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No good done by a person for a religion that believes in harming children deserves praise or credit. There is nothing worse than harming a child. The: ďI would help the poor but hurt a childĒ attitude is clearly evil. There was a Roman Catholic child who at seven years of age was tormented by fears that his unbelieving father could go to Hell to suffer forever. There was the fear of going there himself. That child now speaks up for the countless abuse victims of the clerics who comprise the decision-making for the evil Roman Catholic Church. Jesus said more about Hell than Heaven and there were children in his audience. He is to be condemned as a false saint for saying such things to children. Priests condemn as sins actions like masturbation that do no harm. Human nature is irrational enough and we live in times in which the world could perish through nuclear war.

We do not need religion to create more irrationality than there is.

If people knew the Church better they would not join it if they had a choice to join it. The priesthood is fooling the people - there are so many vicious and ludicrous doctrines the people are not aware of. A religion should be condemned by what it is supposed to believe even if it ignores it or denies what it is supposed to believe. For example, Catholics say the Bible is the infallible word of God. Those Catholics who say that religion should never command violence are contradicting it and their religion even if the very pope agrees with them for the Bible teaches that Jesus and God both regarded such violence as acceptable. Jesus rioted totally unnecessarily in the Temple. He went there to make trouble for he let the problem he had with the Temple workers fester for years. They are going against their religion. If that makes them good people, then it makes their religion bad.
I donít like priests because:
They lie that they have sufficient evidence that the faith taught by their religion is all true. There is no evidence and the theological experts have serious disagreements on the logical arguments. Just because somebody is very knowledgeable and intelligent doesnít mean their logic or science is right. If that were true we wouldnít have extremely intelligent and knowledge atheist philosophers and extremely intelligent and knowledgeable theologians. If a saint makes legs appear on a man who had no legs that is supposedly a sign from God for only God can do that and he does it so that people will go to the right religion to learn from it. Magical events like that are called miracles. In the case of miracles priests wonít even investigate the reality of miracles and apparitions with a message they donít like and it is only a handful of the ones that do that they present as evidence or signs from God to support the message of their religion. They filter the evidence and then claim to be honest! Jesus claimed to be the Truth and Catholicism and Christianity claim to be the one true faith. They say Jesus commanded we must worship God in truth, that is by having his truth. So you are not allowed to treat your Catholic religion as probably true or possibly true. You treat it as the truth and as if everything was proven even when it is not. In other words, you obey the papal ban on birth-control no matter how evil or absurd this ban seems to you. This is a very arrogant, stubborn, pig-headed, irresponsible, dangerous and fanatical example that the Roman Catholic religion is setting.

They lie that they have faith in their God and that their religion is all true. This is impossible because there is no evidence and you need to have evidence to be able to believe. Blind faith is a contradiction in terms, what is called blind faith is really just guessing, and acting as if you believe. It's self-deception and self-deception means you have to deliberately blind yourself. It means you are a fraud who degrades yourself and those you influence in the name of dogma. Whoever has faith in God without evidence is an idolater because he is worshipping his own fantasy and since he is the creator of that fantasy he must be better than it and so he is by proxy worshipping himself. Only you can decide what moral values you are going to endorse or believe in. The fact that you have to decide is not a choice. It is unavoidable. You will only worship God if you think God endorses similar moral values. So you decide and then you eliminate any view of God that does not fit. Your moral beliefs and values are the real God. To look at God through the lens you have made is to create your own version of God. It may coincide with the real God if there is one but that does not alter the fact that you adore what you decide God should be. It is all about you.

The divine always does things people are not allowed to do. No believer minds if God makes viruses that attack and torture little babies to death. Jesus loved the Old Testament's bloodstained revelations from God. He had an abusive tongue. Krishna was a murderer. God regarded Muhammad as a saint not despite but because of his abuse of women and children and love of war. The gods of the pagans revelled in incest and scheming and murder. Man has a dark side and many of us relieve it by praising others for doing evil. That way we can look good in the eyes of many and we can feel good about ourselves in the same way as we love it when somebody does our dirty work.

