Proof that evil and God are a straight contradiction

It is suggested that there is a logical and fatal contradiction between the all-powerful maker of all from nothing being good and evil being allowed to happen under his providence.

Bertrand Russell said that the contradiction would be real and claimed that there is a but.  He says that evil would need to be something that God makes and cannot make at the one time.  If he has the power to make something exist that does not exist “to cause a thing exist and not exist at the same time” then the argument from evil wins full stop.  He says it does not so for that reason “I doubt that the incompatibility can be strictly proved.”

"I doubt," he says.  So he is not sure.

We will not look at the view that evil makes it very unlikely that God exists.  Russell said that unlikely claims may be right after all.

Nevertheless, Russell didn't explore evil carefully enough.  He swallowed the superficial confused nonsense religion comes up with about it, in order to make it seem that God theory survives logic.

Incredibly religious attempts to tell us what evil is, are, in fact incoherent.  A faith that cannot tell us what the enemy is exactly is not able to immunise or heal.  It is part of the slow poison effect that we see everywhere.  It is evil itself.

The religionists firmly assert that there is mystery in evil.  As with a grain of sand, we cannot understand a lot about it.  We can hope we understand enough but who can say?  Plus all agree that evil involves deception.  M Scott Peck called it "The Lie." All agree that evil manages to look good and confuses people and is always linked to lies, "eg rob the bank and you will be happy and safe", so it is boastful to say you understand it even reasonably well.

That means they have to confess that it might be illogical to say there can be evil in the universe made by an all-loving God.

Now that does NOT entitle us to assume the best and that they fit.  It entitles us to say we do not know.  Founding religions and promoting God and spending hours in prayer is too much.  Keep it unbiased.

We see here at this point that you can only say God may fit evil and evil may fit God as long as you hold that God is not demanding or looking for religions in his honour to be set up.  Also, you come up with a new reason for holding that evil probably, if not definitely, refutes God for most God religion demands your deep commitment.  A God that lets that happen to that extent is probably either a fiction or evil himself.

We have proven that an all-loving God who asks for faith and commitment from us indeed contradicts evil and suffering.

Now what do we do about the notion of a loving God full stop?  It might fit evil. Or perhaps not?

Bernard Lonergan says we know what being, existing, means when we see it but he denies it is a concept or can be defined. This means religion is lying that it clearly recognises and cures evil.

To avoid saying God made evil, religion says there is nothing there as such to make. That cannot be argued as Lonergan shows.  If you don't know what existence really is then you don't know what non-existence means either.  You just have a blurred idea.

Religion contends that evil is an absence and you don’t make an absence. But this contradicts how they say that you do and can make an absence. They cannot condemn you for making life absent when you murder. I cannot say my intention is to create a void where life was and excuse myself. I cannot say my intention was to make an absence and not to kill.  And who makes the things surrounding evil, such as its power to pollute, infect, hide and so on?  It must be God.

I make an absence of sand in on the beach with a spade. I make a hole. So their claim that there is no evil for God to make solves nothing. He could still be evil.

It is unfair to say, “We can trust God for evil is not his fault for he does not make it as it is a lack not a thing”. This religious argument is a simple lie.  It assumes that evil is that which must keep God out so there is a God.    That is a circle not an argument and as useful as, "Yellow is the colour of cheese.    The sun is yellow so the sun is cheese."

 Religion is confused and trying to confuse. It is gaslighting.  An entity that is about lies is not about making you a better person. It is about controlling you. It is about making itself look good by keeping you on a lead like a dog.

We conclude that a good God is shown to be a fiction because of evils such as innocent suffering.  Russell despite being the pope of philosophy missed a chance to bury Christianity forever...

All he did was allow the Church to keep citing him to pretend that God and evil are not in logical opposition.


It is proven that evil shows you have no right to declare belief in God.  That is going too far. 

It takes a bit of work to show that evil by definition also just refutes God's love and existence straight out.


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