Astrology and those addicted to it are a sure sign of how being a pawn and thinking of yourself as one in the hands of fate is compatible with a self-obsessed arrogant outlook.  Just as saying you are God's child sounds humble and is definitely not, this can be very deceiving.

Astrology is an unscientific method of telling what is happening in a person's life and what will happen in the future through observation of the stars and constellations and planets.  Curiously, it pigeonholes people according to to their birth date as if the birth were the beginning of their life!  Why do identical twins born at the same time sometimes lose a twin in death?  This wouldn't happen if astrology made any sense.  Astrology is not the same as astronomy but is based on astronomy to a degree.

Astrology causes prejudices that are harmful.  It leads to discrimination and a person being pre-judged just because of when they were born.  In this, it is as worthy of condemnation as racism is.  To complain about one entitles us to complain about the other.  They are cut from the same poisonous tree.

Is it not better to focus on the influence of love than the alleged influence of the stars?  If the heavenly bodies influence us, nobody can know how much, or how.  Perhaps they influence some different from others.  Perhaps some are influenced by what the heavenly bodies were doing at their conceptions, others their births and others their marriages?  What use then is astrology?

There are influences in our lives that work like how astrological influences supposedly work.  These forces are beliefs.  People who wish to think the worst of everybody soon develop beliefs that reflect and reinforce that.  People who wish to think the best of life and enjoy it as best they can will develop beliefs and perceptions that reflect and reinforce that.  Even illogical and unhealthy beliefs held with good intentions can harm.  When a person thinks the worst of others they are doing it out of fear and the wish to be safe.  Their sincerity will not stop their belief or opinion from doing them harm.  When you err you affirm, "This untruth is true." It is a psychic attack on truth and those who serve the truth.

Astrology can appear to help people for astrologers have a strong listening capacity.  It is the talking that helps not the astrology.  Only in that respect can it have some therapeutic value.  But this does not justify its deception or excuse its potential for damage.  Real therapy analyses a person's beliefs and habits and how they are attracting bad things into their lives.  Our plan is to put the resources for self-help into the hands of the people so that they will not need to use astrologers or priests or whatever.

Some say, "If you have elevated your self-confidence and enjoy life you would not need to go to an astrologer or have a reading done.  You will not need to spend money consulting mediums or fortune-tellers.  Psychic powers are easily polluted.  Visiting someone who says they forecast the future is a sign of fear.  It is telling yourself that they are more attuned than you.  They are not.  If you need to know the future, your own abilities will tell you what you need to know.  Rather than having a dream that there is a suitable job for you in the next town, your abilities may inspire you to pay extra attention to a particular newspaper and you will then see the ad.  You learn the future through the normal opportunities that come to you rather than through trying to look for messages in the stars or mystical visions."

But that kind of soft opposition is part of the problem.  What if people start thinking that though astrology is untrue something is using the stars to send them a message anyway?  Is that not how it all started?

The Church says astrology is a sin but God can use nature to get a message to you.  It may as well allow it then!  Some astrologers think the same way!  All that springs from spiritual narcissism.  A narcissist who is narcissist in one thing is still a narcissist.

Astrology is never considered a religion by the media.  It actually is even if it is a loose one.  Some schools are very dogmatic.  Yet belief in the stars has always been stronger than belief in a Abrahamic style God. If a pie chart represented all the faith there is now and has been for millions of years, faith you would find that the God slice is hard to see while the astrology one is the largest one of all.  It was because of the stars being seen as conveyors of good and bad luck and some kind of grace that helps you in a bad time that people were easily able to switch to a God who does much the same thing. 

We know how forces and energies can target the body and this in time influences our minds.  For example, a reaction to food can affect your brain - a person who hits their children may stop if they improve their diet.  Even if nothing directly programs you, it can do it that way.  It was because of the stars having the power to send energy that controls your body and put influences in your life and even in your food that people wanted to know what the stars were "planning" or had "planned" for them.  This was also translated unto a God.  Now instead of checking a chart to see what was coming for you, you settled for simply seeing that God would care for you despite you not having the details.  That is an irrelevant difference.



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