Christianity makes extremely serious and incredibly contradictory looking claims. Every believer then would need to be an expert in philosophy and theology to justify believing in those claims. You cannot believe in what may be a paradox or a contradiction lightly.  As for the latter you should not believe at all!

The Church says that there is only one God. It says there are three “persons” in God. They are the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  It says it only uses persons for want of a better word but says we must not think they are three individuals or three Gods.  Let us play the word game.  If the persons expression was literal you would have to say that God was one Lord and that there are three Lords in God. That is contradictory even by Catholic standards.  Why not three Fathers in one Father?  Why not three Holy Spirits in one Holy Spirit?  The language used by the Church is that there is one being with three persons in that being.  That cloaks the contradiction in the language of mystery.

The doctrine is immoral for the Holy Spirit is the person who puts ideas and guidance in the heads of the Christian people and it is clear that he does not.  A Holy Spirit would guide the Catholic Church for example to finance a leaflet warning of the consequences of relativism and how silly it is and send it to very Catholic parish and every community but it does not.  And meanwhile relativism ruins and poisons everything.  People think of things themselves and glorify them as the promptings of the Holy Spirit.  That is narcissism of a sort.

It has been found by scholars that in the First Five Books of the Bible there is simply the mention that the Lord your God is one Lord and you shall love the Lord your God with all your being. This does not actually say there is only one God but that there is only one God to be worshipped. God is called Elohim which seems to mean he is more than one person. But as the early Bible speaks of angels as manifestations of God it may mean a God who is only one being but who doesn't behave as one being but as many. This understanding contradicts the Trinity.

The Church says that the doctrine is not just an intellectual puzzle. It is supposed to give meaning to our lives by showing that God is a love relationship.

But three “persons” can’t love one another. It is only persons that can do that. The love doctrine implies that God is indeed three Gods in one God.

The doctrine is felt by Catholics rather than believed. Such feeling is idolatry. Their feeling indicates that it is the feeling that counts to them not the truth - even if the feeling is right about what it indicates. It is the motive that is the problem.


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