The Church makes such serious claims that there is simply no way baptising children can be justified. In fact, there are adults being initiated by baptism into the Church but they don't really know the Church well enough to be really sure they are doing the right thing. The Church hides many nasty teachings and abhorrent doctrines and therefore must be classed as a cult.

Saying a child has evil inside that needs curing or vaccinating by baptism is a very big thing.  Parents need to take offence at this.  It is not their place to affirm such a doctrine by baptism.  Church doctrine is clear that when Jesus said you need water and spirit to be born to God he meant baptism so the notion that baptism only recognises the child is already born to God is just a liberal whitewash.  And the fact remains that even with that interpretation the child is considered born into the religion by baptism.

The doctrine insinuates that Islam is evil for saying all children belong to Allah by default and he wants them to follow the Qur'an.  It is a big thing to give any challenge to one of the world's major religions.
Baptism can be seen as deactivated by mortal sin.  Mortal sin is a sin that will take you to eternal damnation unless you sincerely ask God to forgive it.  The Church says baptism is irreversible as a sacrament and set of obligations to God and the Church but does it know?  That view however can lead to consequences for the child.  The child may waste their life in a convent or monastery.   The child might suffer spiritual trauma that would not happen if they were in another faith.  Existential angst is a real thing.  And their marriage to a divorced person, person of the same sex will be dismissed and afforded no protection in Church law.  And what about abortion rights?  Gender affirmation?  A false or humanly created religion shares part of the blame if a member or alleged member is attacked by sectarians from other faiths. 
The way baptism is done is a clear testimony to the fact that religious preachers including priests are motivated by a love of having people agree with their silly doctrines more than anything else. If people feel they are conditioned and unable to disbelieve in vile and ridiculous doctrines, it makes them feel happier and less odd when they have others as bad as themselves.

The Roman Catholic system needs to be helped to collapse. It is vital that we work to discourage infant baptisms, child indoctrination, get the Church thrown off public school boards, keep its influence out of politics, communicate with seminarians for the priesthood to help (not urge!) them to see the mistake they are making, encourage and help Catholics to formally defect from the Church, stop the state paying hospital and school chaplains, ban compulsory public prayer, ban compulsory prayer in public schools. End the practice of people getting special privileges just because they are religious. The law needs to facilitate those who can prove they were deceived by the Church so that they can claim monies paid to the Church back through the legal system. If you pay money to the chapel thinking you are doing it for God when you are doing it for a false religion you have the right to get your money back. Those who were taught harmful doctrines as children such as hell and to keep away from Protestant Churches and so on have a right to damages.

If Christianity is not the one true faith or if Jesus in fact did not have the Catholic ideas about baptism, then you are taking a child away from the one true faith if there is one.


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