The theology of the body which is famously linked to John Paul II is best understood as his codification and explication of the subject.  It is not new theology.  It is what the Church uses to argue against LGBT, contraception and divorce etc.

Its core idea is that "I love you can mean you are you and the other is the other and love is connecting you both.  But you remain different people. Real love in the Christian view is unity and union. There is no me first and then loving you. It's fusion."  This is most obviously going to be applied in matters such as sexual morality and marriage.

In fact the theology is from Jesus who said that God gave man and woman as a sexual loving gift for each other in marriage until death and their bodies show this for they can unite in one flesh.  Paul developed another way to express this by saying your body is the property of God so you cannot become one body with a prostitute for that is abuse.  John Paul merely analysed it.

Most worry about the implications for women who need contraception.  Rational arguments against contraception do not work. But that does not stop the learned philosophers and theologians from employing them.

It is said that it is better to let God plan your family for he is so wise instead of trying to prevent conception. (Those who say this then deny that God has planned it when a girl gets pregnant out of marriage! Oh the hypocrisy!) But you could tell a sick man on this logic that it is wiser for him to keep away from doctors and hospitals and to trust in God than to get medical attention. If we should trust in God alone concerning family planning then we should do it in everything else. It is no use to object that God would not let a baby be conceived unless he had a purpose for it and that that makes a difference for he is supposed to have a purpose for everybody who has life in them. If Catholics trust God to plan their families then what are they using the natural method of birth prevention for? They don’t believe their argument at all! Some might reply that they are using a period in the month when God has no desire to produce a child and he lets them have sex so they don’t trust God any less. But if that is true, then why can’t somebody using condoms say that condoms are gifts from God for he has no desire to produce a child? If using condoms is mistrust then so is the natural method.
The Church says that contraception contradicts the whole body language of the sex act and turns it into a lie. The man gives his body to the woman expressing that he gives himself selflessly to her and she does the same when she gives him her body. To use contraception implies holding back. But there has to be limitations. Even the rule of love your neighbour as yourself says that. The man and woman therefore would be doing wrong if they give all and keep nothing for themselves. The man loves the woman as himself and the woman loves the man as herself. Because everybody has different lives, different needs and tastes you can’t serve everybody the same way. Because of differing circumstances sometimes the couple will only be loving one another as themselves if they use contraception. The body language of sex is that the man and woman seek pleasure through one another and in a way that will enhance their lives and do no harm. It is ridiculous to say that a man and woman having sex who do not want a child should have sex that is open to life, that is not self-giving but abuse. The body language of sex requires contraception in such cases. The body language implies the people should want to be together and to find joy in the sex. There won’t be much joy if the sex is open to an unwanted child or a child that will be destined to inherit some awful genetic disease!
The Catholic doctrine that sex that is open to bringing children into the world when it is known the children will not live or die of AIDS or the birth will kill the mother is holy is horrendous. That is not self-giving or love but hatred and evil and irresponsible.
If sex is the body language of eternal self-giving then why didn’t God program animals to tend towards monogamy?
The doctrine that contraception is wrong may be dressed up in the robes of charity. But it is actually a woman-hating and dangerous doctrine that gives men the right to procreate through rape. It plainly gives husbands carrying killer sex diseases the right to pass on the disease to their wives and future children by forbidding condoms even then. Contraception like all things human has had some bad results. But the results would be totally horrendous if the Catholic doctrine were followed consistently and in bigger numbers.  Catholicism should believe that birth control is evil - it is part of its identity as a religion. Catholicism can't be the true religion if it is wrong about how sinful birth control is. But people should separate from it so that there will be no Catholicism left to believe it. If you belong to or claim to belong to a religion that should believe evil things, then even if it doesn't, you are being evil and supporting evil. A religion that doesn't understand or admit or see how evil it is meant to be is a religion that is being praised for going against itself. It is no compliment to praise it for you are praising ignorance and disobedience. Separate from it.
The pope knows fine well that if you believe in morality there are only two options at least, in any given situation.  This being so, he has no right to order people and must leave them to decide. Instead, without compromise he orders all to believe on God's authority that birth control and using spermicides is always wrong. Though it leads to contradiction, he accepts one when it suits him and when it doesn't he accepts two. He has no right to expect people to believe he condemns in good faith.
The options in any case are:
One, the legalistic idea that actions are wrong in all circumstances, eg changing religion or using contraception.
Two, the idea that it all depends on the situation and the consequences so a woman can use spermicide if she is about to be raped even if contraception is generally wrong etc.
Inhumanly, he chooses one. His true followers do the same. Their duplicity is proven and they must be exposed.


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