The thought that the good you do has to be somehow extended for everlasting time to be ultimate shows that the worship of God is a vice. How? It runs down the good done by a good person who turns bad at the end and goes to Hell forever. It argues that good is not good in itself. What is good is its extension in time. But if good is not good in itself, then whether it lasts for one minute or a million minutes, the end result is not good in itself. It is not good. This point shows that the only true friend of goodness is atheism. The God concept only corrupts goodness and belittles it.
In summary, the good we do in this life has ultimate value without any recourse to God or everlasting life or religion. In fact they only get in the way of it. It follows that good is independent of faith in God and so it follows that God then is not the same thing as goodness. So God is not God. An atheist can feel her life has meaning far more than a Christian can. Sadly, atheism has not grasped this properly yet.

Atheism is accused of teaching that our goodness has no ultimate value (ie permanently valuable and significant) but only has value in this life. Religion tends to attract people by contending that the good we do in this life will make us good and happy for all eternity. The atheists say that you can get meaning in life from doing non-ultimate good. You certainly will not get it from injuring others. We must remember that only a few believers keep their focus on the next life anyway. Like atheists, they treat the good they do in this life as being for this life. They don't even think of its ultimate value. If they did, they would never forget the good deeds they do but they do. So both atheists and religionists get the happiness they have in life from valuing non-ultimate good.
Most believers do, most of the time, consider their families and careers more important than God. They do good for their families and enhance their careers. That gives them meaning though it can't give them ultimate meaning. The good they do for strangers hardly counts. And do they care? No. The good they do for family and to advance in their career can't give them ultimate meaning for Jesus (read his Sermon on the Mount) that if you serve those who love you or who serve you back or if there is a return you can't expect a reward from God for you have already got your reward.


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