Incredibly many liars argue that the Bible God can fit the practice of homosexuality by saying that the word homosexual was only made in the 1800's.  The desperation and stupidity of such a position is horrible. It is disturbing how stupid some activists think people are.

The Bible condemns man man sexual activity.  The Bible condemns woman woman sexual activity.  The persons or their love is not condemned but the sex is considered to be a grave rebellion against what wants.  This presumes that God planned man and woman to be for the best.  It fits the Bible claim that God's ways are his ways not ours.  It fits the Bible claim that God made us so he has the final say.  The New Testament argues that Jesus bought us with his blood so our bodies are his.

The Bible would have used the word homosexual if it had it so we will use it.

Man man sex and woman woman sex is is condemned in the Bible despite attempts to cover this up with interpretations that are not straightforward. For example, some say that the apostle Paul in Romans 1 condemns people who are homosexual against their nature. But it can be read as saying people bring their homosexuality on themselves. That is the simplest interpretation. And if it was not a sin to engage in sexual activity with a member of the same sex, surely it would not be a big deal if a straight man had gay sex. Paul wrote to Corinth which like today was sexually lax. He ordered that a man must be handed over to Satan and cursed and expelled from the Church because he was living in a sexual relationship with his step-mother. That was not incest or disgusting. It was heterosexual. Yet it provoked such an extreme anger from Paul that he had to persecute this man in a public letter. Anyone who imagines Paul would have been kinder towards homosexuals is deceiving himself. No his condemnation would be even more virulent.
The Bible God says that a man that lies with a man as with a woman they must be put to death in Leviticus 20:13. It is taken to be a condemnation of sodomy. It is more than that. A man can lie with a woman sexually without having intercourse with her. Intercourse doesn’t have to necessarily happen with a man and wife all the time. They might engage in other forms of sexual activity. So any sexual activity between two men - eg kissing and masturbation for example - is to be punished as a horrendous abomination. The Bible God also says that their barbaric execution is their own fault “their blood will be upon them”. So it is what they justly deserve. The Christian must believe that homosexuality even when monogamous and no harm but only happiness ensues is extremely evil. That is bigotry and going too far and no amount of pretending to love homosexuals can mask that. God says then that all his commands about killing homosexuals and stuff must be obeyed so that the people will not be vomited out of Israel and they must be holy as he is holy. God was willing to put the nation out of the land he gave them if they tolerated homosexuals showing how abhorrent the sin is. So the killing of homosexuals is holy, it is God’s nature, it is not something God is forced to allow against his nature (Leviticus 20:22-27). To promote the Bible as the word of God is incitement to hatred and not just against homosexuals.
Jesus said that sex was only right in a marriage between one man and his one wife that was meant to last for life. It is not true that he had nothing to say about homosexuality. He didn't even allow you to marry a divorced woman so how could he let a man marry a man? To honour Jesus as God or as a quintessential role model is simply implicit, ignorant and indirect homophobia and is encouraging others to be as bad as yourself.
Protestantism teaches that the Bible is the only authority in faith and morals and that the Christian has to interpret it for himself with the help of the Holy Spirit. Clearly this implies that if one reads about the holy murder commanded in the Bible by God and feels they must stone gay people to death or settle for beating them up then they must be given the right to do it.
The Catholic Church says that sex outside marriage, whether homosexual or not, is always a sin - it is absolutely (ie always) wrong. It says we must always let the person know we do not like it or approve. For example, you don't let them have sex in your house. You speak up for heterosexual marriage and keeping sex confined to it. You don't congratulate gay people for being in a relationship. The Church says that if you really love a person you will not respect their sinful choices. Thus true Christians will fight to stop sex outside straight marriage ever being legally tolerated.


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