Bible sacrifice regulations would poison a diseased mind

Judaism follows the Law of Moses which is in the first five books of the Bible.  Christianity claims continuity for Judaism and so cannot dissociate itself from this.  Both faiths today applaud the evil in the Law in retrospect.  Even liberals read the evil rubbish with respect and reverence during public worship.  Bibles are even given to children despite the sick content.

 Those books endorse the torture and murder of apostates from God’s religion, homosexuals and kidnappers to name but a few categories. These killings are senseless therefore the killings are really about human sacrifice. Unnecessary killing in the name of God is really human sacrifice no matter if it is called execution or not.

Pope John Paul II forbade capital punishment except in extreme circumstances though tradition and the Bible, the voices of God according to the Church, command that it be deployed more than that. Catholics say that he is not saying capital punishment is wrong full stop but only that it is not often necessary today and the Bible regulations are only meant to be carried out if the Church runs the state which it does not. The capital laws of the Bible were never necessary and God could not object to Christians using the state to kill people their God wants dead like heretics, homosexuals and adulterers. For him to object now, would be the same as saying he was wrong to go so far. If killing those people was right then, then it is always right. The pope is both condoning the crime of capital punishment and saying he does not – another crime. The Catholic view that capital punishment was encouraged by God to protect the state and its members is misleading because the Bible laws could have done that without commanding the killing of those people and also because the Bible says these killings are punishment. Now could they be punishment if you need them to protect others? That would not be punishment but self-defence. The laws of the Bible had nothing to do with protecting but about showing the people who was boss, God and about God getting his own back on those who ignored his law.

In Genesis 22, human sacrifice is declared not to be intrinsically immoral in the sight of God. God tells Abraham to take his son, Isaac, up Mount Moriah and offer him up as a burnt offering. A burnt offering is killed first by having its throat cut and then it is cooked and often eaten in a communion rite. Abraham obeyed God and when he had drawn out his knife to kill the boy, God’s messenger came to tell him not to do it for God had not been serious. So God had lied in telling Abraham that he wanted Abraham to kill the boy. But at the same time his command shows that he approves of human sacrifice for Genesis regards God as good and therefore unable to command immorality.

These things are not good if somebody has a healthy mind.  They have to disease it a bit.  They are very dangerous for somebody with a diseased mind.  While it may be sick if somebody only likes gory things on television and cannot get enough, religious sickness is a sickness on its own.


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