Transgender people are often thought to be narcissist or selfish.  People may object to how the trans person has a feeling of being in the wrong body and gender role and thinks he or she or they must or can express that feeling.  They think forming a gender identity over one feeling is demeaning and creating an illusionary identity.  They say to turn a feeling or your feelings into your identity is wrong for you are more than just feelings.  They say feelings are not you but part of you.  They fear that the trans is going to end up with an identity that will crush them or exclude others who are reluctant to affirm it.

This is very unfair for the brain has given them this identity forming feeling.  It is not like any other situation. 

Here is part of the conclusion of a study that identified narcissistic traits in transgender males.
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At this stage, the provisional status of our data only permits some few conclusions. The central findings of this questionnaire analysis support the view of a great heterogeneity of gender disordered males which not only extends to the already well known gender and sexuality variables but also to general personality pathology and especially the different modes of self-regulation. We could identify a significant narcissistic pathology in most of our patients, but the regulation-modes afflicted by this pathology differ widely. The cluster analysis has yielded an interesting and clinically reasonable subtyping of our patients with two larger subgroups of which one is marked by severe narcissistic and personality pathology where the gender dysphoria appears as only one facet in this profound pathology, as a rather desperate attempt at stabilizing a fragmented self.

My suggestions: The narcissism is acquired and forced on the patients by society and the Church.  If you feel under threat from your own body and everything else it is inevitable.  It should not be used as a weapon for calling transgenderism selfishness.

The view that God gives you your sex is forcing the transperson to develop a defence against such a suggestion and that can result in narcissism.

Narcissism may be a response to the society that has forced a gender role on you that does not belong to you.  It is a response to oppression then.


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