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The Church says we are all tainted with original sin and there is a bit of sin in all our actions and even our good works. Some Protestants say that none of our good works are really good. Either way there is an element of abuse in deciding to have your child baptised if Christianity is right about the effects of original sin.
But the Church will have to answer that it is worse abuse if the child is not baptised.
This assumes that baptism works. It assumes it without regard to evidence. There is no evidence that unbaptised people are any worse than baptised. Their answer is certainly evil.
It assumes that baptism is not an attempt to put a dangerous and malign spiritual power into the baby. But when it does nothing for the baby, it does evil to the baby. It tells the baby he is healed of sin when he is not. The Devil will be very pleased with it.
Baptism is trying to put a power that violates the rights of the child, that encourages the child to absorb and follow a harmful hypocritical faith into the child. It is an act of worship for a despicable God.
We know most parents do not want their children to be very obedient to the Church. So they have the babies baptised under false pretences. If baptism is really the new birth then these parents are not having the baby baptised to help it but to make it defy that help. The baby must end up worse in the end than she would have been had she never been baptised.
The idea of original sin and that there is a bit of evil in all you do urges you to have that evil in your heart. Original sin itself is an evil doctrine and it is not original sin that tries to taint good works. It is belief in it. Original sin does not exist. So baptism is based on an evil doctrine. It pays homage to it and so it is evil itself.
If baptism does not work and does not heal original sin, then it is the best initiation to the craftiest kind of evil. Evil likes to have a beautiful side. It needs that to attract people. The person who thinks they are healed of sin when they are not are in the same position as the Pharisees were according to the New Testament. They were confident in their holiness though they were not holy.
If we have original sin and its effects, which include a bias towards sinning, then we are not going to lose original sin without a struggle. The bias towards sin would lead us to create an ineffective cure that would make us falsely claim to be free from original sin. We would create such a useless rite such as baptism. You would not take your child to the doctor for a vaccine when there is no strong evidence for its effectiveness. And religion says sin is worse than any sickness and at the root of all sickness. It claims that even when it is forgiven the damage is left behind and makes us sick and weak. Without the proof, baptism then is really for KEEPING a child in original sin. Though it is done in the name of God it is anti-god in that sense. It represents the view that a relationship with God is all-important and then it spits on the view in mockery.
Baptism is not so much about healing the child of the tendency to sin as it is to remove the condition of sin the child is in. It is more worried about God not having the child than the healing of the child. It says the faith comes before the child.

Christianity exercises a kind of fundamentalism that sees it as all about good/God taking over where evil was and vice versa as if there is no grading between. Thus some see removing original sin as enough to make you a child of God. The idea is that get sin out and God has to flood in. Why can’t it just wipe the slate leaving it up to you to choose God? Why does the space have to be filled necessarily? This point clearly shows that baptism is intended to be an occult ritual that controls God. The rite forces God into you when in fact you should be in a neutral state with original sin gone.
There is no law that says that coming into existence in a state of estrangement from God that is not your own fault should result in tendencies to sin. An unrepentant murderer could be made in such a way that his crime does not make him want to do more evil. Yet God blames original sin for those tendencies. He should blame himself. Baptism accuses God of evil and offers you a relationship with this wacky mad and wicked God.
Baptism implies that God and the child do not have a relationship until baptism. To have your child baptised is to give assent to the idea that God comes first and is right even when he is estranged from your baby. If you believe something so awful you can hardly complain about somebody saying your child is evil scum or that your child is as guilty as Adam was when he ate the forbidden fruit. Baptism is declaring that harming and insulting are not bad in themselves but only bad when God feels like condemning them and that he may allow harm and still be good. It is declaring that religion matters and people don't.
If you believe in psychic powers and evil powers then you are dedicating your child to possibly harmful magical forces during baptism. You need to be sure what kind of powers are operating if any. If you are not or don't care then baptism is inviting evil to the child. And religion with its outrageous morality and doctrines devoid of verification cannot prove that it is good for the child. You need proof. Its your child.