They tell you they are serving God. They are not. They are not even serving their belief. They lie that they have faith. What they call faith is really just opinion. Opinion is an assumption. They are serving their religious opinions. Their opinions of God and his teaching are their God not God. They are serving their wishful thinking. The child who creates a fantasy playmate to do nice things for and have fun with is really just pleasing himself because he invents and creates this illusion.

Even if they were serving a belief they would still be serving a belief, their belief, their creation. To serve another person what I serve is what I believe about that person. I believe that person exists - I cannot prove it. I believe I can trust at least partly that person. I never feel fire what I feel is heat. This is the same principle. To serve God is really self-worship. You create a belief and worship it like the idolater making a god out of wood and adoring it.

To serve a belief in a god that other people say you must have is to serve them not the god. For example, somebody invents a Messiah for you to make the only reason to live - just like the Christian God wants you to love him with all your heart. And that Messiah wants heretics killed and other religions condemned as leading to the inescapable punishment of Hell and the Messiah says that we donít understand why he commands such things for he sees the complete picture and knows it leads to the greatest good. Who gets the benefit? Those who create the belief. Itís really those persons you are serving and they bring in the Messiah yarn to prevent you seeing that. Even if Jesus is God the Son as the pope says then Jesus may not be getting anything out of it but the pope certainly is. Anyone who wants you to fall in love with a person whose existence cannot be proven is twisted.

Each one of us is the creator of our own belief therefore each one of us is the creator of our God and we all have one even atheists for we all have something we value most of all. I am serving myself not a God. Religion then is based on lies and is an accessory so any harm done over it is inexcusable and its good is not proper good.

They say that you must love God most and with all your strength (not some of it) and love your neighbour as yourself secondly. In other words, you are not good enough to be put before a belief! We know today that unless you start with learning to love yourself and not God and not others you will never be able to be any good to others or yourself. This doctrine of loving God first of all and most is entirely evil though taught by Christ (Mark 12:29-34). Jesus said you should love God so much that you would rather gouge out your eye than be led into sin by it and he said it in the context of looking at a woman with sexual desire (Matthew 5:27-30). If God asked you to take on a terrible illness and endure it for all eternity so that somebody could go to Heaven instead of the Hell of eternal torment and you wouldnít do it then you are breaking the commandment to love God totally. To say he wonít ask is to miss the point. The point is if he asked.

They deny that everything you do you do it for yourself. That's who it is really intended to benefit not the other person. Even when I do what I don't want to do I do want to do it under the circumstances. Want means desire and when I do what I desire I do it to get some satisfaction at least out of it. I am always looking for gratification therefore everything I do no matter how selfless it looks is done for me. This is what everybody knows and yet religion denies it claiming that because God calls us to love him above all things and with all our hearts we can love God more than ourselves. I am my own God and I cannot have any other. When I do something for myself or even when I give my fortune away to a beggar, I am doing it because I am getting something out of it. That is why I do it. The results may differ but my intention to please myself doesnít.

They tell you that only suffering can prove that you really love God with all your heart and more than yourself and others. So religion requires heroism and heroic suffering just for the sake of the belief that God should be loved that much. Everybody is called to heroism and must seek it out. Those who donít will be damned forever in Hell because Christ said that the command to love God with all our heart and strength was THE greatest commandment and the welfare of others was only the second. To break the greatest commandment then is the greatest sin. And everybody breaks it so nobody is going to Heaven. Anyone who would refuse to love a suffering child first of all and chooses instead to love a God who cannot be harmed and a God who is perfectly happy because he is all-good is a psychopath to some degree.

They claim the right to say and believe you will go to Hell forever if you do certain things. That is what they would do to you if they were God. Jesus rightly condemned the Pharisees for laying burdens on people while they sauntered about like royalty. So it follows that believers should take on the most difficult duties of love and service. They should be among the lepers even though it will mean they will die themselves. Their burden would be light in comparison to what happens in Hell. If anybody wants to claim that you will go to Hell if you die in unforgiven serious sin and that you could be evil enough to choose eternal Hell, then they should ask us to believe not by preaching but by being martyrs of love.

They say that divorce is bad and then they allow it when a member of a non-Christian or non-baptised couple converts to Christianity.

They tell you that sin is a disorder and hateful but deny that this means that sinners are disordered and hateful which makes no sense. We know it makes no sense for we all feel that if anybody deliberately hurts us that the person is evil in so far as he or she harms us. To hate evil then is to hate a person and only persons can be evil. To say John did a despicable thing is as much to say that John is despicable.

