Baptism is useless spiritually and is exactly what you would expect from a cultural construct pretending to be a religion

In Catholic doctrine, the sacraments starting with baptism supposedly change the soul of the recipient for the better. Baptism supposedly removes sin and puts you into God's Church. God lives in you when you are baptised.

The baptised are as bad as the unbaptised.

The baptism of babies fails to help the baptised be truly spiritual given that spiritual would mean doing the homework and knowing the faith.  Rites are not spiritual religious wisdom is.

The result is a power structure as Jesus would say has a form of religion but denies the power thereof.

The Catholic Church claims to be one, holy, Catholic and apostolic and that these indicate easily that she is the true Church. The Church always said that invincible ignorance was the only excuse for not being in the Church. So it follows that Protestant ministers and many Protestant laypeople who know of the Catholic Church are deliberately staying out of it. The holiness of the Church must be remarkable to the degree of miraculous. This would mean that if anybody stays out of it after seeing that holiness they are just bad people no matter how holy they pretend to be. They refuse to support the Church and participate in her holiness. Baptism would be the main cause of this holiness for it is the sacrament that creates the Church. It is the only way to membership. But we don't see this holiness.

If a Catholic is very good and holy, the Church points to him as evidence of the power of baptism. But just because he was baptised that does not mean the baptism had much to do with it. It could have been the example of his family and neighbours, it could have been the goodness encoded in his genes. The Church is lying to people and it has no right to. To administer a ritual with occult powers to a child without giving any evidence that it is effective and wholesome is implicitly dedicating the child to evil forces. And the holiness of the Catholic Church is unremarkable. With a hierarchy and papacy that swept clerical child abuse under the carpet it is anything but holy. If the Catholic Church were the true Church, it would have an unusual degree of holiness. For example, the pope would be tripping over his red shoes to sell Vatican art to evangelise and help the dying poor in Africa.

The Church teaches that doctrine and teaching is important but the healing power of the sacraments is more important. For example, the imbecile will be helped by the sacraments though he can't learn many doctrines. Parents stupidly think they should have their children baptised with a view to having them sent to Catholic schools to educate them as good people. They focus on the teaching aspect. But this is misplaced. The main focus is the healing power. Indeed it is the only focus for the Church declares that all the teaching in the world will do no good unless your heart is opened to God by the supernatural power of the sacraments. We are said to be closed to God by nature and we need his grace to get us into a position where we can choose him and his ways and receive his virtue-infusing power. The priests - because they wish to manipulate - don't warn parents to have the right reasons for having their child enrolled in Catholicism and its schools.

No Catholic priest broke ranks to stop and expose his paedophile co-workers in the priesthood. And this despite the fact that they teach that we must suffer to the point of bloodshed for the cause of justice. The whole child-abuse abomination was covered up and steps were taken to move the abusers around to help them find new flesh to violate. The priests during all this time were smug in their virtue and ate their communion every day - eating communion is a declaration that you believe yourself to be righteous and clean from sin and right with God. They judged sinners in the confessional - this too declares that the priest is claiming to be holy enough so that he can be in a position to judge in the place of Christ. Apologies are plenty. Their apologies are hollow. It is hard to believe that people who are so cold could really be sorry. And especially when this smug unjustified sense of righteousness and holiness was carried for years and decades. The evil of the priesthood is proof that religion is self-deceit. It shows that the biggest number of religionists - if not all - must be deceiving themselves. Christianity certainly leads to trouble. Christians hunt for miracles and end up tricked and robbed by evangelists and visionaries. Sick people die for they depend on miracles more than on their doctors and they are let down. Even the Christians themselves admit that most apparitions and miracle claims are untrue or doubtful. The sacraments of the Church are supposed to heal you of your evil weakness and make you a servant of God and wipe away sin. But we have seen by the results that there is nothing special about Catholic holiness and and indeed it is just sham. All that to me indicates that the sacraments of the Church do much more than fail to work. It really does look like that some twisted and dark power that likes to hide itself in the robes of virtue exists in the Church and is passed on like a virus by the sacraments. The sacraments are a clear sign that if they impart supernatural power, then this power is not good, it is evil. It is from Hell. If the sacraments have no good results that can be traced to their power then they are pacts with the Devil. Satan would want people to undergo ineffective therapy. The results of the sacraments indicate that Jesus was the emissary of Satan masquerading as the emissary of God if it is true that Jesus empowers the sacraments.

Being useless spiritually does not mean it is a harmless nonsense. It is harmful for failing to do the healing it claims to do is harmful.  It it is neither why is there such a fuss about it?  Making it matter then shows some manipulation is going on.


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