Women denied priesthood and made second class citizens in Roman Catholic Church

Many feel that as you have the freedom to walk away from the Church and do not, you consent to any maltreatment by it. That is why it is legal for the Church to discriminate against women. In reality, the women in many cases are agents of their own maltreatment.  Why not go and form a group or religion that truly embraces women?  Trying to change your religion to an equality conscious entity is just making hard work.  What is so wrong with a new entity?

The fact remains that a woman cleric is still saturated in a faith that discriminates against women.  Want a list?

No female wrote a Bible book or was inspired by God to do so.

Male language for God.

Even a holy book using mainly male language for God is sexist for why if there is female imagery is it not more prominent?

A Messiah who said that he would have anybody punished for downgrading any Old Testament laws and who knew that these laws only let men work as priests. [The New Testament says their gory twisted sacrifices of animals were in fact useless in themselves.  It argues they were metaphors for the work of Jesus on the cross dying for sinners.  So God hated women so much that he would not let them into a pseudo-priesthood.  Also persons with disability were pariah too. They could not serve at the altar.  There is an appalling insinuation that being female is a disability.] 

A male saviour who claimed responsibility for setting up a sexist religion and belonging to one.  This man cannot speak for Christian women as he has male lived experience.  He is not a Messiah for women.

One who did not actually say that men and women were equal.   He was nice to women but sexists can be nice.

One who defended marriage as lifelong though it was really immature female children who were wed to males.  He went out of his way to ban females from divorcing even though in those times females did not divorce.

Jesus did not even appoint women as exorcists. He said power went out of him when a woman with a bleed touched him. So why couldn’t he give women his power so that he is the one doing it through them? That would not be honouring women but himself and he hated women so much he could not even do that!

The Bible faith is riddled with microaggressions and clear discrimination against women.

Ordaining women does nothing to fix the truth.  The faith is still degrading to women.  Ordination is not a sign of equality but of delusion and blindness.

The pope puts God before women when he denies women the role of the priesthood. He says women are not called to the priesthood and this is not sexism and that men and women are equal. But there is no difference between saying this and saying that women should obey their husbands for it is their role and they are not called to be boss over men. Equality that is not put into practice spells sexism. It is practice not theory that equality is about. It is another glaring sign of Catholic dishonesty that the doctrine of the Bible that women must submit to their husbands as heads of the house is no longer mentioned. Catholic means universal so a Church that denies equality to women is only tolerating women and not accepting them therefore it is not Catholic. It is too late for the Church to turn Catholic now for it cannot be the true Church when it lost its mark of Catholicity which it itself says is an essential mark of the true Church. The greatest crime against women of all is how God a masculine term is applied to the Supreme Being to the exclusion of the term Goddess. God is Father not Mother. He is Son not Child or Daughter. The Holy Spirit is also referred to as a male. This implies that femininity should be underrepresented and that men should trample on women. The Bible speaks of God as having given birth only once which is the only bit that seems to indicate that God is mother. But nevertheless it comes up in a bit of poetry. Male seahorses give birth not the females. Men give birth to ideas and business and countries so there is no need to assume that God is saying he is really mother. The sexism of the Bible certainly proves that the Bible is a lousy man-made document. Without woman there would be no man which makes this totally revolting. God imposed plenty of rules on his people that they did not like and women’s rights were not among these rules. Criminal.

The Roman Catholic Church says it has no authority from God to ordain women to the priesthood. Any attempt to ordain women would not work. The result would be only a pretend priest not a real one.
A God who is not a God of equal opportunity is not much of a God. The male gets the honour of priesthood. This is based on gender when it should be based on the virtue of the person. A man of mediocre faith and virtue can become a priest while a woman of flaming faith and outstanding virtue cannot. This is outrageous as is the fact that too many people are so desensitised by the Church that they do not feel the appropriate disgust. It is really no better than people in India being denied certain opportunities just because of their caste.

The Church says that men and women are equal but have different roles. It says women do not have the role of priesthood and so it is not discrimination to exclude them from ordination. The Church might as well say that women should not be doctors as say they should not be priests. The roles excuse does not hold water in relation to the priesthood. It is sexism pure and simple.