The Christian religion is unable to give adequate verification of any of its claims. It claims that the followers of Jesus Christ following his crucifixion left evidence that he rose bodily from the dead leaving an empty tomb and appeared to his friends and now reigns as our king in Heaven and from there he administers the salvation he won for us. We know we have to accept the simplest explanation we can find. The gospels record the alleged evidence for the empty tomb and the visitations of the risen Jesus. If the gospels are convincing (they are not - an empty tomb and apparitions afterwards of the person who had been in the tomb still does not prove a resurrection) in relation to their claim that Jesus Christ rose from the dead then where is the miracle? It is easier to believe that the miracle is in the credibility of the records and not in the miracle of resurrection. The plausibility of the records only means that the records are plausible not that they are correct. Something rather different from an actual resurrection could have been what really happened. Then some psychic or supernatural forces set to work to guide writers to tell a story that supported a resurrection story and was believable. The lesser miracle of psychic guidance of the writers is what should be accepted not the huge miracle of resurrection. The fact that the (fragile but let us put that out of our mind) plausibility of the records only means that the records are plausible not that they are correct suffices to show that the resurrection is false. Had Jesus really risen he would not have made the mistake of guiding his followers to present evidence that is useless never mind insufficient.
Baptism symbolises the resurrection. It is declaring your commitment to it as a historical fact and therefore to the gospels and the Church. It is dedicating the baby to unfair bias and irrationality for the resurrection is a ridiculous belief by any test. The child is called upon to oppose those who know how silly the resurrection idea is. And if occult forces were behind the resurrection of Jesus
Baptism degrades the child and advocates evil. It is inseparable from the lie of the resurrection of Jesus. Jesus lied that his resurrection would be the greatest proof of all of the power of God. It is not. Strange coincidences do happen. Satan is supposed to have some power to guide coincidences. If he has psychic powers there could be other beings that have them. So a combination of mistakes and error and strange coincidences could have let to the testimony of the apostles that the resurrection happened. For example, maybe Peter saw Jesus with cloven hoofs and strangely forgot this. As a result of his forgetting, the resurrection became more believable. It is better to assume strange coincidences have made it look like a miracle happened than that a miracle really happened.
The Catholic Church claims to be one, holy, Catholic and apostolic and that these indicate easily that she is the true Church. The Church always said that invincible ignorance was the only excuse for not being in the Church. So it follows that Protestant ministers and many Protestant laypeople who know of the Catholic Church are deliberately staying out of it. The holiness of the Church must be remarkable to the degree of miraculous. This would mean that if anybody stays out of it after seeing that holiness they are just bad people no matter how holy they pretend to be. They refuse to support the Church and participate in her holiness. Baptism would be the main cause of this holiness for it is the sacrament that creates the Church. It is the only way to membership. But we don't see this holiness.
If a Catholic is very good and holy, the Church points to him as evidence of the power of baptism. But just because he was baptised that does not mean the baptism had much to do with it. It could have been the example of his family and neighbours, it could have been the goodness encoded in his genes. The Church is lying to people and it has no right to. To administer a ritual with occult powers to a child without giving any evidence that it is effective and wholesome is implicitly dedicating the child to evil forces. And the holiness of the Catholic Church is unremarkable. With a hierarchy and papacy that swept clerical child abuse under the carpet it is anything but holy. If the Catholic Church were the true Church, it would have an unusual degree of holiness. For example, the pope would be tripping over his red shoes to sell Vatican art to evangelise and help the dying poor in Africa.
The Church certainly wants babies to be born evil. Catholics will not judge a vile murderer as evil though according to their standards he is but they judge a child as being empty of God! They have no evidence for their belief in original sin so they believe it vindictively. I wouldn't believe they intended baptism to remedy original sin but perhaps to make it look like they were trying to do something about it.
The Church teaches that doctrine and teaching is important but the healing power of the sacraments is more important. For example, the imbecile will be helped by the sacraments though he can't learn many doctrines. Parents stupidly think they should have their children baptised with a view to having them sent to Catholic schools to educate them as good people. They focus on the teaching aspect. But this is misplaced. The main focus is the healing power. Indeed it is the only focus for the Church declares that all the teaching in the world will do no good unless your heart is opened to God by the supernatural power of the sacraments. We are said to be closed to God by nature and we need his grace to get us into a position where we can choose him and his ways and receive his virtue-infusing power. The priests - because they wish to manipulate - don't warn parents to have the right reasons for having their child enrolled in Catholicism and its schools.
