Catholicism and other similar forms of Christianity think that Jesus' mother Mary has appeared on earth.

The famous mass visions of Mary in Zeitoun in Egypt are no reason to believe in Christianity. The Visions seem to have happened from April 22 1968 to about the middle of 1971. It is significant that fanatical Marian books such as The Thunder of Justice never approve or mention this alleged miracle. The Book of Miracles says just a few lines about it and thereby shows it does not take it seriously. It is important that the visions did not represent the Roman Catholic Church for a change. They represented the Coptic Church. Mary appearing to thousands at Zeutoun would be in refutation of Roman Catholicism far more than visions to Bernadette and a few others would be in support of Roman Catholicism. The visions defended the Coptic Church if anything.

But one must also remember that there were few convincing and clear photos and no films of the visions (page 125, The Evidence for Visions of the Virgin Mary) which make one think they were more subjective or imaginative than commonly assumed.

The vision never said it was the Virgin Mary. It first appeared to Muslims, who also revere the Virgin Mary, which indicates approval for the errors of Islam if it is true that miracles back up the religions they happen to.

The vision has changed shape so much and did so many bizarre things that it seems that it could have been one of those mysterious earthquake lights which sometimes take the shape of a person by pure coincidence (page 186-7, Looking for a Miracle). We can all interpret shapes by pure imagination and excitement that seem to have a supernatural origin to us as beings from another plane of reality. There was evidence that seismic activity was far far greater than it should have been in that area. The boast about Zeitoun is that thousands saw Mary but Mary was never near the site. When Mary lets illusions be mistaken for her who knows what is behind most of her apparitions? Perhaps the vision was really one of those mysterious Egyptian goddesses instead of Mary? Occultists believe that Mary was a manifestation of one of the pagan female gods. The Virgin made no effort to convert Muslims which would suggest that she did not care what people made of her. She was not the mother of the dogmatic Jesus who said that he was the way in John’s Gospel without any hint that those who did not know of him could be saved.


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