Tradition says women cannot be validly ordained. Constant tradition is infallible for Jesus promised the gates of Hell would never prevail over the Church. Thus we plainly see that tradition is proved fallible by the exclusion of women. It is also proven uncharitable.

It is said that the Church oppresses women. The Church replies that women are the most devoted servants of the Church so that can’t be true and nobody forces them to be Catholics or stay Catholics. That is no answer. It is like saying men do not oppress women when most women live as if they were subservient to men! It gives validity to that horrible chauvinism!

That women would support an organisation that degrades their very sex is worrying. It shows that there is some kind of addiction present. It bolsters the thought that religion preys on people’s vulnerability. It shows that people are dangerously irrational. Religion can only be dangerous in the hands of irrational people who care more about what they want to be true than what is true.


Arguments for women being priests comprise:
Sentimental - I would like to see Mary as a priest for she is so nice
Utilitarian - Mary has the qualities that makes a good priest
Political - Mary is equal to any man and so should be ordained if she wants to be
The Church says these reasons are valid but they are overridden by the fact that scripture and tradition say women cannot be ordained validly ever. This is a clear instance of putting faith before people. That is discrimination so how can the Church ask us to believe that Church teaching is not sexist?
Opponents of women being ordained priests or clergy say they believe that men and women are equal. They deny that their strange teaching that women cannot be validly ordained is misogynistic and sexist for women are not called to the priesthood for they maintain that women have a different role than men have.

A role is only a specific duty that you are suited for and which you have for the betterment of the world. Chaos would follow without roles. The priesthood is supposed to be a man’s role or job. This could be fair enough it if it is true.
Under extreme circumstances you cannot think about maintaining roles. For example, the role of motherhood is presently confined to women. But if women all died out then science would have to enable men to carry babies and give birth. Then it would be man’s role. Roles change to suit the circumstances. The Church is saying that we were all made for so-called roles instead of saying the roles were made for us. Her doctrine is dehumanising.  She will answer that a woman will never need to be ordained.  That is not the point.  The point is the Church even if it were necessary to save the world will not ordain.
Priests claim to be able to save people from Hell, the place of eternal torture from which there is no escape, by giving them the sacraments and forgiving their sins and teaching them the saving gospel. The pope and other Christian leaders are against women priests even if there is no other way to get priests. God miraculously could turn women into men so that they could be ordained for the job of saving souls from Hell by bringing them absolution. The Church doesn't want that so its attitude can only be out of hatred for women. When people going to Hell is preferred to ordaining women to save them what else can it be? If Jesus approves of this fanaticism he is far from respectable. The pope needs priests and yet he will not ordain women or married men so he prefers to let the flock suffer. This has cataclysmic consequences particularly in the Third World countries where thousands die in horror without priests and in the fear of eternal damnation which only a priest can save them from.

Protestants just use ordained ministers for communion. Apart from that they are superfluous. The way Paul says we break and bless the communion in the Bible suggests that the clergy can be lived without even for communion and most Churches accept that. It is an insult to women to say that they cannot be authorised to consecrate bread and wine. A good God does not make arbitrary rules. Protestants don’t really need ordained ministers at all so for them to forbid women clergy is a terrible scandal.
The Church claims that men and women should not have equal opportunity for they don’t have the same roles. They then point to some things that women can do that men can’t like having babies as evidence. The fact that men and women have some roles laid upon them by nature does not mean that their roles are different in anything else. It is as arbitrary to suggest that women that women should obey husbands and not be priests as it is to say that a man should not wash his own clothes but get a woman to do it.

To say that a woman can never have a priestly role is to state that she is inferior to man. If Christianity is true then priesthood is the ultimate caring profession so the implication is that women are not as nice as men. If they can’t qualify for that caring role how can they qualify for any other.
To say that women cannot be made priests or ministers betrays a conception of God as malignant for he invents sins and lies for he condemns some acts as well as evil when they aren’t.

Those who are against female clergy attempt to promote sexism and then conceal their bitterness. They seek to prevent the Church from being genuinely against it. It has to pay lip service to equality.


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