Abortion in the mind of most people and legislators is regarded as legitimate as long as the unborn depends wholly on its mother to be to live.  Viability is regarded as a good point for limiting abortion.  But this implies that if technology could grow the baby and is accessable she may end her pregnancy but not the life of what she is carrying.  No matter what you do, you are surviving at the expense of other creatures.  Your life rises out of the deaths that are happening to keep you alive.  Nobody is comfortable with the idea that the father can make her choose to protect that life instead of aborting. 

While many hold that the man should have no say if the abortion is down to rape or to save her life the following scenarios are different.

What if it is a case of grave foetal abnormality?

What if she is having an elective abortion?

A second or third elective abortion?

Should she even tell him if she is pregnant?

Is abortion only an issue for the person who can become pregnant?

Some say it is not for males are aborted.  Surely that should mean that as any male is not the one being aborted he should shut up.

And others say that if abortion is killing innocent persons or at least sometimes does then it is a matter for everybody and everybody should firmly stand against it.  In this view abortion is not a gender/sex issue but a human one.

It is still not clear why it should be a human one.  It should still be one for females.  It can be so it should be. Why do men need to speak?

You hear things like, "One doesn't need to be a young girl to take a position against the sex trafficking of young girls, and one doesn't need to be a woman to take a position against abortion."  Why not leave it to women anyway?  Males tend to oppress so they should keep out of it.  Feminists who are single have been told not to comment on marriage.  Actually this is different for marriage gives power to the man and so it is every woman's business. They were told that just because we have not been slaves it does not mean we cannot talk about slaves.  That is not the same subject.  Nobody has an inherent desire to slave but males always have to check how they are treating women.

There are pieces of hypocrisy but these only affirm that men should butt out.  For example, feminists and activists quote pro-abortion male authorities.  They stand by the all male Supreme Court which gave us Roe v Wade in 1973.  They raise funds for male policy makers who work for abortion rights.

The claim that the father of the child has responsibility and so should have a say is silly.  What about the woman's body?  He has responsibility for what is going to happen to it which is why he exercises that by saying nothing.  If she chooses to have the baby it is up to her if he should pay maintenance.

I'm not convinced by men who claim to suffer and have pangs of conscience following enabling or paying for an abortion.  That could be a tactic to victimise the woman.


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