Christian scholars tend to think that the Tower of Babel in the Bible was real and is depicted on an ancient stone tablet. The tablet is from 600 BC so if this is the real tower then the author of Genesis fibbed by inferring the tower existed at the dawn of mankind. The objection to that is that the tower was actually started in the 1700s B.C.. The tower depicted on the artifact is the Great Ziggurat of Babylon. It also depicts King Nebuchadnezzar II, who reigned 605-562 B.C..

The Babel story from Genesis 11 says men wanted to avoid being divided all over the earth. So they aimed to build a city with its tower to Heaven as a sort of world capital. The Lord said that if they did that nothing would be impossible for them so they need to be stopped. So he confused their language so that they could not communicate and thus had to give up.

What has this Babel to do with the Book of Revelation? Pagan Rome did not seek to rise to Heaven to be all-powerful. It did not seek division but unity. Babel signifies what God views as spiritual confusion and arrogance and lies.  But Babel is really about man making an effort to look after man as a whole - without God!!  That is admirable.  Anyway that aside, the whore of Babylon in the Bible means "Christian" Rome not pagan Rome.  Rome seeks to rise to Heaven by turning men into channels of God's power who order God when to act.  This is worse than what the people of Babel did.

Those who interpret Revelation as pointing the finger at the Roman Church as the whore of Babylon do so because the book says that the visions in it will be fulfilled soon (Revelation 22:6). Accordingly, they hold that the whore was to come soon after the Book of Revelation was finished which matches the arrival of the Roman Catholic Church.
God says we must pay the harlot or whore back for her crimes which are piled as high as heaven (Revelation 18:5,6). Revelation calls Christians to hatred and war against the whore - a fact that even the most hardline Protestant chooses to forget. The Bible obligates the Christians to create a nuclear bomb and detonate it in Rome.
Revelation 18:8 says of the harlot that all her plagues and famines and sorrow shall come on her in a single day and that she shall be consumed with fire. The fire could come after the famine. Naturally it would for famines last a long time and especially for such a big outfit as the whore. The plagues and famine will spread to the outreaches of the whore because it makes no sense to hold that they would be okay and not help her so they are in big trouble too. The cry to come out of her to avoid the plagues and famine hints that you will be singled out for supernatural attack and the divine vengeance no matter where you reside. True followers of Christ will be spared as long as they separate from the whore.
The Revelation’s prophecies refer not to the pagan Roman system as it was when the prophet wrote but to a future one that will see the final and permanent destruction of its Roman headquarters (18:21-24). Pagan Rome never experienced such destruction. Some say that this proves it was not meant for the Bible makes no mistakes in predicting the future. Roman Catholicism is forced to ignore the assertion of Revelation that the great city that is the whore will be destroyed and never found again for that PROVES Revelation does not discuss pagan Rome at all but Roman Catholic Rome. The prophecies about the whore refer to a world religion centred in Rome which is the most powerful organisation in the world (17:2, 15). The Catholics say this excludes the Vatican which is only a small state in Rome but it is undeniable that the Catholic Church has more political power and influence than the Roman Empire had over its own provinces. This isn’t even mentioning the unbelievable spiritual power. Catholic Rome, because of a warmongering apparition in Fatima in 1917 of a being pretending to be the Virgin Mary that incited hatred against Communists, was able to use manipulations on politicians that led to the eventual fall of communism. Pagan Rome threatened dissidents with legal penalties, the Roman Church does better by threatening them with divine justice and eternal damnation. Pagan Rome allowed discussions but Roman Catholicism only allows it in a tight framework with so many restrictions that it might as well not bother allowing them. It is a dogmatic religion that claims to be incapable of error even when it doesn’t use its gift of infallibility. The descriptions fit Catholic Rome better than Pagan Rome.
Jesus told us what signs would indicate the nearness of his second coming. He gave ones that would not make it absolutely certain (Matthew 24:25). To give us ones that were too clear would be encouraging us to devote ourselves to the Devil’s ways in confidence while planning to repent when the unmistakeable signs arrive. Jesus’ return will be unexpected (Matthew 25) so he told us to be ready at all times just in case (Matthew 24:42). If Roman Catholicism is not the harlot of Antichrist spoken of in Revelation then Jesus was wrong for we would know he cannot come back until the Antichrist religion appears, until a new world Church headquartered in Rome becomes the supreme force in the world. So it has to be the present Church of Rome. Say it was not, then Jesus does not mind us considering Roman Catholicism to be the whore and fearing it. He wants us to suspect it which shows what he thinks of its morality and its doctrines. They must be so far away from real Christianity that he wants us to believe that the Church could be the Antichrist religion.
The objection to this argument is that Christ’s promise cannot prove that it is Catholicism for when Christians don’t see Rome destroyed like Revelation 18 says they can be sure that he is not on his way and can live it up and then repent when it happens. But true Christians those who were told to be prepared at all times, won’t be on the earth when it happens. They will be assumed body and soul into Heaven to meet Jesus in the clouds and their Heaven will begin then (1 Thessalonians 4). At the same time, the angels will destroy all who do not belong to God (2 Thessalonians 1). We must be ready at all times for we do not know when we will disappear from the earth to meet the Lord in the clouds. The objection does not succeed. And besides the destruction of Rome could be so rapid that even people living in Italy might not even have a chance to find out what happened. Revelation says that in the whore of Babylon was found the blood of prophets and saints and of all who had been slaughtered on earth (Revelation 18:24). This has to mean that she causes a world war. The whole earth is involved which has never happened yet. The last two world wars only involved a great part of the world but this war seems to be even worse and more universal. And after that then Babylon is destroyed and then the Lamb of God has his wedding feast indicating that his true Church is all in Heaven by then. If parts of the whore declare war she is still involved. It is not necessary to excuse the whore for say World War Two on the grounds that it was caused by a son of the whore, Hitler, and not the pope. The whore being an organisation cannot be expected to avoid inner disagreements. But the pope never excommunicated Hitler and regarded him as a Catholic so the Church did kill millions by causing World War Two.
It is clearly unsafe and irresponsible to belong to the Roman Catholic Church when it could be Antichrist’s cult. It is our duty to remain by the safe side. And this remains true even if Rome is not the Antichrist but will become it. You have to keep out of organisations that the Devil will use. Those who turn to Christ and stay in Catholicism will lose their salvation for they are apostates from Christ (Hebrews 6) and commit a sin that will never be forgiven. When you turn to Jesus you must leave the Church of Rome straightaway. God says you have to come out of Roman Catholicism in case you get a share of the plagues with which he will punish her: “I then heard another voice from heaven saying, Come out from her, my people, so that you may not share in her sins, neither participate in her plagues” (Revelation 18:4). This verse refers specifically to Rome and the chapter speaks of the world mourning when it sees the smoke of the conflagration rise up. But we would share in her sins if we supported her say even in Africa so the verse is still telling us to have nothing to do with the Roman administration at all.
The whore will persecute anybody who leaves her and Revelation is saying it is better to risk that than to stay in her. When the Lord starts attacking the whore she will be more lethal than ever and yet God commands that we leave her. This shows the extent of his revulsion.
The Bible does not want people to be confused about the identity of the whore. It would expect people to approach its message with simplicity for it is an urgent warning. Using that principle, the Roman Catholic religion being led by Rome is enough to show that Revelation points the finger at it being the whore.


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