To a child’s mind, sacraments and sacramentals are like spells. Catholicism causes an inclination to believe in superstition and magic. Baptism is supposed to be a supernatural rite that turns a baby from a sinner into a child of God and inclines her or him to believe in the truth taught by God. It is supposed to be a bigger miracle to us, to our experience, than the resurrection of Jesus. It is claimed by the Church to be more supernatural in our experience for we don't experience the resurrection but its supernatural results. So baptism encourages the dangerous belief in miracles.
Baptism is doubtlessly the declaration of allegiance to evil spiritual forces and to religious whitewash and hypocrisy.


The Roman Catholic Church claims that sprinkling water on a baby or an adult while saying, "I baptise you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit" does amazing things. It takes away the sin we are born with, original sin, and any other sins and grafts us on to Jesus making us his servants. It puts Jesus and God inside us to live in us and inspire us. The Church says that baptism heals the inclination towards sin that original sin causes. Baptism is a sacrament. It pictures cleansing from sin and the effects of sin and actually does what it pictures. This sounds like magic. The Church says it is not for God has freely decided to use baptism as the way of imparting his graces and powers and help to us. The pagans believed that Diana and other goddesses and gods had left rites that must be performed if one needs divine help. They believed they were not forcing the deities to help them. And yet the Church condemns their worship as occult and magical. The pagans indeed were doing magic. And so is the Catholic Church. It is like saying that bookkeeping is not bookkeeping when such and such a firm does it but is bookkeeping when your firm does it. Do you see the arrogance? Do you see the deceit?
Church defines occultism as trying to get better of God
Magic or the occult is the use of non-physical or supernatural or spiritual power to affect the physical.
The Church claims that occultism is the use of powers that are not from God, in other words, they are from Satan and his minions. Even miracles done in the name of God can be occultic if they are designed to attract people away from the true religion of God. The Church would see divine miracles that gain converts for Islam and which defend Islam as occult for it considers Christianity and not Islam to be the one true faith.
It is hideous to say that God's grace is needed to get you into Heaven and this grace corrects the moral and spiritual defects in you and that receptivity to grace is administered to babies in baptism. This is clearly forced conversion where the child is anti-God by default and then forced to be receptive by baptism. The implication is that the force is justifiable for the baby is so bad.
If God does not force, then baptism is an attempt to say he does and to force him. It is occult to force unwanted supernatural forces on a baby. The main objection religion has to the occult is that it supposedly seeks to manipulate others and God or worse to force them
Baptism and the sacraments are occult

It is interesting that when the Bible God is so vehemently opposed to casting spells and trying to communicate with the dead and wants mediums killed, that the Church claims that its problem with these things is that they try to force God and the spirits with him to do things. This would refute the power of the sacraments to convey divine grace for they compel God to give this grace. The Church will then reply that God has chosen to do it this way. But magic-workers and mediums say that God, the gods and spirits have consented to respond to spells and to speak through the mediums. All mediums claim that they cannot converse with the dead unless the dead are interested in conversing. The Bible ban implies that all attempts to communicate with God and spirits and to do magic are immoral for they are trying to control Heaven. The logic is that since the acts look that way that is enough to justify saying that they are trying to manipulate God. The death penalty is prescribed for such crimes underlining the correctness of this observation for something so drastic wouldn’t be part of the equation unless it was believed to be such a serious and cruel blasphemy. The sacraments look as if they are forcing God therefore they are under the ban too for they are classified as occult. The sacraments are actually more like trying to manipulate God than spiritualism or magic could ever be. Why? Because doing a sacrament so that a forgiving God can forgive sins when he would rather forgive as soon as the person is ready for pardon is making that God refrain from what he would like to do, for a time. Trying to make God send a nice day tomorrow is not as serious as that.

The Church has to accuse the spirits and magic workers who deny that they force God or the spirits, of lying. How unfair. Being accused of being a fraud just for having different supernatural practices to the people of God! They have to be accused of trying to force God for that is the only justification for condemning them and accusing them of acting in bad faith and deserving punishment. The Bible commanded the death penalty for them. It is not because they are frauds for God did not want thieves and frauds put to death. God regarded them as genuine.

The argument that they force, warns that God does not allow the dead to speak with the living unless he sends them. What this really says is that he prefers to allow demons to do it if they are really contacting otherworldly entities at all. A nice God would respect their belief and send the dead instead. What’s the harm as long as the dead don’t tell too much? The ban indicates that God and his cronies do not believe in respecting the beliefs of those who differ from them.

