There is no doubt that the old saying, “To understand all is to forgive all” is partly true for all human beings have mental aberrations that make them mistake evil for good and do wrong. Nobody wants to do evil but they want the good they see in the evil. Fact.

To understand all means that you see that the person meant to be good and to forgive means that you still don’t approve of what they did. But to understand all is to forgive is correct except that the forgiveness is not real forgiveness – how can you forgive somebody that never meant to do wrong? But God sees evil as not understandable but abhorrent which is why sinners, which means people who have evil in their will, rot in Hell forever.

He put the moral aberrations in us. And when we develop them ourselves it is because he put the aberration in us that makes us develop them in the first place. The God concept opposes the saying that to understand all is to forgive all therefore the God concept is evil.

It is the sanctification of violence against humanity both in the heart and in one's actions. God is evidently a God of hate because he makes sure we will get things wrong and then treats us like anathema even if he does inconsistently give us pardon at times. Or is it real pardon? There is no doubt that belief in God is an evil for it opposes the importance of understanding all. Belief in God seeks to cause division and strife and make decency rot away while pretending that everything is fine.
If you deny that to understand all is to see there is nothing to forgive and you are wrong then you are unjustly regarding another with suspicion.

If you hate sin then you cannot be even partly understanding towards sin in yourself or towards the sins of others. When God is all-good that means God comes first and he must hate sin totally meaning that sin is the worst evil of all. It is worse than death for God made our bodies to break down and die. Understanding indicates that the sin is not entirely bad but is understandable up to a point. In other words some good intentions led to the sin and were used to make the sin happen. But to use good to do evil does not make anything understandable to any degree. It makes it far worse and inexcusable. The Roman Church emphasises that priests must be understanding in the confessional. But this is only public relations. But they cannot be understanding without condoning the sin to some extent in which case it is madness going to them to be made holy by their power of absolution. The whole point about sin is that it is perverted good therefore to say you understand it is to deny this. This point shows why we must deny the doctrine of free will and reject it for the poison that it is. At least then we can understand without loving the crime for we see the crime as an illness not as something to judge and condemn somebody for.
Forgiving a person always involves making excuses for them and blaming yourself at least partly. That is why you have to hear their side before you can forgive. If you were not trying to see and feel that their sin was not a sin there would be no point in all this – you would assume that all meant well without hearing the other person’s confession. After you forgive you may say you disapprove of what they have done. What you mean by this is that you call it wrong and choose to see it as wrong but in actuality you do not.  It is like a man looking at a bad view and seeing it but not really taking it in. It is just physically seen that is all. With respect to sin that is no good. That is not hating the sin. If sin is bad you cannot love the person if you love or are apathetic towards sin so you can’t win. It is no wonder I say there is no point or use in believing in free will, loving or hating right without any force making you do it, for all you end up doing is following a Janus-faced morality.

According to Matthew 6:15 Jesus says that if you refuse to forgive others, God your Father will not forgive your sins. That is sheer moral bullying especially when the Bible warns that you will go to Hell forever without God’s forgiveness.  It will make you less forgiving inside even if  you look forgiving on the outside.  To understand all is to forgive all does not apply with teachings like that!  I mean we cannot lower ourselves to understand Jesus' sin here!

Time and the fragilities of the human mind mean that you will not fully understand your own sins and if you did you would forgive all and see that others should forgive all too.

Please do not upset yourself by regretting anything you have done. It's done and in the past. Learn from it. Don't bother repenting your so-called sins! They were just learning experiences. You were just doing your personal best. You are the amazing person you are now because of the good and the "bad" that you did! Do not criticise what you or anybody else has done. All everybody does is their own personal best. To criticise is to say that wrong has been done. But if you learn from so called wrong then how can it have been wrong? Don't knock your stepping stones! You used them to make it to today!


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