The argument that Jesus is the word of God not the Bible is true in this sense. The Bible cannot be the word unless Jesus is. In the Bible we find Jesus as we would in a letter he personally wrote. In other words the Bible only means anything because Jesus expresses himself in it by inspiring it.  So it is because Jesus is the word that the Bible is.

A distortion of this argument is rife. Liars argue that Jesus is the word not the Bible in an attempt to find an excuse for ignoring something the Bible says.

In Matthew 15:6 Jesus rules out using religion as an excuse for making anything written in the word void. He says void or of no effect. He is not talking about contradicting it but only about ignoring it. He warns it is the commandment of God and must be obeyed.

The Gospel of John says Jesus is the word of God in flesh. In John 10:35 Jesus says the word of God is the scripture. So both are the message from God. The Bible is the word of Jesus so there is no disconnect between Jesus being the word and it being the word. And Jesus says the scripture cannot be broken or wrong.

The argument that God alone is the one who makes mistakes so there must be mistakes in the Bible is bizarre.  Surely God can produce an infallible Bible!  The Bible surely might be infallible simply because God is.  All arguments that Jesus or God alone is unerring and not a book ultimately presume that God despite being infallible cannot give unerring information.  It is nothing more than a liberalist lie.  It is an excuse for saying man knows better than any Bible. But even if the Bible errs it does not follow that any Church or preacher is smarter or more correct than it.  Prideful arrogance is not an attractive trait and liberals are full of it.


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