Tolerance is wrong when it means putting up with somebody bad. Accept that person but ask them to rethink the things they are doing that are harmful. The good thing about tolerance is that it requires that you respect those you have differences with but in such a way that they can learn from you and overcome their errors if they wish. Real tolerance tackles evil and error so that the truth may emerge and glow and inspire. This paradoxically is a way of accepting the person doing evil or erring. Time is the best teacher of truth but you must give it a helping hand and put no barriers in its path.

Cowardice masquerading as tolerance is the enemy of tolerance - tolerance has to be real if it is to do any good.

Tolerance is not the same thing as approval. It is putting up with what you think is wrong. True tolerance does not urge people to agree that all points of view are equally valid or truthful. Nobody can live out that kind of belief. Some views do harm and others don't. And many points of view are mutually contradictory. If tolerance requires that we pretend that all beliefs are equal and true then tolerance is really intolerance and bigotry. It will lead to hypocrisy for we know fine well that some views are right and others wrong.

It is important for us to be good as human beings. Religion needs to be abandoned for there is enough around to demand tolerance without it.

Instead of religious tolerance, we represent the view that it doesn’t matter what you believe. This needs explaining. What a person believes now is right for them now. It may be wrong in itself but it is right for them at the stage they are at. But nevertheless we must let the truth shine forth - all must get the opportunity. We must give all the chance to get interested in the truth and be vitalised by it. We must remember that those who reject the chance now may not do so in a year’s time. People have the right to see what the truth can do for them. Social interaction is all about getting people interested in new things and new information.

Perhaps you should love your mistakes for they only happened to bring you to the right way? No the challenge to them did that! Love the challenge!

We are all forced to be intolerant towards something. We have to be a bit intolerant to be able to live. We don't tolerate brain surgeons who think they should use a hammer and chisel during surgery! Libertarians tend to be intolerant of stricter people. But it is obvious that strict people are more intolerant than libertarians! It is a matter of choosing the most tolerant position. That requires abandoning religion and ignoring its message.

Be eccentric if you want to be - you are only being different.


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