They tell you that hate is not the opposite of love Ė not caring what a person is enduring is the opposite of love. Not caring is worse than hating for people have to care about you a bit to hate. So the Church admits that but still it advocates this evil and makes it holy and an essential part of its faith. The people in Heaven enjoy Heaven despite the everlasting suffering of those in Hell because they donít care on the grounds that the damned have only themselves to blame. Christians enjoy themselves now despite believing that there are people in Hell and that their own friends could be among them. Itís an evil faith that hates sin so much that it thinks sin should be punished forever if the person dies. That is worrying about the sin more than the person.

They take money off you that should be put into hospitals. That they are not the only ones doing this should not even come into the discussion for that is not the point. Politicians for example should be financing hospitals too instead of their coffers.

They steal money off you saying its to pay them for speaking Godís truth. Its theft for they give you no evidence that they are entitled to it. They are not paid for doing good for anybody can do good but disgorging their fairy stories and indulging their desire to get people to believe what they want them to believe.

They say bigotry is a sin while their faith is based on it for they use it to control peopleís lives in the way they want and call for suffering for God and believing in bizarre and even contradictory or paradoxical doctrines such as a man coming back from the dead and being fully God and fully man at the one time to name a few. Yet they condemn others who do the same when itís a different faith they come up with.

They tell you that God raised Jesus from the dead to prove that Jesusí doctrines and revelations were true. They say that the other explanations of what might have happened which exclude a supernatural resurrection are harder to believe than in the resurrection. This is nonsense for you should only believe that natural law has been altered or suspended as a last resort. An implausible natural explanation is better than an unnatural one. They are quick to agree when its another religionís miracle claims that come up but not when its their own.

They tell you that the Virgin Mary appeared at Lourdes in 1858 and that because such visions are not part of divine revelation but only draw attention to it they have no right to command what is harmful even though Mary urged drinking from a spring in an infectious dump! The Church says that it is only human opinion that it was Mary and nobody is bound to agree for the only thing that we are bound to agree with is what God says in the Bible and the Church tradition. This is another reason why the apparition is dangerous. Medjugorje which had the children being abducted by communists and Fatima in which something similar happened then must be in the same boat.

They tell you that revelation that must be accepted as revealed by God stopped with the death of the last apostle of Christ. But its obviously a double standard when they teach that you must believe in the Bible miracles despite the weak evidence and you may reject the apparitions of Mary at Lourdes if you see problems when the latter have better verified miracles for they present the evidence of doctors to verify them. Mary at Lourdes supported Church doctrine so in doing that she shot herself in the foot for it is incoherent and wrong.

They tell you that contraception is a sin for a child should be seen as something to be wanted and something that is precious and which God will not send unless he should. And then they allow people to try and avoid conception by using natural family planning or abstinence.

They tell you that no matter how extreme the circumstances euthanasia is wrong so human life must be more important than quality of life. And if thatís so they canít consistently allow morphine for dying patients for that will kill them. Just because you are dying anyway doesnít mean its not murder to kill you. If life comes first the morphine is wrong.

They represent religion. Everybody should do what works for them and experiment with spirituality instead of listening to their rules. If people did that there would be no religious wars. Religion causes many wars.

They teach that the pornographic adoration of a man suffering on the cross for us is good but then they forbid holding that sexual parts that give life should be reverenced religiously. At least Witchcraft is right that the sexual parts are the most sacred parts of the body for they give life.

They baptise your children with a view to indoctrinating them. That is stealing your children. Its child abuse. Children should be taught about decency and integrity and nothing else. What good does it do a child to teach them that a book like the Bible is the word of God? A baby becomes a child of God by being baptised. It follows that whether the Church admits it or not, that its teaching is saying that unbaptised babies are defective and not children of God but little bastards. The Church thinks of children conceived outside of marriage as bastards. If you are a bastard because your father wasnít married to your mother then how much more are you a bastard if you donít have God for your father? He doesnít even want you until baptism magically changes his mind! It follows then that it is a pity unbaptised babies have to exist at all.

