The 2015 Transgender Survey (USTS) (James et al. 2016) found that mental health declined in participants who engaged with counsellors, religious advisors and psychologists who discouraged them from being transgender.  Dr Jack Turban and others found that GICE, gender identity conversion efforts, need to be shunned when it comes to all transgender people including young children.

Managing the symptoms of dysphoria is necessary. That is why rubbish such as that Jesus said divorce is a sin for God’s plan always was one man and one woman in marriage for life for he made them binary male and female to become one flesh in sex with penis fitting vagina is not respectful to managing symptoms.

Why do we never talk about transgender cats or nonbinary dogs?  It seems that to say there are not two sexes for the purpose of reproduction is a denial of evolution.  One way to solve this is that sex is a spectrum yes but animals don't have as dramatic a gender spectrum as humans have.  If sex is a spectrum somebody who thinks they are male could be female or vice versa or nonbinary and not even notice.

There is one worry people have if you think your body is not really connected to you.   Or if like some autistic people you see your body as a house but not you.  Or like a religious person who thinks your spirit is your real self.  Say if you are a soul in a body. Or if you are a spiritualist who thinks your body is not your real body but your "spirit" is.  That is as good as saying there is no given or “right” or real human nature.  That is to leave yourself open to criticism. "Selves as possessors of real and identifiable characteristics - such as rationality, emotion, inspiration, and will - are dismantled" complains Kenneth Gergen.  Some answer, "That assumes you will come apart.  We all do a bit but there will be no complete collapse."  Some do come apart completely.  There is no doubt that the body-soul stuff does harm to many and if you promote it then even if it does you little or no harm you are part of something that can do untold harm to another.  Trans may describe one's body as not connected to them but that is not the same thing as seeing it as a part of them not them.  They need social transition

The Christian religion needs to be removed from healthcare as its scriptures and beliefs harm trans.  Catholic hospitals won't perform gender confirmation surgery.

2 Corinthians 10:3-4 is against any notion that we are at war with our bodies: “For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh: for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal that is fleshly or physical.”  This a distinctly transphobic text.  Those who feel they might end up feeling like that or who feel they have been put into the wrong physical existence or body need protecting.

Then there is Jesus' commandment that you will not enter eternal life unless you honour your father and your mother.  This is an affirmation of male and female as being more than just roles.  They are put in place by God and are male and female.  Trans are not honoured by most parents.  Why should trans honour parents who won't affirm them?  The text attacks nonbinary.

Chaplains and chapels need to be removed from hospitals until they affirm the validity of nonbinary people and trans in general.

We affirm that transmen are men.  We affirm that transwomen are women.  We affirm that nonbinary are nonbinary.  That is not a part of care.  It is THE part of care.



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