Accusing a person of an evil that they have never done is slander. All world religions do this without exception mainly through their teaching of free will. They say we have free will and are guilty of what we do wrong. If we are not free, we are not to be blamed or condemned.
It is no answer to say we feel free so we are free.  Animals look as if they have free will and they feel free. They prove they feel free by the way they hate their freedom restricted. And nobody believes they have free will. 
We could be programmed to feel free and not be aware that we are programmed all the time. And indeed it makes sense that we feel free even if we are not. And if the feeling is not inherent we certainly develop it. It is wrong to accuse people of free will over faith because religion should be made for people not religion for people. It's not faith that justifies such an accusation, it is evidence and there is none.

Subjectively, lying is saying what you believe or know is not the truth. Objectively, lying is saying what is not true whether you realise that or not.
If God exists then he is the perfect good. Therefore the truth that he exists is the most sacred truth there is. It is more important to know that than to know or do anything else. Nobody is comfortable with such a doctrine for we deep down all believe that the truth about antibiotics saving lives is more important.
If truth is so important where God is concerned, then to lie would be to attack truth and the principle of telling the truth. To lie would be to insult and harm the most sacred truth. If you ever allow lying, you lose the right to ever forbid it. If you oppose truth you cannot complain if somebody opposes truths you wouldn't oppose. So, all lying, passive (when you let people get the wrong idea) and active is ungodly. This shows the complete undesirability of even saying there might be a God for then you would be expected to act as if there were one, just in case.
Religion says there is no trace of deceit in God for he is perfect good. And because of his power, he never needs to lie. To be like him, we must be truthful in all things. He never can approve of our lies for he never lies himself.
It is odd that God can create a disease that kills a baby and cannot lie. Why is the disease seen as part of God's loving plan and something he sadly has to create because we have made an evil world by abusing his gift of free will? If he has to do this to the baby, why can't he be forced to lie even a little? He values the truth more than the life of a baby.
The notion of a God who doesn't lie is really about religion trying to tell you it speaks for him with his authority and that his teachings cannot be mistaken. It is trying to get authority for itself as the messenger of God.
Believers in God have to claim to have the right to persecute those who differ from them because they don't respect truth. Their targets might not realise they are working against the truth or ignoring it but they are. The amount of blood shed for God is unbelievable and sickening. No wonder.
The Bible teaches that even clever lies to people - who will never find out - to make converts of them to Jesus Christ and save them are sinful. Romans 3:7,8 condemns people who lie to glorify God though it means making sure they will be saved by lying to them when one can get away with it. It says that we can’t do evil so that good may come. If we obey this lying ban we will have no friends and cause the Third World War.


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