They teach that baptism heals original sin which causes us to like sin so much. Logically baptised people are superior to unbaptised and should be more trustworthy. This is nonsense and a deliberate lie and has fomented racism. The sacraments, rites that have occult power to turn you into a better and holier and more godly person, have no unique power so the priests are just quacks for the soul. Most of the baptised fall into a state of spiritual separation from the Church by ďseriousĒ sin such as scepticism towards certain doctrines of the Church and so on. So even experience doesnít support their nonsense, their deliberate lie, that anybody that is baptised is born again, turned into a new person who unlike before is mostly inclined to serve God and the Church.

The Catholic church priesthood is a con for it gives treatment for our evil inclinations that does not work. That is worse than any pretended healer. The long term damage is terrible. The fruit is war and lies. They are the malefactors not the evil forces and demons they allegedly disperse with their rites and prayers.

They say that grace is what you need from God to be saved. And they claim that God does the absurd and unnecessary miracle of turning bread and wine into the body and blood of Jesus Christ through the hands of the priest so that Jesus can be spiritual food and drink. But it is grace that is the food in a symbolic sense. And you donít need Jesusí body or blood for that. The rite was invented just to create mystery and fear of the power of the priest and to attract the people and to make an excuse for getting them to go to Church often to be brainwashed and an excuse for making those banned from communion feel guilty. Itís a bait.

They say that there is no merit in any good work you do while you are estranged from God by serious sin. This is because you are telling God, ďI want good on my terms not yoursĒ so the good works are the most dangerous sins of all for they look good but are fully evil in the motivation. Venial sin which does not estrange you from God for it is not serious enough says the same thing and yet the priests deny that every good work done by a venial sinner is a sin.

They say they can forgive sins. But they are not God. Nobody can forgive sins for God. It is like saying you can love a wife for her husband! Also the command of Jesus that you go and make up with everybody you have hurt and are not at peace with before you go near God or offer Mass or any sacrifice (Matthew 5:23-26) is ignored by the Church. If I beat you up, I will go and tell the priest about it and he will give me God's forgiveness. And I will feel better about what I have done and if you are waiting for your apology you will never get it. And I will still feel good for I feel God through the priest accepts me. A religion that relieves guilt and corrupts justice by getting you to apologise to the wrong person is revolting. The priest sees himself as God's channel. He has to channel God's mercy and pardon to you. But the priest decides that God should or maybe should have mercy. That is the bottom line. Whether there is a God or not, the priest is deciding that you should get away with your sins. We have seen earlier than man's talk about God is really talk about what man decides God should be. Man decides which claimed revelation from God he will accept. Man wanting to believe in the revelation is what matters - it is not really an issue if God has really given the revelation. For man to tell man that he wishes and hopes he gets off the hook for child abuse and murder and to do it as the representative of God is outrageous. It is horrible for the same reason as it would be if you told your friend who abused a child that you hope he gets off and it does not matter any more. People see it as horrible because it condones the evil and the Church can only dodge this accusation if there is a God who gives it the power to forgive sins. If there is not, then the Church is no better than you. If the evidence for God is not good enough or if the priest does not worry enough about evidence then the risk is inexcusable. Catholics will say, "But it is not your job or the priest's to punish." That is not the point. We are not talking about anybody having to punish - we are talking about a bad person deserving punishment and being told he no longer does.

They believe that those who die unrepentant of serious sin will suffer forever in Hell for it. You need proof and not just proof but absolute proof to be able to say things like that and they havenít got proof. What could be more serious than saying anybody deserves eternal punishment? It canít be even thought without some kind of vindictiveness. The Bible says that serious sinners go to everlasting torment and human nature being what it is often canít help hating the guts of those who are seen as leading others into such sin. Catholicism underhandedly incites to hatred.

They teach you that you must believe everything that is part of the faith they represent for you canít pick and choose for either you believe God speaks through the leadership of the Church or he doesnít especially when God can command things that look bad but which lead to more good in some way that we cannot understand for we only have a limited view. This nonsense gives them incredible power over lives. Itís dangerous. And it proves how the religion isnít being true to itself if it not authoritarian. Todayís priests are afraid to dictate. Deuteronomy 18 has God saying a prophet of God who does miracles and who is always right about what he predicts in the future but who reports that God made a revelation to him that isnít right then that prophet is to be rejected outright and totally. The standard is not high but perfect so to question one doctrine is to question all. All the doctrines go together.

