Sin is an act that is considered to be religiously or spiritually immoral.  It is anti-God.

It has two aspects: Impersonal and Personal

On the impersonal level                                               

Sin – against a rule

Repentance – admitting what you have done

Forgiveness - not applying the punishment rule

Faith believing a pile of doctrines                                        

Each point contrasts and opposes these on the personal level

Betraying a relationship

Feeling terrible that you betrayed somebody and hurt them

Making a friendship all over again

Committing yourself to God as you would a person

We see sin involves persons and feelings.  When you grasp that you find it impossible to hold that a person who says they love sinners not sins is being honest.

Do you become anything harmful such as a murderer or child abuser? First and foremost you let yourself be one. Second you take action to be one. It's passive and then active. There is no active without the passive. The passive in a sense is more dangerous than the active for you don’t what you are letting yourself be. Evil can be a chameleon.


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