Jesus Christ, the assumed founder of Christianity, is believed by that religion to be more than just a prophet of God but God himself. Because he was God, Jesus knew all things and could see events in the future before they happened.

In his lifetime, Jesus says that there are some standing in front of him who will not pass away until they see the kingdom of God established in power (Mark 9:1). And it is unlikely, as the some shows, that this will happen in a matter of months so he was saying that some of them would see the second coming several years later when there would only be some of the original group alive. That should close up those who say Jesus meant that the kingdom would be established in power by his death and resurrection from the dead which were to be his triumph over sin and death and our salvation. Also, Jesus stresses what he says too much for it to refer to a Church - it is something incredible and spectacular. People knew a cult had formed and would grow so it did not need to be accentuated. The kingdom was the one promised after the end of the world. Also, the kingdom had to be supernaturally enforced for he says the people will see the kingdom – a mere Church could not be what is meant for you can only see what claims to be the kingdom but he says they will see the kingdom.

Jesus’ death and resurrection did not establish the kind of kingdom that Jesus means for they were not long away and you only say a person will not die until they see such and such if it is a long way off in the future.

Is it not strange that the Jewish prophets said lots of things about the future and anything Jesus said cannot be proven to be prophetic for it either happened before the prophecy was written down or has not happened yet? There is something wrong when the greatest prophet offers no convincing reasons to believe that he really is a prophet. It shows that he is a fraud and knows it.

A true prophet can see what is in the past and not just what is in the future. Jesus took the Genesis flood story literally and made it clear that he did. Noah had one ark. But you would need hundreds of Arks to contain the countless different species of insects alone. Since the waters rose above even the highest mountain on earth there was no other way for them to survive. There is the problem of how the kangaroos and koalas got back to Australia. When Jesus could not get the past right why bother bending over backwards to make it seem that he knew the future? To twist failed prophecies to make them seem to be hits when there is no evidence of any ability to see the future is extreme bigoted bias.

 Liberal Christians and sometimes traditional ones lie that the Noahic flood was not meant to be understood as global. God is not going to promise never to kill the human race again by flooding unless it means by a worldwide flood. People have always drowned in floods. The text is clear that he made that promise.

Jesus complained in Luke that he wondered if there would be any faith left on the earth when he would return for times would be so bad and the false prophets would have tremendous success. 2 Peter 3 says that the day of the Lord will come and will see the earth destroyed by fire and God has chosen to wait until we be brought to change our ways. He cannot wait until all convert for that will never happen. So God will wait until the world is at its peak spiritual condition before this happens for he wants none to be lost. This completely contradicts Jesus’ Lucan prophecy.

Jesus when he was on trial for his life told the Sanhedrin that he was the son of God and they would see him coming on the clouds of Heaven. The high priest tore his robes and called him a blasphemer. Many believe that since calling yourself the Son of God was only blasphemous if you were a heretic they thought he was a blasphemer for taking that title to himself while being a heretic. But there is no real evidence of serious heresy in the teaching of Jesus. And Jesus was certainly being deliberately provocative which is supposed to be a sin. He was encouraging them to kill him and hate him. He provoked them into a sinful rage. Others believe that it was Jesus saying he would come on the clouds of Heaven that was offensive for they believed he was a false prophet or just an ordinary man and not a prophet and would not be able to do as he predicted. It is certain that Jesus could have been clearer. He could have said he would come on the clouds at the end of the world when they would be resurrected to see him coming. But he clearly gave the impression that he intended to do it very soon. He could have come back for all who were listening to him to see him and so we must conclude that he intended to come back before they died. His words do not imply that he will die for he could be alive and ascend to Heaven and still return on the clouds of Heaven. When Jesus could have meant that he would come back in the lifetime of the Sanhedrin that was what he meant if words are to mean anything at all. The people who were listening to Jesus knew he was a false prophet and they were lawyers and knew him a lot better than any New Testament writer and we are called upon by the dishonest Bible and the even worse religion founded on it to smear them as liars! I know who I’d believe!


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