A personal God is simply a God who may not be that like a human person but is like us in his compassion and love and desire for a relationship.  He knows things - he is aware.  He is alive.


Nobody really knows what consciousness actually means only what it does.  I am conscious and I still have not a clue.  So how can we know what we mean by a personal God?  God is too different and he may helpfully respond when we are in trouble but that is not like any idea of love or compassion that we understand.


One attraction of a God is who essentially impersonal and a power is that you want him to be a power source you can use like a light switch.  He is not a challenge to you.  Saying this God is personal could be covering up how you don’t really want him to be a person in his own right who is independent of what you want and think.  You want a God without demands.


Christians have an added problem with a personal God - they say he is three persons.


The Christian doctrine of the Holy Trinity says that there is one God and that God is three persons. The persons are not three Gods but one God. God is not three persons in one person but three persons in one being. The persons are God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. God the Son became a man. Jesus Christ was God the Son.


Christians teach that God is simple - that is he has no parts but he is real.  They say that God having no composition does not mean there are no distinctions in him so it possible for there to be more than one person in God.  As God is infinite or without limit why are we not told there is an infinity of persons in God?  Why three?  Believers say there could be an infinity but they know there is not - there are only three persons.  The admission gives something away.  Imagine a hotel with an infinite number of rooms.  There are an infinite number of rooms.  That means that no matter how many rooms there are there will be rooms available.  It is never complete.  Infinite is not perfect in the sense that it cannot be complete.


One core Bible teaching is that man is made in the image of God.  Christians say that God is one what and three whos or three whos who are one what. Our experience is that we cannot be more than one person and as we are made in the image of God it follows that God cannot really be more than one person.  Even if person is loose with regard to the trinity there is nothing in us that even comes close to it.
God is not described as Father in the Old Testament. Therefore there is no Son in it. And the Holy Spirit is not spoken of there as a person. Attempts have been made to argue that the Trinity was hinted at in the Old Testament but as Gerald Bray admits this cannot be for it is an entirely New Testament development (page 141, The Doctrine of God, Gerald Bray, IVP, Illinois, 1993). The New Testament is the gospel so only it reveals the Trinity.

The three are not literal persons according to Christian theology for persons are limited beings and these three are not three beings or limited but are one unlimited being.
Some say the key to realising that the Trinity is not nonsense is realising that the three are not persons as we know them. But this is dishonest for they still say that God is indivisible and undivided and that there are separate relationships within that God. The Trinity doctrine is supposed to indicate that there are relationships in God. That is what it expresses.
If there can be three in God there can be three persons as we know persons in God. If there are three relationships there are three persons in the full sense and that is that. The doctrine of the Trinity leads directly to tritheism in practice because the vast majority of Christians have never heard that God is three “persons” not three persons and they think there are three persons in one person. The fruit of the doctrine has been idolatry and this shows that if the Old Testament doctrine that idolatry is wrong and sinful and God hates it above all things then it follows that the Christian religion was founded by men or satanic powers for the fruits have been godlessness and apostasy and worthless worship.

The Christians say that if they said there were three Gods in one God they would be contradicting themselves. Or if they were to say there were three persons in one person they would be contradicting themselves. They claim that they are only saying there are three persons in one God or being. In other words, God has one nature but he has three centres of consciousness in that one nature. That is to say there is only one What (being) but three Whos (page 367, When Critics Ask). This really means that God as a being is impersonal. God does not describe a who but a what. It contradicts the Bible insistence that God is Father and friend and so on. The claim that there are three persons in that being does not fix this. If electricity is impersonal but a person is made out of it, electricity is still impersonal. If another person is made out of it then you have two persons but only one force. It is like how humans are made of the same stuff but are individuals. The Trinity seems to give us three separate Gods. The elements that make up the universe are impersonal but we are made of these elements. Yet we are the persons and the elements that make us up are not. In practice, Christians treat the being of God as personal and even more important than the three persons - after all without that being the three persons would have no divinity. They worship the being which is impersonal. The persons are only worshipped for being God so it is really God who is being worshipped. So in practice they worship one God but three Gods as well. It is all contradiction and confusion. An impersonal force is honoured above personhood. The Trinity despite being disguised as a dignifying doctrine is not dignifying at all. It does not inspire us. The Christians have lied themselves into a corner with it. The Christians claim to see that there is only one God in the Bible but it seems to speak of the Father and Son and Holy Spirit being three distinct beings. The Bible never actually teaches their distinction between person and being and what and who in relation to God. Their trinity is unbiblical.
Some Christians just stick to the idea of God being one in three and three in one and choose to say no more for saying any more leads to misunderstanding and idolatry. If they are right then the Catholic Church is lying about being infallible for it brought out creeds such as the Nicene Creed which speaks of the three persons in one God in terms of there being one what and three whos. The God of the Catholics would be impersonal meaning that they are idolaters for worshipping him (it would be a more accurate word). The Jesus of the Catholics would be a fake. The First Epistle of John says that whoever has the wrong Jesus is an antichrist. The Catholic Jesus is not the Jesus of the gospels who proclaimed God Abba or Daddy not some impersonal force.
Does the doctrine of three persons in one God conflict with reason? It is replied that space is length, width and height yet it is one. It is three in one and one in three like the Trinity. But in the Trinity, there necessarily has to be three while space can drop one dimension. Length and width can exist without height. We conclude then that this is no proof that the Trinity doctrine can be true. It is irrelevant.

