The word Church means called out assembly.  Jesus said the Church must be one and can be and thus led to the hideous notion of there being one true Church.  He said his teaching was a rock thus affirming the possibility of a Church that solidly affirms that rock.

As Christianity is divided, naturally you get alleged efforts from believers to bring the Christians together in friendship and church unity.  Tolerance then is an important step towards this. 

It's not very flattering to know that you and your ideas are only tolerated by others. Tolerating means putting up with something bad in the hope that it will stop. Why would you be tolerated? Because hating you and doing violence against you would be worse evils than putting up with you and your ideas. Tolerance is not the view that one belief or religion or opinion is as good as another. That is indifferentism and relativism. They do far more harm than intolerance ever did. They are self-deception and hypocrisy at their worst.
So you are only put up with for the tolerant can do nothing about you. In other words, they think it's a pity they can't bully you or silence you or hurt you for being you or for what you believe. You can't say they love you. Love cannot be forced. To say those who want to hurt you but can't can love us contradicts that.
Without religion there would be less to tolerate.
Tolerance is indirect incitement to intolerance. It is intolerant towards the intolerant. But to force a person to be tolerant is as impossible as forcing them to be loving. It cannot be done. You may manage to make them seem to be tolerant but that is all. The tolerant only behave themselves until they get the chance to show their real colours.

Ecumenism means unity and is different religions coming together to learn from one another, to pray together, to bring out statements of common belief, to be at peace with one another, to help one another and to work together on solving social problems.
Ecumenism will have one of two motives. One motive is just to soften other religions up to convert them into one religion. This isn’t real ecumenism for it sees unity as being one faith and getting rid of the others. Destroying other faiths is the main goal. This ecumenism isn’t about unity now, it is about a future unity of getting everybody in the one faith so it isn’t ecumenism. The other motive is to bring religions together without intending to convert them. This one implies that one religion is as good as another as long as there is sincerity – a view called indifferentism. Or that there is one really good religion and the rest aren’t so bad but not as good but acceptable. The latter form is the form officially adopted when the Roman Catholic Church departed from the Catholic faith at Vatican II in the 1960’s. The Church holds that nobody is saved BECAUSE of the false religion they are in but in spite of it and because God is bigger than their errors he can reach them with sufficient truth.
The Church claims to be Catholic. It claims to exist for all people. It says that it is easy to work out that it is the true Church for many people are simple people. If the Church then is really Catholic, then it follows that educated Protestants and their ministers and clergy are wilfully refusing to see that the Church is the true Church. To say any different is to deny that the Church is genuinely Catholic. If Protestants are doing good works and engaging in missions in poor countries and are still hypocrites then surely we must agree that religious faith is probably nearly always self-deception. The Catholics are certainly deluding themselves by claiming they can be Catholic and involved in ecumenism.
The Catholic Church only went into ecumenism because the world was sick of religion causing war and fomenting hatred so the Church wanted a sweetness and light reputation to keep its following in the modern age. It’s pure manipulation. It's too cosmetic to do good for much longer.


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