The traditional Catholic rite of baptism for a baby requires that the demon be cast out of the baby. The theory is that the baby is born estranged from God and a home for demons.

"I exorcise you unclean spirit in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Come out and leave this servant of God [infant's name]. Accursed and damned spirit, hear the command of God himself, he who walked upon the sea and extended his right hand to Peter as he was sinking. Therefore, accursed devil, acknowledge your condemnation... and depart from this servant of God [infant's name]...Never dare, accursed devil, to violate the sign of the holy cross which we place upon his/her forehead. Through Christ our Lord."

Such a ceremony is insanity and spiritual child abuse.
The Catholic Church claims that a valid baptism is only needed the once and takes away sin and makes the person a child of God and a member of the Catholic Church and infuses the power to believe and obey. It is a channel for a power from God called grace.
The Church says it reads in the Bible that Christ taught that baptism must be done by washing the baby or the adult candidate in water and saying, "I baptise you in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit". Today, progressive Christians who detest the dehumanising aspects of Christianity prefer to use the words, "I baptise you in the name of the Creator, the Redeemer and the Sunstainer". This formula implies that God lovingly created the candidate, lovingly redeemed the candidate and lovingly looks after the candidate. The traditional formula is just pure bigoted dogmatism. It calls God the sexist and patriarchal Father when it means creator. It refers to the Son with no hint given that the Son is going to be any help to us. It is the same with the Holy Spirit. The new formula tries to make faith helpful and relevant. The old one is just concerned about dogma and belief and not people. If they want to accuse Jesus of such an attitude then let them.
The Roman Church has decreed that the new trendy formula is null and void. No real baptism takes place if such a formula is used. The candidate's sins, including the original sin in which we are supposedly born, remain and are not taken away by God through the rite. Clearly an adult being baptised under the formula while consenting to be joined to Christ and his Church means nothing. And a washing of a baby who can't consent joins the baby to Christ and the Church as long as the right words are used and so the baptism is real. This makes absolutely no sense and is insulting the dispositions of the adult. If the Church insults adults like that how can we believe that its respect for the babies is authentic? If a being deserves to be rejected despite making a noble choice then a being that can't make a choice deserves far more rejection.
All forms of Catholicism hold that it is necessary to mean the three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit in one God doctrine as well when one baptises. It doesn't matter if you believe in it or not as long as you mean it then the baptism will still work. Catholicism regards the baptism of Jehovah's Witnesses as invalid for they believe that the Father is God, the Son is an angel, the Holy Spirit is just a power. Catholicism regards the baptism of Mormons as invalid for they believe that God the Father is an exalted man, the Son is another God, and the Holy Spirit is another God. If you were baptised as a Jehovah's Witness or a Mormon and you become Catholic you must be baptised again properly in the Catholic Church. The Church believes that real baptism heals us of sin and evil. Clearly dogma matters more than healing the child in baptism. Baptism is an excuse for marking a baby off and separating her or him from good people just because those people have a big disagreement with Roman Catholicism. If you mean to put a baby into the authority of the Father, Son and Spirit which is what baptism is about, you mean to put the baptismal candidate into the family of God. Catholicism says that Protestants whether they know it or not are baptising babies into the Roman Catholic Church. It is impossible to see how baptisms performed by Protestants who see the Catholic Church as permeated by the power of Satan and its pope as Antichrist could perform a valid baptism if that is true. Their intention is to keep the child away from the Catholic Church.
Rather than worry about nonsense about baptisms being valid and invalid, baptism itself should be a custom that we hope will die a slow death.
The Catholic Church claims to be the true visible Church of Christ. Therefore any decree that such and such a form of baptism is invalid or a baptism performed by such and such a Church is invalid must be infallible. The Church cannot err for that would mean it can't be a true visible Church when it can't tell a valid baptism from an invalid. It is interesting that nobody wants to check out the life of the person who is suspected to have received an invalid baptism to see if they are holy and showing signs of being healed and blessed by baptism which would mean the baptism must have been valid. Baptism is supposed to change you and make you holy when validly administered. The Church knows fine well it does no such thing! Do not degrade your baby for the Church! 


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