The power of your subconscious mind

You have knowledge, thoughts and feelings you are not even aware of. These are in what we call your sub-conscious. It lets things seep into your awareness. You may forget the answer to a general knowledge question. You know the answer but you cannot remember it. You know something remembers it. What remembers it is your subconscious. Make it your friend. Use mantras and meditation to soothe it and bless it. Let that be your intention and it will thank you for it. It knows more that you let yourself know consciously so avoid doing anything that programs it to produce disturbing effects such nightmares, depression and even physical illness. When you use affirmations, you are blessing it. The more you know yourself and the more you respect yourself and the more you avoid unhealthy thinking - such thinking often looks harmless at first glance - the more your sub-conscious will be your friend too. It behaves remarkably like a spirit that possesses you. Let your whole conscious and unconscious be permeated with love and fulfilment will be yours.

When you trust God to take care of you, what you really trust is a figment of your subconscious mind. You mistake its operations for supernatural ones. It is using the God myth and idea and archetype to help you. Honour it by trusting it to help you directly for that is trusting yourself and implies that you trust others to be trustworthy to themselves and possibly to you.


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