How can we explain the fact that all things seem to have been intelligently made?

Could there have been a computer made by chance or by alien beings who had evolved by chance and who lived before their universe disappeared in a big bang and which was used to make ours in another big bang?

The computer could not have been made by aliens because it evidently evolves itself if it exists and if the aliens caused it to design people it would design ones beyond pain and harm and death. It is able to improve itself when it improved us to bring us to where we are. The faults in it must be to blame for evil and suffering. If it were made by intelligences they would have taken care to make sure it would develop into perfection.

We would be perfect by now if it existed unless it does not care about us. And why does it not make at least some people perfect and immortal? Death disproves it.
At the present time, we are smarter than it for we would not make a world where there was suffering, aging and death and it is impossible to imagine that the entity that would control all things if it still existed could be eclipsed by our intelligence.

This argument for the afterlife is based on the computer theory:

 “We are the masterpiece of the Program and so it would not let us lose our existence in death. Minds are everlasting and indestructible”.

But why does it let us die instead of perfecting us and using us to help it? It would let our minds be destroyed. It lets Alzheimer’s disease exist. If it were a natural force it might let us die because it does not know. Also, if your computer is faulty it makes the same mistakes every time. If the cosmic computer were faulty we would all die at the one age.

Also, why not say there was no intelligent designer God instead of complicating things with a computer that itself would need an all-powerful designer to make it? The theory does not really solve anything.

But it could be replied that the computer is not like an invisible machine the size of the Universe but is relatively small. One the size of a laptop could create all things by moving in a different time-flow that enables it to do ten billion years work in what is a second to us. It is more likely for a small one to appear by chance than for an unimaginably huge one to do it.

Could it be that the computer no longer exists? Maybe there were forces inside itself that it could not fix which destroyed it? This is unlikely for such a marvellous and brilliant machine. A computer knows when there is something wrong with it.

Perhaps there are billions of invisible computers and billions of different computers could cause mistakes not on purpose but because each is doing its job its own way. But computers that were able to make us whose minds are better than any computer we can make could not be like that. They must know that there should be no suffering or death.


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