Vassula is a fake mystic that is on the Medjugorje bandwagon

People who can be proven to be religious liars are responsible for the popularity of Vassula Ryden.  She claims that entities from Heaven write through her hand and appear to her in visions.  She is condemned by the Orthodox and Catholic Church. Fr Laurentin promoted her though she was known to have had messages fixed and then presented to the gullible as real messages from Jesus and who was given the honour of a condemnation by the Vatican (page 196, The Medjugorje Deception). Medjugorje supporters such as Father Michael O Carroll and Archbishop Franic were as bad though her heresy and absurd messages not to mention her use of the mediumistic technique of automatic writing to get messages from Jesus whose handwriting was very odd were shameless.

Vassula is intertwined with the Medjugorje hoax.

She went on Pilgrimage to Medjugorje for Easter 2014.  Her trip was done in a spirit of disobedience to the Church which says that though it is okay to go to Medjugorje as a private pilgrim it is not acceptable to go as if you are sure that the visions are really of Mary.  Vassula of course went overboard to treat it and promote it as a real place where Mary was really present.

She had a private meeting with Vicka the visionary. Vicka perused the notebooks of Vassula which Jesus had allegedly written. She was delighted to meet Vassula and hear her message. Vassula learned about Mary’s alleged message from Vicka. Shortly after Vassula did the same thing with some Franciscan nuns who were fascinated by Vassula's alleged revelations. Fr Petar preached the following in Vassula's presence: “We are here at this Holy Place where Our Lady has come.” After that Vassula said that Mary came to Medjugorje as Queen of Peace.

After Fr Petar’s speech, Vassula addressed the audience by saying that Fr Petar spoke about peace and that Our Lady came to Medjugorje as a Queen of Peace. She finished her talk with quotes from Jesus in her own books. Vasulla wiped the water from the leg of the sculpture of the Risen Christ as if she believed in it. Even Medjugorje supporters usually admit there is no miracle in this water flow though popular gossip says there is.  Visionary Ivanka graced Vassula and her followers with a meeting.

Ivanka said that Mary brought her dead mother to see her five times over the years. Ivanka said her deceased mother hugged her one time and said, “Dearest Ivanka, I’m so proud of you!”  If Medjugorje is a hoax this is a very sick lie.


An examination of Joe Nickell'S article: Heaven’s Stenographer: The ‘Guided’ Hand of Vassula Ryden

The article starts off by telling us how Orthodox Christian “mystic” Vassula thinks that Yahweh and Jesus and her angel guardian Daniel move her hand to give religious messages.

The first warning bell is that no Bible character went as far as to think their pens moved by themselves.

She said that in her teens she used to see the spirits of dead people. If she sounds like a Spiritualist medium manipulating Christians then that is what she is. Despite Jesus’ ban on remarriage she got divorced and married again. The Vatican officially condemned her messages in the 90’s. Bishops were banned from allowing her to be hosted and from saying her messages really were preternatural. She denies she is a medium but she would say that anyway. A person whose hand is moved by other entities is a medium. It is called automatic writing in spiritualistic circles.

Joe Nickell looked at the handwriting. He is qualified for he writes articles and books on forgeries and faked handwriting. Notably he is a member of International Association of Forensic Linguists.

Alarmingly the three entities mentioned have exactly the same odd handwriting! And as Nickell says it is not really handwriting but like a “script that is artistically drawn rather than naturally and freely written.” It is affected. She slants the writing and makes it bigger than her writing which are both recognised techniques for hiding your input. It is a “disguise ploy” as Nickell says. The capitals are however written exactly as she writes them. Nickell determined she always writes on lined pages as if the entity cannot write when it is pure blank page!

Nickell quotes her message of January 25, 1987. Jesus supposedly writes, “I was pleased to hear your prayer of surrender; in surrendering to Me I will lift you to the heights and show you how I work; I will mould you, if you let Me, into a better person; you have given Me your consent to become My bride, so what [sic] more natural for a bride to follow her Spouse? I am glad you realize your worthlessness, do not fear, I love you anyway.” My comment on that is that it is affected humility – it is fake humility.  She is even the bride of Christ!

Then there is God’s spelling errors: “work with Me writing down My messages”. And the interesting “analising”.

The Vatican should use Nickell’s sentence, “Her automatic writings therefore are not works of revelation but simply of pious imagination.”

Needless to say her disobedience to the Church and the authorities who are qualified to assess her is alarming. And her followers are as defiant as herself.

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