Re same sex marriage rejected in Northern Ireland by the Assembly 2014, posted on Belfast Telegraph
I worry that marriage itself is a declaration that families made by parents who are not married to each other are somehow inferior and unworthy of the same protection as families based on marriage. We all know cohabiting couples who raise their children far better and are far happier than many families with married parents. It is commitment that matters not a ceremony. A ceremony cannot make a commitment but can only recognise a commitment that already exists. I believe Christians condemning cohabitation as a grave sin are insulting the love exhibited by couples living together. I don't know why we are so tolerant of such condemnations. In some ways, condemning love is worse than condemning skin colour.

Mr Silvester claimed that the storms that brought the UK to its knees at the end of 2013 were divine punishment because the state brought in same sex marriage

UKIP said the views expressed by Mr Silvester were 'not the party's belief' but defended his right to state his opinions.

But did he say they were opinions? An opinion is something that is up for debate and that asks for it. If he was stating what he stated as fact and if we can know he is right then the implication is that whoever works for same sex marriage is hateful and doing a lot of harm. They are provoking God to hurt others. Would he get the same right to declare his "opinion" if he said that all non-Christians should be shot as they were making God angry?


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