Let us talk about nothing.  Nothing is zero.  Some say zero is a paradox. That would mean it is a quantity that is the absence of quantity.
Rubbish. It is not a quantity period.  Zero is not a number.  It just a word for, "There isn't anything there."  So creation from zero is what we are talking about.  We may use the word from but what we really mean there is no from.  Something comes where there was only zero.  The "from" appears in religious circles and might be a trick.  People will lap it up thinking it makes sense for they see from and forget that nothing is nothing and is not a material or source for something to come out of.


Christian, Jewish and Islamic fundamentalism get a lot of their credibility over people's failure to understand the doctrine of creation. The doctrine is presented as if it were rational when it is anything but. Roman Catholicism seems to be the main teacher of the doctrine.


God is supposed to be an unchangeable being for he is perfect and all good and not subject to time. He is not the creation. The creation depends on him to stay in existence but it is not God or a part of him. No other concept of God can be called God. Create means to turn absolute nothing into something. But there is nothing there to change or turn. So what is being said is that creation popped out of nothing. So that is magic. It is contradictory.  And it is to be taken as an example of how many of us or all of us are tricked into misperceiving something that is incoherent as profound and intelligent and we are in awe of this supposed wisdom that is beyond us.  If God causes the universe to pop out of nothing then it can do it by itself. If something can come from nothing with God it can do it without him. But if it popped out of nothing then God has had nothing to do with it. He would not be God or supreme. In that sense, creation refutes the very doctrine of God it is contrived to back up!


Whatever the mystery about the existence of all things is, creation is the worst possible answer. It's worse than princes being turned into frogs by witches and we consider that absurd and impossible!


Science is useless if such an irrational doctrine can be true. It is not true that creation is beyond the scope of science - it violates the scientific law that nonsense is nonsense and must not be believed.


Religion argues that science only tells us what is there but cannot help us to work out what its ultimate source is. But science tells us the source is rational - and there is no rationality in the religious doctrine of creation out of nothing. The faiths put their bizarre claims beyond falsification. Any faith that does that is cheating people. Even the existence of a divine torture chamber from which there is no escape even by death and in which you sin forever does not refute the existence of God for many of them!


Creation out of nothing is just as fundamentalist as the six day creation that supposedly happened six thousand years ago that many Christians believe in. Or some would say it's worse. All things might have been made in six days despite what science says. That would be strange enough but nothing becoming something is far worse. It paves the way for the fundamentalism of such systems that claim the world was made in six days six thousand years ago! I mean if you propound one absurdity then why got propound another?




Keep in your mind the following: Nothing means that which cannot become something. It cannot become something as it is not something. It is nothing.
Ideas such as, "Nothing comes from nothing unless there is a God to make something come out of nothing" are useless. They contradict the definition of nothing. If nothing is that which cannot become something then even a God cannot make any difference.


Creation is the act by which God made all things out of nothing. The Church says that nothing can come from nothing. So God made all things out of nothing. But there is a contradiction here. If nothing can come from nothing then even God can't make anything out of nothing. Make out of nothing really means change nothing into something. But there is nothing there to change. To say something cannot come from nothing means that it is impossible for anything to pop out of nothing or worse to be made out of nothing. Made out of nothing is crazier than popping out of nothing. The reason is that nothing is not a material you can make things from or out of.


If the earth and the universe came from nothing then God did not make anything but it just popped into existence from nowhere and he had nothing to do with it. Whatever comes from nothing doesn’t need a creator. Creation refutes the very doctrine of God it is contrived to back up!  It more absurd to believe that God made all things from nothing than to believe that all things just popped into existence. In both cases, something cannot come from nothing.


To talk in terms of God making things from nothing is worse than saying that nothing simply became something for no reason.


The idea of God solves nothing in terms of dealing with the mystery of where all things came from. It deepens the problems. Atheism is more believable. We do not need the God explanation. Whatever the mystery about the existence of all things is, creation is the worst possible answer. It's worse than princes being turned into frogs and we consider that absurd and impossible! Creation by God is magic and superstition . It's nonsense.


God is a being without parts and passions, that is, he is spirit so God is his power, his intelligence. What he has is what he is. He is his own power. The Church denies that God made all things out of part of himself for that is transmutation not creation. It is an essential Catholic teaching that God is distinct from the creation though he is present in all creation. If God made all things out of his energy that would mean he turned himself into the universe.


To create or make something out of nothing God needs infinite power for the difference between something and nothing is infinite. So that means God made all things out of his own power for there can be no other power but his for infinite means all or without limit. But this implies that he turned himself into the universe. So the doctrine of creation is full of contradictions. It says God is not the creation but creation requires the idea of an infinite God which means God is the creation.


God didn’t create and he turned himself into the universe. Both of these ideas are rejected by the Church as heresy. If God didn't create we don't need to believe in him. Indeed creation implies that God wouldn’t be God then for there is power that is not his. Creation is not God. If transmutation is true then we are God and should act it without taking orders from religion.


Christianity likes to urge people to believe in God because God supposedly answers the question, "Why is there something rather than nothing?" All attempts to prove the existence of God from reason are just variations of attempts to answer that question.


The Christian answer is that God commanded nothing to become something. That is totally incoherent for if there is nothing there how can it be commanded? They keep forgetting what nothing means.


Suppose all things popped out of nothing. That is one of the biggest claims imaginable. It is saying that the relationship between nothing and something is nothing. We need evidence that is nearly absolute proof if not absolute proof itself to justify accepting it as fact. Some say the evidence is the fact that the universe is here and we are here. But that involves begging the question. It is assuming as true the thing we need proof for.


Now what if we say God made all things from nothing? We need extraordinary evidence that something can be made from nothing. It is saying that the relationship between something and nothing is that nothing was changed into something. We need extraordinary evidence that God can create. We need extraordinary evidence that an infinite God can create what is not part of himself and still be infinite.


We need less extraordinary evidence for the notion of there being nothing and something appearing just by itself without a God. That seems silly but it is true. The idea of God making things from nothing when there is nothing to make it from is a contradiction. It's worse.


There should be nothing. There is something. There should not be a God or anything. Bearing this in mind, God only makes the problem worse. We are wondering how there could be a God when there could be no God in addition to the problem of there being a universe when there could and should have been none.


If the idea of causing anything when there is only nothing "causation ex nihilo" is crazy then saying creating something when there is nothing  "creation ex
nihilo" is not crazy does not make any sense.  Both views argue that a nothing can be turned into something.  Both views think that something can work on nothing to get it to cause something.


Let us try some logic.


1    God is that which has the power to create the universe from nothing.


2    The universe came from nothing.


3     Out of nothing only nothing comes.


So we conclude that there is no creator God.  It is just impossible.

Christians say the second step is wrong for the nothing is simply that there was nothing material around. God however existed so there never was a strict nothing.  God is spirit - a non-material being.  But God would be irrelevant for the doctrine is clear he did not make the universe out of anything or even his own power.  There is a trick being played when believers say God creates or makes.  In fact we have to remember that something appearing when there is nothing for it to come from is not making or creating.

Creation is impossible but many believe it has happened nonetheless.  It torments our thinking powers.  It claims that it is physically impossible but it still happened which creates problems for science which by default denies that anything that is physically impossible really happens.  For the sake of science, "creation" should be regarded as a theory but not as an idea to be accepted.  Keep an open mind.


Not only is there no evidence for God but the evidence makes his existence unlikely.  Creation makes his existence impossible.


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