Christians would not like being blessed by witches or images of Krishna or whatever.  Fair enough.  It is time that they learned to dislike being blessed by priests in the name of Jesus.  We should detest the "blessing" of getting his holy communion.  Or his baptism. 

Jesus used a form of blessing called exorcism on people who had demons so stupid you can see that they were faking the demons.  He threatened the Jews with eternal sin if they said this was a trick from Satan.  Satan could inspire him to fake exorcisms by taking advantage of stupid people who were not really possessed.  Or Satan could put the worst and most inept spirits in them for it did not matter if Jesus got them out.  The spiritual blackmail served a purpose.  Jesus had something to hide.

Jesus does not say he cures people in the gospel. He says faith did it. Christians say that he did this to stress that weak faith or faith that cherry-picks is not on and he demands a faith that is as strong as certainty even though it cannot be 100% certainty. This interpretation says Jesus heals through faith. But what if you imagine faith is a magical power? If Jesus thought that then he was a magician. Then it is true to say that faith did the healings through Jesus and not vice versa. Jesus did mean something like that for at that time, faith in him was not as important as it was after his alleged death for sinners and resurrection to eternal life. They made faith in Jesus a supreme requirement.
Jesus made the equivalent of nine hundred bottles of good wine at Cana when the guests were already drunk (page 6, A Christian Faith for Today, W Montgomery Watt, Routledge, London, 2002). This is reported in the gospel of John which has it remarked that because of this the good wine that Jesus created from water was served at the end of the feast when usually the bad wine was given out at this point for the guests didn’t know any different having had too much. This is a miracle blessing the sin of drunkenness.
Jesus and the early Christians heralded his resurrection as his proof that what he said he was, was the truth. So Satan cannot raise the dead but perhaps Satan hid his body from view though it was there or disintegrated it? Satan can do apparitions or seeming ones which is why even Christians say that a bodily resurrection is necessary and visions of Jesus are simply not enough for the world is full of conflicting vision stories. The fact that Jesus never drew attention to these problems shows that both he and his disciples were all hell-bent on believing in the resurrection no matter what and did not mind if their obstinacy pleased the Devil. If whoever is not against Jesus is for him like he said then it is the same for those who are not against Satan. The dishonesty of Jesus’ claim that the Devil could not have been behind the resurrection scam shows that he may have been. Christians will reply that the good fruits of the resurrection and belief in it prove that Satan wasn’t behind it. But you can’t believe in everything that seems to have good fruits and it is precisely arguments over fruits that could go on forever that we have different religions in the first place.
The fruits of the resurrection are only superficially good. Christians lie to themselves and everybody else that they believe in Christ and therefore in the resurrection and that it is a personal relationship they have with Christ that gives them faith that the resurrection happened. They believe in the gospels not in Christ. If John says Mary is a prostitute and I believe that it is John I believe. If Mary tells me herself then it is Mary I believe. Christianity is just a man-made faith.
Jesus said I should put God first, or love him with all my heart and mind. He said it was the greatest and most important commandment. This proved that he was a fraud for that is an evil doctrine. It translates as put God as Jesus or the pope understands him first so that Jesus or the pope will be as good as God to you for you will be doing what they want. That is what priests and clergy and popes are all after. The doctrine is responsible for the remarkable immorality that exists among Christians and can make it worse easily for it is so fanatical unnatural and nobody wants to obey it. How can you love a being you cannot prove that much as much as that? If they are not as bad as they can be that is in spite of the doctrine not because of it. If you really love God you will have little excuse for being in the wrong religion for if God comes first then the job that comes first is making sure you have the truth and living that truth afterwards. The doctrine is pro-sectarianism and accuses those who endure sectarian harassment of asking for it. This is what Jesus and Moses and Muhammad made the foundation of morality. They put the world on a treadmill. They set their followers in opposition to nature and reality and truth. They were on the side of the Devil they said they hated. The gospels don’t say at all how the body vanished from the tomb. They only say it was raised up which could have happened in the presence of the thieves. Thus Jesus’ big proof failed.
If Jesus’ miracles are so satanic then the ones at Lourdes and Fatima which pretend to support the veracity of the miracle stories about Jesus and his doctrine are just as bad. If Jesus falls they fall too. The Christians have childish replies to those who suggest that the Jesus miracles might have been satanic. They go on about the miracles bringing people closer to God and doing good and inspiring people to do good. They know fine well that it is not miracles that do that but how people choose to respond to them. Is a Buddhist miracle that denies that Christianity is true to be accepted just because people take it as an inspiration to convert to a better life? Christians say no. Many people believe that natural miracles such as self-esteem training and New Age Philosophy are better miracles for more effective. The book, A Course in Miracles, does not bother with the supernatural but uses a commonsense and mystical approach to self-improvement wearing a Christian veneer. Christians reject the experiences of its followers as valid for they don’t like these philosophies. It is just plain dishonest to say the miracles of Jesus are from God for they did good and then say that Satan does good with A Course in Miracles to trick people and make them think they are right with a God who doesn’t consider them right with him.

Blessings imply that a good future will come if God wills.  It is like a loose prediction of the future.

Religious prophets are remarkably like clairvoyants.  They are sometimes right. They need to be right enough to get money from their clients. Good guesses can go far. Christians say that Satan and the demons sometimes tell them what to say. The idea is that they are spirits and have more data than us to make good guesses. Another suggestion is that sometimes when evil is predicted the demons act to make sure it happens. So the clairvoyant or seer may tell Amy she has terminal cancer. The trouble is Amy doesn't so the demons organise cancer for her to get it to fit the prediction. In this view, prophecy and fortune-telling are potential invocations to evil. The prediction is not a prediction and leads to the evil so that it can pass for clairvoyance.  At this point we wonder if Jesus really said he would die horribly before it happened and it only happened not because it was going to and he saw that but because demons organised it to happen AFTER the prediction! You have no right to hold anyone to a standard that you would not hold Jesus to.


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