Magic could still be possible if there is a God for God could have supplied forces which we can manipulate. Yet the Bible says that belief in magic insults God meaning that it must be trying to make him do things for you against his will. When it goes that far it is clear that it could not tolerate sacramentalism of any kind. Sacramentalists must hold that God would want priests who are invalidly ordained to be despised and executed if this was Old Testament days for their sacraments are spells for they are not drawing on the power of God.
Fake sacraments worse than idols

God says he will share none of his glory with idols (Isaiah 42:8). Not even a little bit. He will not share his glory with sacraments that he has not instituted and certainly not with them when they are occult.
To err about how God gives grace is far worse than to err about the nature of God and mistake an idol for him. Knowing the true God is useless without being able to appropriate his grace. Grace is the essence of a personal and real relationship with God. A religion that has the right God but the wrong way to approach him is more dangerous than one that has an idolatrous God because it gets your guard down and makes your heart harder against the right way to come to God for it will be plausible. God says that anybody that knows him and won’t come to him but uses the wrong way to approach him will be rejected for he guides them to see that they are or at least may be wrong. The devil works stronger through sacramentalism if it fails to give grace than he does through idolatry.
Baptism is anti-God and pro-priestly-witchdoctor
John 1:13 is supposed to prove that baptism does not forgive sins or make people the children of God for it says these happen by the will of God and not man. It is supposed that if it happened in baptism then salvation would be the decision of men. The error here is in assuming that it means by the will of God alone without men being involved. People cannot be born of God unless they are preached to so man has some part to play so man might have a role to play in baptism that saves too. The preacher decided to save them and so did God. They were saved by the will of men and God. Some think the text does not rule out baptism for it says that we are saved by the will of God alone and this will works though baptism.
So the Bible saying we are saved by the will of man not God doesn’t exclude God using men to save us. But with baptism we are saved by the will of men. If the men didn’t save us God wouldn’t. Men do not save us by preaching the way to salvation to us. We make the decision to be saved not them. It is true then that John 1:13 DOES forbid the doctrine of salvation by baptism. Practically, there is no difference between man claiming to be our saviour and between God giving priests the power to save us so that they can decide if we should be saved.
Baptism is an attempt to force obedience to God on the baby
The Church says that original sin is the state of being hostile to God from the first moment of your existence and this hostility is inherited from Adam who rebelled against God. So then the baby that is baptised doesn’t want to be baptised or healed of this sin for it doesn’t like God. Baptism is clearly opposed to the choice of the baby and religious freedom. What about older people who get baptised? God’s grace can work on their minds and hearts to make them want deliverance from their antagonism towards God in baptism. This cannot happen with a baby. It would make more sense if the Church held that babies should not be baptised and that if they die they will grow up and have to make the same choice between Heaven and Hell as the rest of us. When baptism is able to save a baby and change its choice it is clear that we are dealing with magic pure and simple and black magic at that!
Baptism is useless spiritually
No Catholic priest broke ranks to stop and expose his paedophile co-workers in the priesthood. And this despite the fact that they teach that we must suffer to the point of bloodshed for the cause of justice. The whole child-abuse abomination was covered up and steps were taken to move the abusers around to help them find new flesh to violate. The priests during all this time were smug in their virtue and ate their communion every day - eating communion is a declaration that you believe yourself to be righteous and clean from sin and right with God. They judged sinners in the confessional - this too declares that the priest is claiming to be holy enough so that he can be in a position to judge in the place of Christ. Apologies are plenty. Their apologies are hollow. It is hard to believe that people who are so cold could really be sorry. And especially when this smug unjustified sense of righteousness and holiness was carried for years and decades. The evil of the priesthood is proof that religion is self-deceit. It shows that the biggest number of religionists - if not all - must be deceiving themselves. Christianity certainly leads to trouble. Christians hunt for miracles and end up tricked and robbed by evangelists and visionaries. Sick people die for they depend on miracles more than on their doctors and they are let down. Even the Christians themselves admit that most apparitions and miracle claims are untrue or doubtful. The sacraments of the Church are supposed to heal you of your evil weakness and make you a servant of God and wipe away sin. But we have seen by the results that there is nothing special about Catholic holiness and and indeed it is just sham. All that to me indicates that the sacraments of the Church do much more than fail to work. It really does look like that some twisted and dark power that likes to hide itself in the robes of virtue exists in the Church and is passed on like a virus by the sacraments. The sacraments are a clear sign that if they impart supernatural power, then this power is not good, it is evil. It is from Hell. If the sacraments have no good results that can be traced to their power then they are pacts with the Devil. Satan would want people to undergo ineffective therapy. The results of the sacraments indicate that Jesus was the emissary of Satan masquerading as the emissary of God if it is true that Jesus empowers the sacraments.