They say the Bible is the word of God though it has God commanding Jesus to make a human sacrifice of himself to God for sins and for adulterers, homosexuals and apostates to be put to death by stoning. So they would wish that edifying books would disappear if there was a choice between them and the Bible disappearing! There can be nothing better than the word of God but how could it be good to have children reading and adoring an evil twisted bigoted old book?

They never mention the Catholic doctrine that the Jewish Law was not done away with by Christ. What he did away with was the penalty of not keeping the Law perfectly for that is impossible anyway but you can keep it if you want. St Paul in the book of Acts kept the Law long after he converted to Christ. So this means the Church should control the state and allow the application of the Jewish Law including the capital punishment by stoning of adulterers and homosexuals and so forth. Religions with dangerous scriptures should not be given any political power.

They never tell you that though Church decrees are infallible when intended to be and when the decrees are speaking to the whole Church that many of these decrees command the murder of heretics and those who contradict the faith of the Church Ė see the declarations of the infallible ecumenical councils such as Lateran 3 and 4. It is not Islam that has the most statements encouraging holy war and religious murder. It is Roman Catholicism. Islam can be made into a religion of peace if it would just listen to the Koran only and remember that its God is said to be the Merciful Ė Roman Catholicism cannot without denying itself. Its God wants heretics dead in case they corrupt others.

They say God allows suffering to happen so that we may show compassion to one another Ė obviously to deny this is to deny there is an Almighty and all-loving God. To suggest that God stands by and allows terrible suffering for that reason is totally callous. Does a good mother stand by and let her baby scream in agony so that the doctor can exercise compassion? Could compassion be genuine when you assume that God allows suffering so that you may exercise it? That is saying that even if you are wrong you want to believe you are right and that people should suffer so that you may be compassionate. Thatís ďcompassionĒ not compassion. No decent person watches her or his child die screaming in agony after years of suffering and suggests an all-good God has a reason for it. If you can assume that about a being whose existence you can't verify as well as the existence of your father, then why not assume your father had a good purpose for sexually abusing you that justifies it? If your father was ill when he did this, you are still saying he deserves a reward for he only thought he was doing right. Christianity and God belief is a sick combination.

They condemn magic but prayer is a form of magic. When John prays for a bike he is trying to make his getting a bike happen. He knows that people have got bikes after praying like him and then died on the roads as a result. His asking then is no better than black magick or cursing. He is like a Witch performing spells while trying to make things happen. Priests will say that unlike Witches John is leaving it up to God to send the bike or not. But Witches say that spells can fail due to the witches or Gods not really wanting the result or some stronger force getting in the way. There is no real difference. Both are selfishly trying to control reality and what happens instead of leaving it up to the forces that know best. Praying for people looked at as sinners is only hypocrisy for you canít hate the sin and love the sinner and those who say they can are liars so the more you pray the more devious religion makes you! The only prayer should be, ďLord, Thy will be doneĒ which isn't asking God to do anything but letting him do what he wants. Anything else is just trying to manipulate God. There can be no greater evil than trying to control God himself.

They condemn divination but prayer for guidance and belief in the guiding presence of the Holy Spirit is divination. Guidance is no good unless you feel that God is telling you to watch out for some people. Divination and such prayer is evil because it is the desire to delve into the secrets of others. The people who feel they get guidance from some psychic sense do it the same way as those who feel that god is guiding them.

They promote a hard difficult morality and they are pampered by being free from tax, family life, doing little work, having social status and big houses and fancy cars. The parish pays for this and they can supplement their salary with donations received, masses and baptisms and marriages sold. The rich of Christís day who he had harsh words for and said their entry into Heaven was just about impossible werenít as well off in those terrible times. One didnít need an awful lot of money to be rich then! Todayís priests are better off. Jesus speaks Matthew 23:4 of the priests of the Jewish religion of his day, ďThey tie up heavy loads, hard to bear, and place them on menís shoulders, but they themselves will not lift a finger to help bear them.Ē These priests didnít threaten eternal punishment on those who disobeyed their religion like Catholic priests do. They didnít claim to have supernatural powers which despite their aphorisms on equality makes them pretend they are to be treated like gods. Equality in word not practice is not equality at all. Their lies that the last sacrament they give can save you from Hell has brought untold distress to many who found themselves dying alone in car accidents. Those who preach a stern morality should practice a sterner one. They should not have fancy houses and warm meals when they want them and they certainly should not be hiding child sex abuse when practiced by one of their number. They should only be too eager to take the side of the victims just like they say their Jesus took the side of the underprivileged and outcasts of his day even at the price of his life.

