Vicka caught faking apparitions at Medjugorje

The Marian apparitions of Medjugorje may rank among the greatest religious hoaxes of all time. Some scientists are saying there is at least one impostor among the six visionaries who is not really seeing anything at all according to tests. And a documentary produced with the collaboration of France and Canada that is so pro-apparition that it would not dare to say it unless it couldn’t be denied called Apparitions of the Virgin Mary says it (Galaxie Productions, Amaya Films, 2000). Now would such a thing be allowed to happen all this time? Surely the visionaries must know who this person is? The Virgin would chat to them all and anybody being ignored would soon been noticed. She would tell the true visionaries because all six give out messages and it means at least one person is giving out fake ones. The real Virgin would not have that and certainly not for so long. That this was not discovered by scientific teams long ago but is coming out now makes one wonder what kind of foolishness they were calling scientific tests before. The fake visionary went through a lot of fake praying and bother which makes us unimpressed by the seeming devotion of the others. 

Is the fake Vicka? If one is a fake then why one? Why not two or all of them?

Vicka jumps away from the man about to stab her in the eyes during a “vision”. She claims she is not aware of what is around her when seeing the Virgin and that she jumped because Mary seemed to be about to drop the baby Jesus and she wanted to catch him! Then why jump backwards and not open the hands to catch the child? Also note that these two visionaries are not looking in the same direction. It is as if they are only pretending that there is a person only the visionaries can see in front of them.

We read the following on the Marian times website, an excerpt from Unity Publishing with Marian Times comments in red.

On January 14, 1985, while in "ecstasy", a Frenchman quickly pointed two fingers at Vicka's eyes. Vicka gave a start and threw her head back. All was filmed on camera. She was not in ecstasy. Vicka left the room with the Franciscan priest and came back a few minutes later. The camera continued to film. She announced without being asked:

"I did not see Jean-Louis [the Frenchman] nor his hand. I saw the Virgin. She had the child, Jesus, in her arms. At a certain moment, the Child slipped, (sic) and I simply made a movement to stop him from falling."

God slipped? The Child, Jesus slipped? How stupid do these Franciscan priests think we are? Two weeks later, the priests closed the apparitions to the outside public. They have been protected from anyone getting too close ever since.

This is the single reported "anomaly" during 25+ years of apparitions. I put "anomaly" in quotes because actually nothing happened. A man called Jean Louis got excited about a coincidence. Rick has exaggerated the situation to bolster his argument. What people readily believed was Vicka's "reaction" to a quick two-finger stabbing motion by Jean Louis consisted of a 14mm deflection of the head and the batting of an eyelid. Because the finger-stab and the "reaction" appeared to be sequential, the assumption was that Vicka reacted directly to Jean Louis's finger-stab. Rick Salbato (or whoever his source is) then dressed it up to paint a picture of a violent throwing of the head backwards, with a grimace. There was ZERO change in expression on Vicka's face over all relevant frames of the film studied by scientists, which is completely inconsistent with a supposed reaction to a sharp movement towards the eyes. Combine that with a tiny 14mm deflection and you can see the truth of the matter. The conclusion of the scientists who studied the film was that the reaction of Vicka was NOT AS A RESULT OF THREAT TO HER EYES. The timing was slightly out between the finger poke and the alleged reaction to the finger poke.

Subsequently, Vicka gave a clear and straightforward explanation. Note that this explanation was provided during a question and answer session immediately after the apparition and the question asked of Vicka was whether there was anything that happened during the apparition that had disturbed her. This puts paid to any speculation that Vicka got together with the priests to talk her way out of being "sprung". Vicka did the natural thing in responding to this question. She searched her mind and offered the only plausible reason she could recall for possibly having experienced disturbance. The only thing she could think of that disturbed her was that it crossed her mind that baby Jesus might fall from the hands of the Gospa. Remember that after apparitions these types of questions from reporters are routine. They are asked such things as "We noticed that you smiled so brightly at one point. What was the Gospa saying to you then?" (Click here for further information about the Jean Louis incident .)

The pertinent fact is that Medjugorje is the first apparition to be studied in depth by the scientific community and the astounding results of tests on the visionaries, including electric shocks, 1000 watt bulbs in front of their eyes, etc, etc, are well-documented. Please see Medjugorje Scientific Investigation. This simply cannot be argued with. No-one in the scientific community has any requirement to lie about the visions at Medjugorje.
So Vicka was concentrating so deeply that her reaction was fairly slow and fairly small. But she still reacted.
The priests could have warned the visionaries that what happened to Vicka could happen and already told them what to say if it did. Vicka then just said what they told the visionaries to say. There is no need to think the priests had to tell her what to say between the event and her question and answer session.
Marian Times tries to say it was a coincidence. It’s too much of a coincidence. Do you really think God sending an apparition of the baby Jesus would really alarm a visionary at that particular moment? God is not a God of confusion and he wouldn’t give ammunition to unbelievers.
It is totally mad to think that Mary held the baby Jesus so clumsily that somebody thought he was going to fall. You do more than jump if you think somebody is about to drop a child – you shout. Even if her voice is silent she should still have been seen mouthing a shout. She wasn’t. She regained composure too fast
Notice how Marian times doesn’t try to refute Rick Salbato for saying she said “the Child slipped, (sic) and I simply made a movement to stop him from falling”. She jumped away from the vision not towards it which she would have done had she really wanted to catch him. And would the child really slip? Why didn’t the other visionaries react?
Even if something supernatural is going on we must question the source of it. lying visionaries could be seeing something different from what they say they are seeing.
To suggest the event wasn’t an anomaly but an “anomaly” is clearly indicatory of the author’s doubts about what he is writing. He doesn’t believe what he is writing himself. And besides, who would?
And the Jean-Louis incident proves that a lot of lies are being told to promote and give evidence for this apparition being really from God.

Vicka in September 2013. A statue of Our Lady of Lourdes glows in Vicka's old house. “I was on the road when my mother called and told me. I just told her, “This is Our Lady’s will. Pray!” Vicka tells the Croatian daily Slobodna Dalmacija.

The statue was taken for investigation and was never mentioned since. Images of it show that it was plastered in luminous paint and is a hoax.

This link shows Vicka saying her Gospa told her that babies that die become angels in Heaven.  Catholic doctrine is that man cannot become an angel for an angel by definition is a being that never had a body.  Babies become saints.
Again two “visionaries” looking in different directions and expressing different emotions as if they are play acting

Vicka has been doing exorcisms. The following tells us she did one in July 1985

and in July 1987 she was involved in an exorcism of an Italian woman that had no results.

Her actions are in no way agreeable with Catholic teaching which is extremely strict and cautious regarding exorcisms.

It has been noticed that when Vicka meets the crowd there is often a terrible scream that is put down to somebody there being possessed by the devil.  Nobody sees who does the screaming and Vicka and the priests do nothing about it - is it a recording?  There are some crazy pilgrims who would just scream but otherwise it seems orchestrated.

Vicka's diary has her saying the virgin sided with a corrupt priest against the bishop.  "December 19, 1981 – (Saturday) – I asked the Gospa about the Herzegovina problem, especially that which relates to Father Ivica Vego. The Gospa said that Bishop Zanic is the one most guilty for all these disorders. As to Father Ivica Vego, she said that he is not guilty, but that the Bishop has full power. She told him to stay in Mostar and not to leave there."  The virgin gets involved in an ecclesiastical dispute and does not care that bishops are supposed to be obeyed even if wrong.

People say that nobody keeps a religious hoax going for years and says nothing.  Vicka does not have to say anything.  Her actions say it for her.


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