Messiah denotes the king anointed by God to rule Israel and destroy its enemies, essentially another King David who was Messiah for his day.

Few are convinced by Gospel claims that Jesus claimed to be the Christ.  The argument that he was a sort of pacifist is a complete distortion.  Some suspect him of sedition.

The story of Jesus saying two swords is enough is trying to downplay something.  The story of his curing the ear cut off is damage limitation.  Jesus was responsible for this incident for letting his followers bear swords.

Messiah means anointed one and it is odd that Jesus was never investigated for perhaps been discreetly anointed as king.  There is no record of such an anointing and I think the first believers thought he was anointed in the sky, Heaven, after he rose from the dead.  Christianity in its present state has no anointing doctrine so it just calls Jesus Messiah without him actually being seen as one.  No anointing, no Messiah.  Christianity is not Christianity.  Yet the 1 Letter of John says that whoever fails to affirm Jesus as Christ is not of God.

If Jesus was suspected of being Messiah he had to have been approached by Zealot groups.  The gospel silence on that is telling.

But he had Simon the Zealot in his intimate entourage.  And Judas Iscariot's surname indicates the weapon Zealots used to slay people.  A man getting a notable level of attention who could claim to be the Messiah would have been eliminated just in case.  Or his main followers would have been forcibly separated from him.  That none of that happened was incredible.  And what about the looser followers, acquaintances?  There had to be scores of Zealots or Zealot sympathisers among them.  Jesus would have had a short ministry had he really been as popular as the gospels alleged he was.

Jesus claimed he was sent to the Jews.  Was that just an excuse for keeping away from non-Jews who the zealots called dogs?  Jesus called a non-Jew and her daughter dogs.  This was an insult as shown by the woman telling him that dogs can have scraps so that she is able to ask if he could provide scraps for her.

It looks like those who think that Jesus was just a nobody who did healings and who had a short ministry and who was not a star may be more accurate than those who turn him into the Ben Hur version of the Son of God.  All the gospels then are lying that he was a popular man known to be the rightful king.


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