Comment on a salon article about how to argue with pro-life relatives about abortion Dec 2016

The pope is the prime symbol and force behind the pro-life ethos and its propaganda and intolerance. Pro-life here in Ireland seems totally Catholic. I hate the label pro-life for it has been turned into something unclear. Pro-life people are often only trying to destroy women's rights in the name of life and are not really pro-life. It is still Catholic teaching that the death penalty is not a sin in itself but just not really necessary any more. After all its Jesus sentenced himself to death in sacrifice and the Bible he said was authored by God and which according to Catholic teaching has no errors in faith or morals commands brutal forms of execution by divine command. Jesus' hero Moses who he even called up from the dead for a friendly chat and who Jesus took to be the top prophet of God before Jesus and John the Baptist said God told him to have homosexuals and adulterers and heretics and statue worshippers and witches and fortunetellers and sabbath breakers violently stoned to death. Most of these victims were women. Jesus is alleged to have dropped these laws but he didn't say they were wrong. In fact he just kept saying they were right but just not for the current circumstances. He told an adulteress that she cannot be stoned for the stoners are as bad as her and that she deserved it. The Bible God says a man should be fined for causing a miscarriage at any stage of pregnancy but should not be executed as he would be if he killed a human being. Some Catholics get a loophole through this text for allowing abortion. And some think God takes the soul out so that it is only the body of the baby that dies in abortion not the baby. My message is that faith and religion are not really protection against abortion and are lying about their respect for human life. Their respect is conditional and limited and is more about being a performance than concern for truth. How pro life is the pope when the huge majority of unborns are aborted in the womb by nature and thus his god is the biggest abortionist of all! Why is it all right for man to think there is a God and condone what God does? If human life is so precious then what right has man to condone anything like that? If you can condone what you think God does then why not think that abortionists are okay? you only think there is a God so what you think God does is about you for it is about what you think? Read it again and see the point I am trying to make.

_____________________ on Catholic Church claims some unborn babies are 'spoken of as if they were as good as dead'

There is always more to a religion than just religion. The Catholic Church is often indirectly political. It says it regards the baby in the womb as equal to the mother. I think the Catholic logic in fact is, " But many mothers feel that the baby comes first. If there is a person in the womb surely it is better to sacrifice the mother for the mother has had a life? And the mother is baptised and the baby is not and so if it dies without baptism that is not good. So the baby comes first". The Church cannot admit to thinking these things so it hides behind vague statements about all human life being equal. Thus it follows that if a priest tells a doctor to help a sick pregnant woman even if the drugs will kill the baby he is a hypocrite. You cannot say, "Oh the doctor did not intend to kill the baby so that is fine." But that does not get the doctor off the hook. The baby is still dead. If the baby comes first or matters more than the mother's health (we are not talking about her death) then the treatment is a sin. The Church does not care as much about the unborn as much as it pretends.

Here is what I would add to that today:

Catholicism has a new tactic against abortion. Now it says that to get it done fast or within a legal time limit say of 12 weeks, the woman has little time to ponder her choice. It says her choice is invalid for it is too rushed. Yet this same religion has Mary, an underage child, in a dangerous world where men violently hated unwed mothers, being able to decide to carry Jesus within seconds of being told God wanted her pregnant.


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