Miracles - the Dark Side

When somebody makes outrageous or magical or miraculous claims to you, politely tell them that you need the proof or at least good enough evidence.

The only real miracles are ones that change you from inside. To run after apparitions, prophets of God, miracle revelations from Heaven, and miracle healings and psychics is simply to insult yourself and provide a bad example for everybody else.

Why do people believe in miracles?

Somebody makes a miracle claim and says there is evidence. People examine this claim and then may believe it as a result. A miracle should only be believed in because the evidence is persuasive and not because the person wants to believe.

People believe in miracles not because evidence points to them. It cannot. Bizarre and extremely far-fetched and unlikely things happen without the supernatural being involved. People make the most incredibly unlikely mistakes. Coincidences can help lies and errors appear almost certainly to be the truth.

The burden of proof and your dignity

If I say that my potion cures terrible diseases or that the Virgin Mary is appearing down my garden the burden of proof is on me. I am the one that has to prove it. If I don't or if I can't, I am demeaning the people to whom I am voicing my claims. It is not up to them to prove me wrong though they can at least try if they wish.

In science as in law, the burden of proof is on the one making the claim. The more outrageous the claim the stronger the proof that is required.

Religion is revelation from some other world and science is about this world. That does not prove or mean the two work in non-overlapping fields. It means they exclude each other.

Science is an action word not a thing. It is about doing.

If there is a number of theories about anything, I must adopt the theory that has the fewest assumptions. This theory might still be incorrect but that is not the point. The theory that is based on the fewest assumptions or guesses is the most likely one to be correct. We need it for practical reasons and for our benefit.

Because doing is more important than religion science has to be supreme. Religion is a sub-set of doing. Science is doing as in investigating so for its openness and eagerness for truth even if it is hideous and godless it is in no way a religion or compatible with religion.

Science is based on keeping theories minimal and religion is not.


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