Ideology is the power of the idea.  Jesus is worshipped as God by those who do not know what they are talking about.  That is ideology and Jesus is used as a prop for feeling okay about it or not seeing it.

The non-divinity of Jesus is a wonderful tool for making Christianity collapse and should be employed towards that noble end. It also shows that Christianity has no business looking down its nose at idolatry for it is the biggest offender against God’s ban on idolatry. The Church may argue that if it is wrong about Jesus being God it means well and it is God not Jesus it means to worship for it means to worship Jesus only if he is God. So the error is not in who God is but what God has done or not done. But the Bible rejects this logic for idolaters want their worship of idols to go to the true God if they are wrong and still God says he hates idolatry and rejects the worship of them. The heathen believe that God has broken up into a pile of gods who live in idols and the Church does not say their error is in what God has done and not in what and who God is. St Paul said that the demons take the worship offered to idols. The logic of the Church would imply that if Jesus is not God and you feel more attracted to God by believing that he is then it is best to worship Jesus as God. It would be an argument for idolatry. It would be saying the Bible is wrong to condemn this sin.

The Ebionites and many sects rooted in the first century denied that Jesus was really God. If you read The Early Church, Paul of Samosata who was bishop of Antioch and was appointed in 260 AD (page 114), Origen who died about 254 AD (page 105) and Justin Martyr (page 86) of the mid second century, were major Christian theologians who did not agree that the Bible should be interpreted to mean that Jesus was literally Yahweh God.
The Christians fabricate Bible evidence that Jesus is God.
A prophecy in Isaiah that isn’t even about Jesus is thought to be predicting Jesus’ divinity in saying he shall be called Mighty God. But it only says he will be called it.
They say Jesus said he knows all that God knows when he only said that nobody knows God but the Son and God knows the Son.
They say God called Jesus the Kyrios his own name. But God gives divine titles to men in the Old Testament as honorific titles. In Genesis 5, the birth of a man called Mahalalel is mentioned. Mahalalel means the Blessed God.
The Prophet Micah predicted a ruler whose activity and origin are from all eternity. This could be a poetic way of saying that this man was special. He more than any other man was the work of God and eternity is sometimes a synonym for God. Christians assume it’s saying the ruler never had an origin and only God has no origin so the ruler is God. But it does say he had an origin.
They say that Paul said that though Jesus was in the form of God he didn’t cling to equality with God but became a slave. Jesus was in the likeness of God like a mirror reflecting and taking in the glory of God. He didn’t cling to equality with God. In other words, rather than wanting to be God or equal to God or like God he chose to be a slave. None of this indicates that Jesus was God or entitled to seek equality with God, it only says that he didn’t seek it.
The angel in Revelation forbade John from worshipping him but Jesus accepted worship so Christians say that Jesus must be more than an angel and must be God. The angel’s job was to be a messenger of God not to answer prayers and to be worshipped. He doesn’t say he shouldn’t be worshipped but just that now isn’t the time. The angel says worship God only meaning that he was only God’s messenger and it was God who should get all the honour for it was God who was really doing the work. And besides we are never told that Jesus got the worship due to God. Kings were worshipped in a sense. Nothing in the episode defends the Christian belief in a divine Christ.
Christians say that when Jesus was worshipped that he never told the worshipper they were wrong. First of all, the gospels make it clear we must worship God only. So they didn’t need to tell us if Jesus did correct these people. Second, Jesus was merely called a good teacher and he told the man off for saying that. Third, we read of people making assumptions and Jesus despairingly not bothering to waste time trying to correct them.
Let us now comb the Bible to see if Jesus thought he was God the Son, God almighty. The Gospel of John is dealt with in my book John Gospel Denies Jesus is God. In brief, that gospel says that Jesus was the incarnation of the Word, the message of God and God is his message. But that is not the same as saying that he is God. A saint who is not God can be the incarnation of the love of God even though God is said in Christian belief to be love itself. When Jesus said that before Abraham was I am and I am being the name of God in the Old Testament he didn’t say he meant it in the sense that God meant it. Jesus said that he and the Father are one but that could be a reference to his being the manifestation of the Father for he said he is the image of the Father so that he who sees him sees the Father. He said he wanted his followers to be one in the same way he and the Father are one indicting that he didn’t mean that he was one nature with the Father. Jesus denied he was God when he said his teaching was not his own but the teaching of the Father.
Christians say that he means his teaching is not of human origin but divine. He was saying his teaching was not from himself as man but himself as God. So they turn it into a declaration that Jesus was God! But if you mean that you would say that. You would not use cryptic clues like, “my teaching is not my own for it is God’s”. To say my teaching is not mine but God’s is to deny that you are God. Christians have to obscure their doctrine that Jesus was fully human and fully divine and yet one person so that my referred to his personhood which was both human and divine and pretend that he was like a pantomime horse half human and half divine and was referring only to his man side.
Nothing in the gospels or New Testament or anywhere in the Bible declares Jesus to have been God.  Saying Jesus was worshipped does not mean he was worshipped as a god or God.

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Kevin Quick discusses the Jehovah’s Witnesses claim that the Bible never says that Jesus is God
Father and/or Son by H Wayne Hamburger


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