Christianity claims to be about the meaning of life. It claims a monopoly on telling you what life is for.

It claims a monopoly in particular for telling your child what life is for! It acts through parents and guardians. They cannot say they are acting for themselves. They are not. They baptise and allow and facilitate and agree to the indoctrination of the child.

Children need to lash back when they realise all that.


It is a form of emotional abuse.  It is a very serious form.

The damage can last forever.

The memory will never leave you.

It objectifies you.

Ultimately all abuse is emotional abuse - being beaten up leaves emotional scars and these are the real scars.  How you feel about your physical scars is the emotional scars thing coming up again.

Religious indoctrination or even just religious lying costs you time, money and education.  To spend hours learning superstition and then finding out its lies and nonsense merits compensation alone.

It can lead you to the trauma of realising you have been led into supporting terrible religious systems.  North Korea is an example of where ancestor worship and man worship has given shelter to religious fanatics and leaders who would blow up the whole world.

Justice. It is not fair that an untrue or human made religion should have access to your mind or anybody.

The rule that religion should be tolerated as long as it does not force itself on people is invalidated by how Christians baptise babies in the guise of giving them to God and the religion he has set up and then parents and schools fill the vulnerable minds with nonsense.

Demand and assert your right to sue your religion for teaching as fact what is not fact.

To let a religion distort facts in major matters and lie to people is to repudiate separation of Church and state. It is saying the Church should be given free rein to deceive and if that is allowed it should be allowed to steal and cheat as well. To deny the state the right to punish a religion for religious deceit is to repudiate secularism.

There should be legal frameworks set up to facilitate people who have been deceived and damaged by their religion so that they can sue their gurus. A child can be told that people who live together and are not married will go to Hell forever should they die. This can do grave damage if the child's beloved parents are living that way. Upon finding out that there is no evidence for Hell or that it is fictitious, the child should have the right to instigate a lawsuit against the Church.
Sexual abuse can do grave harm to the personality. Spiritual abuse can do this too. Religion itself says that spirituality is more important than anything else. This is virtually an admission that spiritual abuse is very serious.

When a religion is based on fraud, those who want to take it to court for taking their money and their time should have the right to do so. For example, if you buy a film saying the Quran is a miracle and you find that it is not you have been conned and are entitled to your money back at least. A religion could be based on a deliberate fraud or there could have been something wrong with the founders in which case it is a non-intentional fraud.
Theology degrees are not based on facts. Sue those who wasted your time and your money in this field of study.
Parents who make their babies members of a religion are responsible if the religion is damaging for their child. One should have the right to prosecute one's parents if her or his religion is untrue and harmful to one.
The suits would cripple the legal system so it is best to limit prosecutions to maybe five dissimilar and disturbing cases per year.

A religion can be sued for sexual abuse and other forms of abuse. The sooner a trend to highlight spiritual abuse starts the better.
Taking the Church to court for spiritual abuse when you were a child
If it is your choice to believe in religion then you need to hear the other side to make a choice. If is your parents choice for you to believe then they need to hear the other side to make a choice too. In reality, all you have is religion telling children and parents one side of the story and it's always done in a watery way without the bad and vicious doctrines and the harm done by religion mentioned.
A child's mind is unfitted for investigating or checking the evidence for religion's claims. Children are impressionable and easily taken advantage of. They like magic which makes them susceptible to religious ideas. They depend on adults to teach them about the world and they look to adults to learn. The formation of key features of a person’s personality happens in childhood.
Some say that the religious indoctrination of children is not so bad when you consider how many parents raise their children to be models or top athletes or to have extraordinary academic prowess. That is a very poor argument for religious indoctrination! It argues that if religious indoctrination is bad, it is does not matter for there are other forms of bad indoctrination. Surely indoctrination should not happen in the first place? What kind of parent puts more effort into teaching a child the Hail Mary than that stealing is wrong? If we are going to indoctrinate then stick to indoctrinating civility.
If you suffered spiritual abuse from religion it may be right to sue your parents. Or you may sue the parish priest.
You should be able to sue the Church for requiring your parents to have you baptised and indoctrinated and/or you can sue the Church for baptising and indoctrinating you. Indoctrinated means that you are exposed to only one religious point of view and are encouraged or required not to doubt it. The Christian faith regards doubt as a very serious sin - it attacks faith and all the ideas built on it. If you doubt something God has said you automatically call everything else he has said into question. For example, Roman Catholicism says the worst fate possible is going to Hell to suffer forever. If you doubt the Church you must doubt that too and so are committing a serious sin for questioning such an important warning. You become as evil as a murderer in your heart if you doubt that murder is wrong. Doubting then would deserve Hell.
In 2014, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Utah sued Winston Blackmore for calling his Church the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This caused trademark problems and led to donations meant for the Utah Church going to Blackmores. The only way the state can handle problems such as this is to work out which Church if any is the real Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. And the only way to decide that is to see if the doctrine is taught by proper authority. It is not true that the state should keep out of theological issues. It has to think about them at times. If children are raised in an entity claiming to be the Roman Catholic Church and it is not - the children have the right to sue. It is spiritual abuse to misuse religious labels.
Paedophiles think they are not hurting children by molesting them. No matter what they believe, they are still abusing the child. Most people seem to believe that if children are raised by religious parents to hate members of other religions and to want to kill them then that is child abuse. They will argue that parents who raise their children in a religion and insist that people outside that religion are to be put up with unless they can be eradicated or converted are likewise abusers. They are right. It is abuse no matter if the parents intend it to be for the best or not.
Indoctrination is spiritual abuse by default. It implies the child does not matter and the child's religious identity alone is what matters.



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