Roman Catholicism teaches that when the priest says the words of Jesus, “This is my body”, “This is my blood”, over the bread and wine at Mass that God turns them into the body and blood of Jesus.  They look and feel like bread and wine but they are really the body and blood of Jesus.

This doctrine is totally unscriptural.

Conclusive proof that it is heresy comes from a number of bible references,

Jesus said that the bread was his body given up that is his sacrificed body and the wine was his blood which was shed.  Even Catholics deny that the bread is the corpse of Jesus and the wine his shed blood.  They teach that it is the resurrected Jesus who is present in the Eucharist. 

Paul said the Lord said the cup was the new covenant in his blood.  This shows that the words were metaphorical, not literal.  A cup cannot be literally the new covenant.  Paul didn't have Jesus saying, "This is my blood".

The Gospel of John chapter 6 is where the Catholics then go to "prove" that Jesus promised to turn food and drink into his body

Long before the last supper, Jesus told the Jews that the bread he would give would be his flesh for the life of the world.  They argued then how he could give his flesh to them to eat and he said that unless they do this they will not be saved and his flesh is real food and his blood is real drink (John 6).  Because Jesus never said the Jews were wrong to assume that he meant to give his flesh to them to eat, the Catholics say that this proves that the Lord was promising to turn bread and wine into his body and blood to give to them as food and drink.  But they were only asking how he could do it not in what way he would do it.  They meant he could not do it.  He didn't refute them meaning that he agreed that he couldn't

The words of the Jews when they asked “How can this man give us his flesh to eat?” do not prove that they took him literally.  They had seen him doing the miracle of the multiplication of the bread.  They knew he could do it.  They were wondering in what way can this man give us his flesh to eat?

Let us use an illustration.

Jimmy said he could make a cup float in mid-air.

His listeners argued, “How can he make a cup float in mid-air?”

He might make it float in the air by magic.  He might use hidden strings.  He might just throw it up in the air.  He might use a pump blowing air to hold it in mid-air.

Going back to Jesus, we see that the fact of the matter is he didn’t tell them how he would give them his flesh to eat.  He didn’t say, “I will kill myself and you must eat me”.  He didn’t say, “I will make my body and blood look like bread and wine for you to eat and drink”.   He didn’t tell them, “I will give you my body and blood as food and drink for your spirit not your body.”  He didn’t tell them, “Eat my flesh is an idiom among you for doing somebody great harm and especially killing them.  When you kill me, you do what will bring you to salvation.  To eat my flesh is to kill me so that you may be saved and this killing will be food for the soul for in my death for your sins all receive the gift of eternal happiness.”  When we were not told how then we should not be inventing a how and reading it back into the text. 

Jesus told the Jews that unless they eat his flesh and drink his blood they have no life in them it shows that he meant something spiritual not literal for he said that people had spiritual life who hadn’t taken communion.  When Jesus talked in Eucharistic language and retreated from the Catholic doctrine it shows he didn’t agree with the doctrine.

Catholics teach, Communion is the body of Christ according to John 6 where the Jews ask how Jesus can give his flesh to eat and he replies that they need to eat his flesh and drink his blood.  I say, then why do you ignore the fact than Jesus said nobody could be saved without eating his flesh and blood and said it to Jews not Christians indicating that it was absolutely necessary?  No Christian believes it is for babies that are baptised are held to go to eternal life without communion.  Moses and Elijah were taken to Heaven without it.


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