The Church believes that God has to exist in the same way as 1+1 have to be 2. It says the Son comes from the Father and the Holy Spirit from both to make them the one so the figure three seems necessary.

It is argued that time consists of past, present and future which is exactly like the Trinity for they are one. If time stopped the future would not exist but the past and present would so this is different from the Trinity which says God has to be three.

People are said to be trinities. They are nature, person and personality yet one being. Christians teach that since Genesis says God made man in his own image and likeness that we must be three in one like him. Rubbish. The three: nature, person and personality, can be completely separate and still come together to make a person. A computer is not one being because it has a nature, the power to sense and the power to work. It’s a composite. A being that had consciousness alone and no memory or will would still be a person. The Trinity doctrine denies this so it is only fit for fascists.

Some say the universe is three in one the same as God. It consists of space, matter and time but when all of these things are so mysterious how can anybody say they understand them enough to know that they are three entities in one being?

Do Christians believe in three Gods in one God? They use the analogies we have scrutinised to argue that they do not. But the analogies are not close enough to it to answer no! There is no evidence that the Christians believe in one God and not in three in one. Jesus, the monotheist would have been appalled at the doctrine of the Trinity.

It is held that the Trinity is possible because its mathematics are not 1+1+1=3 but 1x1x1=1. But this is ludicrous simply because each of the multiplied figures is the same figure being multiplied by itself. If this is the mathematics of God then God is one person not three. And if God can’t do a basic sum then he should not be dictating to people that they must believe that he is one in three.
If the Father multiplies himself to make the Son then how could you multiply that which is unlimited and infinite?

The Father is supposed to cause the Son and both cause the Holy Spirit. The Nicene Creed says, “We believe in one Lord Jesus Christ, the Only Son of God, eternally begotten of the Father, God from God light from Light, true God from true God begotten not made, of one being with the Father and through him all things were made. For us men and for our salvation he came down from Heaven. He was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary.” This is not 1x1x1=1 but 1 causes another 1 which both cause a further 1. God is a spiritual being that has no composition, he has no parts. Multiplication and addition have only meaning for things that have composition. You cannot multiply something abstract and God is like an abstract. There can be no multiplication or addition within a spiritual nature. Think of it this way. God is by definition the uncaused being. He is uncreated. But in God the Father begets the Son and both project the Holy Spirit! So the Trinity has that which cannot be caused causing the Son and causing the Holy Spirit. It’s all contradiction. For example, the creed pretends that begotten is not the same as being made! If you are begotten you are made. Your father begot you when he made you from his sperm. God the Father is thought to be unbegotten so you have an unbegotten person in God and a begotten one and then they tell you that God is one being!

These debunked arguments have been obtained from fundie, Professor Henry Morris’s dire book, Science and the Bible.

The Trinity dogma insists that God can only be three. He has to be three the same way that 5+5 have to be 10, that is logically. But does God have to be three? God is perfect. If God could do without one person he would not be perfect for what is unnecessary is imperfect. But God is the necessary being and all of his being is necessary. To be perfect involves being needed to exist. If God is a person who does not need to be then God is not the necessary being. God is not God. It is the same if he has a person who is not needed in him. See the inference of the doctrine of the Trinity that proofs for God cannot make sense unless you believe in the Trinity first. But the Old Testament attempts to give evidence for God without starting off with a Triune God. This implies that the Old Testament which at best does not clearly teach the Trinity and at worst denies it offered a God who was not a God for worship and service and sometimes barbaric obedience. It implies that it offered something unprovable though asking it to be treated as provable. If God was good the Trinity would have been clearly revealed from the very start.
Jesus according to the gospels was a true man. The Church says he was God as well. Jesus prayed to God. He would have as far as experience goes have seemed to have been and felt he was a different person from God. Yet he is not a separate person according to the Trinity doctrine. He is more separate than the Father is from the Holy Spirit and still he was the same being as God. If that is possible, then why can't we have three persons in one person? The Trinity doctrine coupled with the idea of Jesus being God means that no matter what kind of division or difference exists it will not be admitted and we must pretend that God can be indivisable and undivided and still divided!
The Trinity doctrine creates so many problems and questions that it would be better scrapped as implausible and ridiculous and irrational. 


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