Jesus said by your fruits you know them.  But he told lies and his followers lied in the gospels.

Mark expects us to believe that Jesus wanted nobody to know that he cured the daughter of Jairus. If he didn’t then he would have cured her in secret from a distance for he had to know the people at the house would gossip far and wide about his healing prowess. Mark’s Jesus was a deceiver when he behaved like that. He was capable of faking miracles.

Before he rode into Jerusalem to try and fit an ancient prophecy, he sent his men to just go and take a donkey for this spectacle. 

It is undeniable that Jesus could have got a donkey without having one stolen. He told his disciples to take a donkey and if anybody objected just to say the Master had need of it. They could not be expected to believe it really was for the Master. The donkey was stolen for Jesus told them to say this only if anybody asked them what they were doing. So he had no problem with them just taking the donkey and telling nobody. Then why did the owners let them take it? The men taking the donkey could have been anyone.

Perhaps they believed with Jesus that the world was about to end soon so you could let people steal off you. Jesus advised letting people steal off you in the Sermon on the Mount. With all the followers Jesus had he should have been able to get a donkey without this bizarre set-up and certainly without stealing one. If he walked about as much as the gospels say it is extraordinary that he didn’t have one already.

When the oldest gospel, Mark, has claims like the chief priests and the scribes trying to arrest Jesus by trickery to avoid a disturbance among the people at festival time though the people were told about it as soon as it happened and has Jesus himself wondering why the Jews never arrested him in the temple when they had the chance it shows a lot of lies were being told. The Jewish leaders knew that if there would be trouble it would be guaranteed if they tried to eliminate Jesus at the festival time for that would be worse than arresting him. Lots of people with huge fan bases were arrested at festival times so Mark is lying when he says the Jews were reluctant to do the same to Jesus.

Matthew, Mark and Luke want us to believe that the Sanhedrin’s false witnesses at Jesus’ trial contradicted each other left right and centre when they would have been better coached than that. Besides there was no need for them because Jesus claimed to be the Messiah which was illegal under Roman law and the gospels themselves say making this claim meant a death sentence. The Sanhedrin would have questioned Jesus first instead of trying to incriminate him with false witnesses.

Luke said that Jesus was very famous and the Jews complained to Pilate the Roman Procurator that Jesus was inflaming people all over Judea and Galilee. Pilate had just met Jesus and was told then by the Jews that Jesus was a Galilean and so was under King Herod's jurisdiction and upon learning that he sent Jesus to Herod.

All that is nonsense. Pilate would have known that already if Jesus were really that famous.

Luke says that the Jews accused Jesus to Pilate of claiming to be a king. Jesus then admits it to Pilate and Pilate then says the man has committed no crime. This is a contradiction. The Jews knew it was a crime and here we are asked to believe that it wasn't. History testifies that Rome did not tolerate alleged kings in Israel. It was a crime to claim to be a king.

In Matthew, the angel sends a message for the apostles to go to Galilee to see Jesus risen from the dead while in John they see him that same day in Jerusalem. Christians deny that the angel meant that they were to see him for the first time in Galilee. But what else could the angel have meant? He said they had to go to Galilee to see Jesus. When the gospels could not get the most important appearance right why trust them in the other religious claims they make? Jesus is even presented as telling the disciples they will be scattered when they lose their shepherd – himself – but that when he rises he will go before them to Galilee which clearly means that is where they will see him again for the first time, contradicting John which places the meetings in Jerusalem.

Lie after lie can only follow a man who was himself a liar.

If Jesus was a fake, then he stole all the faith that was placed in him.


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