The Church teaches that doctrine and teaching is important but the healing power of the sacraments is more important. For example, the imbecile will be helped by the sacraments though he can't learn many doctrines. Parents stupidly think they should have their children baptised with a view to having them sent to Catholic schools to educate them as good people. They focus on the teaching aspect. But this is misplaced. The main focus is the healing power. Indeed it is the only focus for the Church declares that all the teaching in the world will do no good unless your heart is opened to God by the supernatural power of the sacraments. We are said to be closed to God by nature and we need his grace to get us into a position where we can choose him and his ways and receive his virtue-infusing power. The priests - because they wish to manipulate - don't warn parents to have the right reasons for having their child enrolled in Catholicism and its schools.
Some of the saints refused to celebrate their birthdays and opted instead for the date of their baptism to be celebrated as their real birthday, the day they started to walk with God by the power of the ritual. The doctrine of baptism having the power to put God inside a baby soul when he wasn't there before, meaning there was no real good in the child for good apart from God is really badness, implies that celebrating birthdays is wrong. It is more important to be in union with God. But if you weren't born you couldn't be baptised! The Christian answer to that problem is that birth is a curse without God so baptism in which we are reborn or born properly is the only birthday that counts.
Baptism encourages children in occultism
Children have an innate love for belief in magic and fairies and witches. Children feel they can make things happen by wishing for them., The Church forbids these beliefs as blasphemous and superstitious. It wants the children to believe in its drab and uninteresting magic. It seeks to abuse the child by turning her or him away from her innate tendencies, the tendencies she or he came into the world with.
To a child’s mind, sacraments and sacramentals are like spells. Catholicism causes an inclination to believe in superstition and magic. Baptism is supposed to be a supernatural rite that turns a baby from a sinner into a child of God and inclines her or him to believe in the truth taught by God. It is supposed to be a bigger miracle to us, to our experience, than the resurrection of Jesus. It is claimed by the Church to be more supernatural in our experience for we don't experience the resurrection but its supernatural results. So baptism encourages the dangerous belief in miracles.
When a Witch raises a man from the dead or the devil does it the Church says it is magic. But when God does the very same act it is not magic but miracle. This is a pretended distinction and a pretended difference. There is no honesty in distinguishing between a miracle and a spell. Let us pretend that it can be done. Then, perhaps a Witch did the raising of Jesus from the dead meaning we are wrong to think it was a miracle. What about the Witch raising a man from the dead by a spell? Maybe she has no power and maybe it was not the spell that did it but God? There is no honest way to tell the difference even if there is a difference. You would not let a Witch or a sorcerer cast a spell on your child to influence it to believe and obey the Church - and especially when you only pick what you like out of the teachings. And then you go to a sorcerer calling himself a minister or priest or bishop for a spell performed around the baptismal font. What if baptism is not a good sacrament, one that makes a person good or more inclined to be good? What if it is putting the Mark of the Beast on the child so that the child belongs in Hell forever? The fact that few worry about their baptismal vows would certainly indicate that the rite is at best a waste of time and at worst a magical curse that draws one into hypocrisy and evil.
Occult effects of baptism?
Some Satanists have been lead to reason like this: “Sacramental baptism is black magic for it is done to sell the infant’s soul to a God of Darkness. The child is offered to God so that when the child dies it will be a human sacrifice. The intention is to make the child a human sacrifice for the Christian approves of God killing for God can do no wrong and death is the price of disobedience to the divine tyrant. The God of Christianity is evil and the God of Roman Catholicism is worse. All the sacraments of the Church are channels of satanic bile. The Church will come over all sanctimonious and say that it does its selling souls with good intentions.” The dedication then will have dark effects if there really are evil forces that will respond and accept the child and caress him or her with its Judas kiss.
