~ god glorifies weakness ~

Christians pray for victory over sin and evil and temptation for themselves and for others.  Then despite that most fall and fall hard.  It is as if by asking God for the grace of victory they were indirectly saying to Satan, "Come on give it your worst."  And Satan listened.  Victory cannot come unless your temptations last long enough or get worse.  New temptations will come.  If you think God never lets you be tempted enough that sin has to happen then it follows that when you sin you blame yourself.  That is judging yourself because of your faith.  What if in fact you are tempted enough so that you sin?  To judge yourself means you implicitly judge others in your position.  We all agree that judging people over a belief is superstition.  If you pray for temptation to happen you are inviting it whether praying does anything or not.  Belief in prayer has a lot to answer for.


Catholics observe the Lenten fast and fast days and do penance to overcome weakness. Protestants practice self-denial for this reason too. But the doctrines of God and love being sacrifice tell us that the more useless we are the better as long as we do our best.
Paul said that people serve God best when they are weak for it is more of a sacrifice and a struggle then. That is the meaning of his paradox that when he is weak he is strong inferring that when he is strong he is weak. God does not want us to like him. The more God makes us sick the better for the harder it is to please him. We can find God repulsive and still want the best for him. Loving is not liking. The more we dislike God the more we will be able to love him. And God deserves the best and what is not the best is an insult.
This proves that belief in God is bad for you. It is incompatible with concern for others.

If a person turns up drunk for a first date, his date will never see him again for that. The Church agrees with that behaviour and says its God does as well. It would ask the girl that if the lad would do that the first time what would he not do later. Then they consider it okay if he starts dating somebody else. He is good enough for somebody else. This kind of weak and shallow thinking is condoned by the Church and if people did not attribute the same shortcomings to the Lord God they would not be worshipping him. The adoration of a weak model of perfection means your own standards and tendencies will be bad.


People know that harming others and themselves is bad but they say they do it for their will is weak. What do we mean by weak? Desires must sway us. Why do we let desires tell us what to do? If we do that then we are stupid not weak. We are not weak for who lets the desires dictate? They are not dictating – you are!


Why is this humiliating and degrading perception that sin is down to weakness so prevalent?


+ There can be no need for religions of grace that purport to heal weakness


+ Everybody has a self-esteem issue that is related to thinking you are too small or weak in some way


+ People are prone to being conditioned or thinking they are weak for they think it is expected of them


The doctrine that people are weak and that strong people can surprise you by going weak gives Christianity a loophole through which it can let people can do evil and blame weakness for it.  Then the believer nods and says, "It is not that you won’t. You just cannot."  They hide behind the, "We cannot judge" in order to permit evil doing.


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