People speak often of victimless crimes.  Religious people speak of victimless sins.

There is no such thing for if a crime or sin really hurts nobody then it should not be a crime or sin.  Laws that trample upon principles of truth and justice are always making victims even if the victims do not feel they are.  Plus there threat of what is going to be made a crime or sin next.

In a sense the criminal and sinner are victims.

There will be unknown victims.  For example, hospital beds will not be provided if scammers defraud the tax system that provides for this.

It is argued that there are no crimes or sins that affect only the person who is responsible.  Even if there is it does not change the fact that a risk is taken of causing unknown harm.  To risk is to harm in a way.  Risking people creates insecurity even if nothing happens.

What about secret wrongs that are kept in your heart?

Is man enjoying rape fantasies doing wrong even if it will not lead to any violent behaviour towards actual women? Yes for the man will not know that his fantasies will not lead to that. He disrupts his relationships with women making it impossible for him to relate to them. If the man was able to create a universe in his head just in his head he would be raping in it.  He is not being as good as the man who does not enjoy such stuff.

It is possible that actual violence against women may be just as easily triggered by refraining from fantasies about violent rape.  But it depends on the person.

Victimless crime is a complex area and fuels those who think it is their business what people get up to in private.  The doctrine of God is really about not making people live better lives for they are not too bad anyway but about meddling in victimless crime and using a doctrine to handle it.

Some say that to save one person is to save the world.  They say that to harm one is to harm all.  What do they mean?  They are referring how to hurt x means you would still do so if some other person was x.  So to hurt one is to tell everybody else you would do it to them if they had been in the time and place and spot x was in.

There is no such thing as a victimless crime for by crime and its bad example and how it makes you somebody that could be a threat to others that has to have at least indirect consequences for nobody is an island.


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