Catholics have an unhealthy appetite for apparitions and watching the sun spin miraculously. Thousands of Catholics report such experiences and they often happen at the spiritual Disneyland of Medjugorje. Read about what went on at Knock in Ireland in October 2009. The Church itself doesn't approve for all miracle claims have to be vetted by the Church which may allow very very few of them to be believed in then. The Church says that many signs are not from God at all. Most apparitions and miracles then cannot be traced back to God. Could that be evidence then that baptism is spiritually bad for children and subjects them to evil occult powers? Yes if you believe in devils and demons. Baptism is a miracle. Belief in miracles is dangerous and irresponsible even if miracles happen for the real ones are few and far between. Most miracle claims lead people astray and turn them into sign and wonder hunters. They turn to religion only for the signs and are less interested in living a good life. They are obviously not very confident in their faith. They want to be deluded.
Religion is idolatry. To honour the God who is the creation of the Catholic Church is really to honour the invention of the Church and to honour the Church. Nearly all religion if not all religion is man-made. Even if it is teaching God's truth, the truth is given not on God's authority but mans. For example, if Mary is the boss and she sends Jane to order to me to do something and I obey, the real authority I am following is Jane's. Not Mary's. Jane's. Jane could be lying or mistaken about the command. She becomes the authority and is sent to me by Mary. I become my authority even if I am in an authoritarian religion. If John gives me information he got from God, I believe John not God when I accept that information. Idolatry means you want to reject God in favour of being your own God or worshipping what you want. It is ultimately proclaiming that you put yourself first. It is making yourself the real determinant of religious authority. It is indirectly proclaiming your own godhood and superiority to the god. Jesus and the apostles were clear. Idolaters are barred from the kingdom of Heaven. To accept baptism or circumcision as an entry into religion is making a pact with Satan to go to Hell if you believe in Satan and Hell.
Don't risk it
If you can have no better reason for getting the baby baptised than that it might do it harm not to be baptised then you do not have a high view of God. He would want you to come to him for you see him as great and attractive and not because you are scared. Can you really be expecting and asking for a blessing when you come in fear? Its absurd to seek a blessing from a God you don't trust. You are really asking for a curse!
How do you know that baptism isn't a satanic or witchcraft rite that has been made to look Christian? How do you know that it doesn't put a curse on the child that draws the child to eternal damnation? The Church believes that babies are born under such a curse though God in his mercy sends the child to limbo if it dies and not Hell. But if we can believe that then what is to stop us believing the child can go to Hell especially when we think it deserves it? How do you know that baptism isn't putting a demon into the child and that Jesus was the Son of God and not the first-born of Satan who empowered the rite to do that? The Church has no real answers for these questions and many more similar questions could be thought of. And we are entitled to ask them for baptism is more about making a child a subscriber to dogma than about making the child a good person. The Church holds that a sinner who is not baptised is not as bad as person who is baptised and who sins for with God in their hearts they have no excuse. So baptism makes most of us worse people in the sight of God! It is dedicating your child to the Devil for you know the chance of the child thinking and living like a true Christian is slim. Who for example really can love their neighbour as themselves? Even husbands and wives can't love one another that much! If it stresses them how much more will it stress and break us to try and love all we meet as ourselves!
Suppose the Lord disapproves of belief in psychic powers. The Bible by the way says he does and extremely so. The following then is hypothetical. The extreme opposition to belief in them led him to command that believers in them be put to death. That to me is a sure sign of fear. God is scared that there might be such powers and that if the people develop them they will see that he is a dictator and a tyrant and abandon him. A God that is insecure is not much of a God. If God is so scared how can he expect us to take the risk that baptism can infuse occult forces of darkness?
Even if baptism did have strange powers, the fact that people who don't have adequate evidence for the extraordinary claims they make for it shows they intend idolatry. They are still superstitious.
Sacramental baptism is black magic. Infant baptism insults the wonder of birth. Even magicians would consider baptism to be superstition for it does not work. It fails to cause most children to take their beliefs about matters of doctrine and morals from the Church or to value God much. If you subject your baby to a healing ritual that does nothing instead of looking for one that does, then do you love your child as much as you love the approval of the Church?