The Christian doctrine of the Holy Trinity says that there is one God and that God is three persons. The persons are not three Gods but one God. God is not three persons in one person but three persons in one being. The persons are God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. God the Son became a man. Jesus Christ was God the Son.

The Christians teach the absolutely insane idea that people can be made out of, as in from, love. This is madder than saying babies are made of the air you breath out!
Swinburne in Was Jesus God? (Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2008) says that if God was one person and he was not making others exist to interact with him and love him he would be bad (page 28). So Swinburne says that God must be three persons. He says that the Father needs an equal to love and so he causes there to be a person in God, the Son, an equal for him to love (page 28). This is snobbish. It is not true that a person needs to be your equal in order for you to love them. Swinburne says that if there was only the Father and the Son in God this would be selfish. They would be like a husband and wife who adored and served one another but bothered about no one else (page 29). So the Father and the Son cause the Holy Spirit. The thought is that if the Father really loves the Son he will have a third person to love the Son (page 30).
This logic is superficial.
They teach that Father exists of himself and his love for himself is the Son and the Holy Spirit is the mutual love of the Father and the Son. It is said that the Holy Spirit is necessary to complete God. If the Father and the Son did not love one another then God would be imperfect. But the Father in loving himself loves the Son and since the Son is the love of the Father by loving himself he loves the Father. The Holy Spirit is superfluous. He is described as the mutual love of the Father and the Son as if he were a glue to bind them together to make them one God. God should not need glue!

According to the Eastern Church, the Holy Spirit does not proceed from the Father and the Son but proceeds from the Father alone through the Son. The Holy Spirit is the love of the Father for the Son but not the love of the Son for the Father. When the love of the Father for the Son is a person and the love of the Son for the Father is not then we have a contradiction. We have disunity in God.

If the Father’s love for Son becomes a person then the same must be true of the love of the Son for the Father. That makes four persons in God. The love of the Father for this new person and the love of the son for him make two more persons. And on and on it goes until we find an infinity of persons in God. The Trinity is incoherent. If God is not just one person then there is no limit to the number of persons he is. The Trinity doctrine is an insult to all these people.
The Western Church teaches that the Holy Spirit is the mutual love of the Father and the Son conveniently forgetting that the love of the Son for the Father is not the love of the Father for the Son. If love has to become a person then there are four persons here. And the love of the Father for one of these persons becomes another person and it goes on and on into a grotesque eternity of one God in an infinity of persons. We would have to be persons in God as well as infinite for infinite means all without limit.

If the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son then he is the Son of God the Father and the Son of the Son and also the Grandson of the Father. How silly it all gets.

Only a fool would agree with the Church that the Father’s love of himself becomes the Son. Who does the Son’s self-love become? Who does the Holy Spirit’s self-love become?

To assert that the Father causes the Son and then that the being of God cannot be caused is to contradict oneself.

We are told that if God were not more than one person then he could not be a real and true person because he has nobody to love. He would be an impersonal force or he would be unfulfilled and unhappy and need to make people to love. He would not be God or supreme when he needs something outside himself. But if a person who is doing their homework and not thinking about love is a person then God can be a person too if he is Unitarian, or one person. Love is an act of will. Therefore you can love if there is nobody to love for you would love and are loving the best you can. This does not imply that you are incomplete until you love.
If there are relationships in God then the Father is having a relationship with the Son and the Holy Spirit. The Son is having a relationship with the Father and the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is having a relationship with the Father and the Son. This is utter nonsense for how could there be a relationship when they think the same thing and agree all the time? They all know the same things and anything one does all does. To say God is relationships is as absurd as saying that God is three persons.
Suppose the argument is right that God needs to be more than one person. Well, the fact that he can't be three people in one God is sure proof that the God idea is entirely nonsensical and incoherent. It contradicts itself.

Also, when Christians believe that it is possible for three persons to be one being then how do they know that a unipersonal God can’t be happy? If the Bible said God was unipersonal they would be saying his happiness was a mystery. The God of the Torah never calls himself a spirit or Trinity but just stresses that he made all things and knows what is right and is fair and just and has spoken through prophets. In Deuteronomy 13 he warns against those who make prophecies that come true but who try to lead the people to other Gods. One way to lead such people to other Gods is by changing the teachings about the God that does exist to turn him into another God. Thus the Torah forbids the concept of the Trinity and God becoming man for these were later doctrines.
It is hard to see how Christians can refer to God as he when they mean they! They only use he because the entire Bible says he. Jesus said that God was daddy not daddies.
God can't have any needs for he is perfect and almighty. Is it really right to love for the sake of loving? Should there not be a need for the love? If God the Son loves God the Father then he is giving him love he doesn't need. No decent being asks for love that he doesn't need unless he asks it for the loving one's sake. The love would bother him for love implies sacrifice according to Christian doctrine. The Son being God doesn't need to love him when God the Father doesn't need this love. God the Son is loving himself not the Father if he loves the Father not for the Father's sake but his. The love in the Trinity is a fake hypocritical love. It is not real love.
As you will see from GOD A GUIDE FOR THE PERPLEXED (Keith Ward, OneWorld, Oxford, 2003, page 52), God, in Christian philosophy is utterly simple. The book says this means that God is not composite. The three persons of the Trinity are not parts of God that are put together to make God. God is not divisable. We cannot tell apart different elements in the being we call God. So we don't really know what we mean when we speak of God being three in one. So God revealing the Trinity means that God revealed words that mean nothing to us. They are just words. A God like that is a trickster. It is beneath him.
If it is so great for God to be more than one person then why is he just three? Why is he just three persons having relationships together? Why can't he be an infinity of persons? It is more perfect for there to be an infinity of persons in existence and therefore an infinity of relationships? If God is relationships then the trinity is false in the sense that a perfect God cannot be just three persons. The trinity then is the blasphemous denial of the perfection of God though it pays lip service to that perfection.
The trinity doctrine says God is one being. But he is also three persons. It is the being that is God thus the being matters more than the persons. The persons then are really idols.


It is a strange thing to say there are three persons who love each other so much they are one being God.  That implies God should be three God's but thanks to love the three persons are one.  That does not sound very monotheistic at all.
The trinity doctrine is fraught with problems and outright nonsense.


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