thinking about this as a lesson

What is forgiveness? Is religious forgiveness real?

What is Free Will?

What is idolatry?

What is love? It is complicated for not all love is good

What is meant by hellfire? God's love? A real fire?

What is really forgiving and what is faking it?

What is religion? Defining religion.

What is sin?

What is spirituality?

What is the Holy See doing with an embassy?

What is the mark of the whore of Babylon?

What is the safest religion to follow?

What is Violence?

What is wrong about holding there is a Purgatory?

What is wrong with being a member of a dodgy or erring religion?

What is wrong with love neighbour as oneself?

What is wrong with the notion of "lesser of two evils"?

What political correctness should be!

What the Church says about the time there were two rival popes

What we do is not God's concern

What's so terrible about morality based on authority?

What's the real truth about the "miracle" of consciousness?

When a change is not a change! bread and wine turning into Jesus!

When atheists claimed to be brights

When capital punishment is euthanasia

When Catholicism endorses separation between spouses

When Catholicism was anti-ecumenical!

When Christians say they can defend the faith with apologetics

When Doctors Recommend Religious Faith!

When faced with magic claims, here is how to detect baloney

When faith is just lazy and an excuse to avoid learning

When Fatima visionary Lucia's memoirs show her lies

When God believers care more about predictability than babies suffering

When is a leap in the dark rational?

When it looks like baptism has an occult effect on child

When Jesus said gnaw my flesh in John 6

When Jesus said he and God the Father were one

When Jesus said the flesh is useless for giving life

When Jesus told his listeners they would see him return in glory

When leaders get blamed for a religion being evil

When miracle witnesses lie

When miracles held to be merely possible by believers

When one parent objects to the baptism of their child

When Paul was told a spirit or angel not Jesus appeared to him

When people say their religion will change for the better

When philosophers argue for guesses instead of reasoning

When religion does science itself but silences it if does not like what it says

When religion has had a violent history

When religious dogma is put before people

When sin or evil or immorality is seen as nearly good

When the Bible says its antichrist to say Jesus didn't come in flesh

When the Church turns romance into a sort of sin

When the law gives exemptions for your deeply held beliefs

When we won't change beliefs

When you need a crutch to get through life, what is the minimum?

Where is God? Why is he acting like he is hiding?

Where religion is concerned I should be out out OUT!

Who am I to judge?, Pope Francis

Who has the worst problem with evil? The Atheist or the Christian?

Who says the supernatural isn't mechanistic?

Who was the mother to be in Isaiah? Was it Mary?

Why "God does not make mistakes" is potentially toxic

Why a sensible attitude is everything, everything!

Why a young child's consent to trans healthcare is valid

Why assume psychological egoism is true?

Why at most it was a deceiving occult spirit that Bernadette saw at Lourdes

Why be very cautious with tolerance?

Why belief in evil says it is inexcusable so there's no place for understanding

Why Care what Others Believe?

Why Catholicism claims to be the complete religious truth

Why choice and pride are inseparable

Why Christians have no right to say no evil refutes God

Why claiming healing powers is pride

Why consider faith that is not nodding to evidence to be a vice?

Why do evil people try to hide their evil and justify it?

Why even if saints should not be idols we will make them ones

Why exorcists are abusers

Why free will cannot be celebrated!

Why go public on your departure from and dissociation from the Church

Why God believers have to persecute atheists

Why having scriptures, especially cruel ones, needs a reprimand

Why Holy See should close its embassies

Why I can't tell if I see miracles

Why I would not serve God

Why is apostasy such a serious sin in Christianity?

Why is Christianity so prone to schism?

Why is evil self-defeating? God must be involved in it

Why is religion such effective oil for the hinge of hate?

Why is the eternal Hell doctrine almost a staple in the religious menu?

Why is there nothing rather than something?

Why it is bad to believe in revelation

Why it is inhuman to condone God's often cruel plan

Why it is not a sin to hate when forced according to the Church

Why Letterkenny Hospital Chapel Closure is right

Why Medjugorje visions are a hoax?

Why merely assuming God exists is irresponsible

Why one good historian is more valid than a Church opinion

Why or why not? Love sinner, hate sin?

Why People Hate Hypocrites unveils a shocking truth!

Why persecuting others is wrong

Why prayer is socially applauded vanity

Why prayer offends against decency

Why Principles? You cannot be who you are without them

Why protest against dangerous religions?

Why proving some of Jesus' miracles is not enough

Why religion loves the intelligent design science theory

Why religion saying love is voluntary is problematic

Why Religious Faith is Insincere

Why religious frauds get away with it

Why religious freedom is no excuse for denying recognition to a same sex marriage

Why rethink being Catholic and letting the Church into schools

Why saying everything happens for a reason is shameful

Why saying somebody is a sinner means your love is not real

Why something & not nothing question in the light of suffering/evil?

Why something not nothing? Is it about a verb or noun?

Why something, not nothing implies everything needed

Why suffering is a religious experience countering God

Why the Holy Spirit notion is so offensive

Why the idea of god's grace leads to discrimination or should

Why the Old Testament is not the word of God

Why the permissive will of God doctrine is a smokescreen

Why the Virgin Mary would not be a mass goer

Why there is danger and irresponsibility in the afterlife doctrine

Why those affirming exorcism may be mentally disturbed

Why transmen/transwomen references risk abusing people

Why unbelievers should not have Church wedding?

Why you need to be in a virtual world if there is a God

Why you should ask the record of your parish to remove you?

William Webster shows Mass is not in Catholic tradition

Wisdom opposes doctrine that God trains us with evil

Wisdom should be in the New Testament and why not?

Wishing Churches would get their Own House in Order first

Woman who committed adultery is hated by Jesus

Women Priests in the Catholic Church, the arguments

World means secular and God supposedly hates it

WWJD or What would Jesus do?

You are your truth so be true to truth

You can sincerely do great evil

You cannot choose Catholicism for your baby at baptism

You cannot validate valid morality or use God as a prop to do it

You don't feel your free will!

You have a will but it is not free in the religious sense

You have no right to theorise about God's cruel plan

You have to be strident on Christian psychological harm to children

You just need to see your worth

You need to admit that God promotes capital punishment

You need to realise that religious untruths lead to harms for you

Your Bible God commands the death penalty

Your child is too good for baptism!

Your Christian faith claims that your Bible is a miracle!

Your religion is selfish and boastful in saying you've free will

Zanic letter against the Medjugorje scam

Zanic Sermon against the Medjugorje visions scam

Zeal for sex hating is an outcome of belief in God

Zeal for Torah is hated by Christians and is an antisemitic symptom

Zeal is wasted on religion and revelation but not on science

Zenlike: Meditation is for atheists and humanists too!!

Zeno and life after death

Zero chance of God being a creator

Zoning in how narcissism is the real attractant to seekers of God

Zoning in on how in Christianity it is even a sin to love yourself!

Zoning in on the credibility of the Apparitions of Emmitsburg

Zoning in the problems with Jesus', By their fruits you will know them






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