Religion gets support on the basis that you can’t be 100% okay with much of what happens anyway.

That would be fair enough if religion or a particular kind of religion was a necessity. It clearly is not and what about those who are religious but not into any organised religion?

Using the fact that there will always be problems no matter what you are part of or what you join is no excuse for not looking for a religion or whatever that you can be more okay with. Think of your children. Right and wrong are not about you so that should be your concern not what you want to be okay with.

A lot of social structures are necessary. People prop up many unnecessary ones. In any society, there are more unnecessary ones than one that are needed. Society can function if people do the spiritual stuff in private and have no organised or public religion. Religion is a privilege not a necessity. Many religions make so little demands they may as well not bother existing. Decency demands that we be careful to be part of only what is strictly necessary. Don’t have ten environmentalist political parties when one is enough and it does a good job. Religion despite being dispensable may insist it is needed and deserves huge power in society. Its claim to be needed makes it inherently manipulative. Get out for when you are manipulated you don’t know the whole story of why you are being played.

Religion is not all good if everybody has some issues with it. They may disagree on the details but cannot disagree on there being problems and faults. What if that not-good bit is like an apple that given long enough will ruin nearly the whole case? The religion is bigger than you and will ruin you!

The Christian doctrine that Christianity is Jesus and must get 100% acceptance needs to be respected. The sceptic and the atheist then most hold that there is an objective standard for working out what is the authentic Christian voice in a faith riddled with people speaking for God as if they know what he thinks and thus causing confusion. A religion has a right to say its beliefs are just taught by God and we must take God's word for it. If that claim is false then say so and don't be trying to pretend the standards are not there. Respecting a religion means not being a hypocrite and walking away with integrity and honour if the religion proves false. Not being able to commit 100% is not the point. The point is that you agree to put no obstacle in front of the principle: if it is not from God then it is from man so walk away.

For the sake of truth, a religion that does not give all the truth should be abandoned for it claims to be for giving truth and divine truth at that. It is not a walking group we are talking about.


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