Priests give communion to comfort hypocrites in their hypocrisy. Jesus said we must love God with all our being and be willing to suffer the worst of torments to do his will. We watch non-religious people entertaining and being happy on television. This is a sin for it tempts us to love God less and to think that people can be happy without giving God supreme importance. Everything is a sin if we are to love God as Jesus said. Those who do serious wrong are not allowed to communion. The priest welcomes people who live in comfort and who refuse to simply survive so that their surplus money can go to the poor in Africa. Rome says sex without lifelong commitment in marriage is a serious lie and a serious sin because in sex you are saying you give your whole self. The priest welcomes married couples who have sex but who believe that separation is justified sometimes meaning that when they have sex they sin seriously by indicating, "I am committed to sharing your life unless we separate". Jesus advocated an aggressive opposition to heresy or disagreeing with "God's truth" and where is this aggressive zeal among the Catholics? He even caused a riot in the Temple without making an effort to get it resolved by negotiation and diplomacy though he had long enough to do so. The Bible teaches that ignorance of what God has revealed and or disagreement with it is a very serious sin and God and Jesus set up procedures for the expulsion of such from the people of God. Few Catholics agree with their Church or care what it teaches. The priest knows this. The person who lets their little dog sleep in a cold shed at night when it deserves the best for its short life is welcomed to their communion. People who torment animals in Meat Processing plants and those who hunt for recreation are welcome. And so is the person who admits that he or she can't love the sinner and hate the sin for they end up hating the sinner with the sin! You could write for a week on the priest's encouraging hypocrisy and self-deceit in their rites.

They agree with Jeremiah 17:9 where it is warned that the human heart is full of deceit. They teach that we still suffer the effects of original sin which makes us prefer to have our own religion than follow God's way. Jesus himself considered the self-deceit of the Pharisees and scribes so powerful that he didnít bother trying to convert them to a better way. He called them blind. It follows that religion and faith are really probably man-made and that to follow religion at all is to follow men. Even if Catholicism is correct, it could still be following men and not God to follow it. We could be taking men's word for it and not God's that the faith is true. So the odds are stacked against you that you are following God not men. It follows too that you could think you are doing good for God or others whereas the real reason is to avoid damnation in Hell or to get into Heaven. Let us assume that an act can be motivated by more or less altruism. An atheist then would have more chance of being altruistic or would perform a better degree of altruism than a believer. The atheist sees altruism as sacrificing some time in his life for others and he will never get much or anything back for it for death is the end. Even if atheists were not as good as religionists, it would be a reflection on the kind of people that are becoming atheists not their atheism.

God is all-good and to be good makes you happy so God is happy and he does not need our service. Yet we are expected by the priests to die for him. Many would say they are totally evil when they ask for that being to be served for his own sake when it is only right that people who bleed and suffer and who we live with should be served for their sake. You cannot ignore or minimise such a fundamental thing - it eclipses any charm or good that comes from a priest.

Priests have fanaticism and dysfunctionality written all over them and their policies. Their lies and their simpering are a disgrace.  They cover up child sex abuse in their ranks and they pamper themselves despite claiming to preach the strict and difficult and severe commandments of Jesus Christ. They should clean up their own act before preaching a difficult gospel. Catholicism should believe that birth control is evil - its part of its identity as a religion. Catholicism can't be the true religion if it is wrong about how sinful birth control is. But people should separate from it so that there will be no Catholicism left to believe it. If you belong to or claim to belong to a religion that should believe evil things, then even if it doesn't, you are being evil and supporting evil. A religion that doesn't understand or admit or see how evil it is meant to be is a religion that is being praised for going against itself. It is no compliment to praise it for you are praising ignorance and disobedience. Separate from it.