Religion says that God making a universe in which disasters happen do not make him immoral for he draws good for us out of them.

They claim the only proof that God is evil is if we sin because of his agency.

So the only real evil is a person.  It is not in nature.  Love the sinner and hate the sin denies that the problem is the person and is strained and insincere.  So if evil people exist then God makes evil.

Christians spend a lot of time trying to show there is no logical contradiction between God and the existence of evil. Think of evil as unjust random suffering. Think of evil as how we can do what we want but we cannot really make ourselves want what we want. If you want to hurt somebody the want appears and demands a response. We are faced with a possible proof that God does not care about our bodies. And it is undeniable that he created the wants we have so we are forced to conclude God asks us to sin against him!  Sin does not technically harm God or make him unhappy so in reality he is getting us to hurt each other.

The bad wants are the biggest natural evil of all if your focus is trying to become a better person with the help of God or faith in God. Earthquakes and things trigger a temptation to rage against God. God creates temptation. He cannot say we are getting help from him to past the test for that is not us passing the test. The point of a test is that you face it yourself without help.

Why call natural evils like plagues evil? Is natural evil only evil that hurts somebody? Or potentially could? Natural evil only potentially hurts people if God is negligent or letting the random take over. Otherwise there is no potential evil if God is using the evil as a force for good. There is no such thing as potential harm then. You don’t think of a dentist taking out your rotten tooth as harming you.

Desire is part of what makes us and as desire invites to evil and fuels it then this is a natural evil that happens to be a moral one.  If nature has put the tendency to believe in God in us this is another natural evil for as we have seen for God goes with the notion that natural evil is not evil or bad but merely treatment!  An impulse to hit your child then is a gift!  How warped!


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